Daja Vu Cape Vaca & Arabic Buttered Rice

      This week has been an interesting week as I have had to take vacation time or loose it. So I have done the touristy thing all week. I have gone to Chatham and walked to streets and gone into anything that was open. I went to the Lighthouse as I have many times before, only this time I did not have to fight for a spot to park. I air was cool and the wind was blowing so it was a little nippy, but I went down to the beach and walked the tide line looking for shells and anything interesting that might have washed up with the seaweed. But just had a nice time walking out in the salt air, with not much of a care. Was a good reminder of years gone by few moments, when my folks used to let me run on the beach by myself and not have to worry about a thing. Where have those days gone. Then took a trip up the back roads around North Chatham admiring all the views off the coast between beautiful homes with wreaths hung out for the season. Finally I meandered my way on up 28 along Pleasant Bay to Orleans. I discovered a whole town that somehow I have missed in the past. And Snow's,, way not good for my wallet, this place is way cool. I will definitely be going back when I have a few extra dollars to spend, unless a rich unknown uncle dies and leaves me a ton of money I didn't know about then I will be back sooner, ok see you later folks.

      Then I took a trip back to Hyannis and talked up and down the streets. Yes stores are open and there are things to see and places to go. No not everything, but for all the years I had not been in the Kandy Korner. I know some of you are rolling over right now asking where have I been. But really there are some places I just have passed over for one reason or another. Went back to Red Fish Blue Fish, and Mrs Mitchell's, and many others. I went over the Christmas Tree Shop and than drove back down 28 to Bass Outlet and ended up at the 99 for a mid afternoon appetizer treat and a Cape Cod Red. Oh and I threw in Cuffy's along the way. This feels like a vacation from years gone past. The only difference is less money now and just not as many store to spend what I don't have. 
      Today my journey took me to up to Route 6A and than west, out of Barnstable to the Christmas Shop, that little elf cottage of a place that is nothing but Christmas all day every day, I love that place, they always have so many different ornaments and advent calenders. Than moving on towards Sandwich I stopped at Mrs Mugs and the little shop across the street. Darn wish I could remember the name really fun place and a lot of neat things. Finally to Sandwich and walked up and down the streets from the brown Jug to A Room for all Seasons and down the street. Drove past the Grist Mill and the Sandwich Glass Museum. I choose to pass that up this time as dollars were thin today. This finished up my morning and decided since I was out this far to take the trip down the canal to Falmouth and Woods Hole as I wanted a picture of Nobska with the wreath. Such a beautiful afternoon and sitting out across from the lighthouse looking out into the bay watching the ferries and fishing boats going in and out of the Harbor to and from Martha's Vineyard. Finally I took the longer way along the coast just enjoying the shoreline back up to 28 than finally making my way back to Mashpee Commons. I spent the rest of the what was left of the afternoon wondering in and out of the shops just looking and enjoying the Christmas season all about. So that basically finish another day.
      Tomorrow maybe back to do the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory and than west on 6A. Who knows were I might end up, maybe even my local transfer station just to wish them a Merry Christmas. And to think somewhere between the next couple of days I want to get another batch of cookies made to share with my neighbors. 
      Well this really is a living memory lane of things of the past being done today. Sometimes we get so busy with work and living in an area like the Cape that we forget to take a trip or two every once in a while and remind ourselves why we moved here or why we so enjoy living here. Time was needed whether or not I thought I needed to take some time off and just get out of the house. So when was the last time you got out of the house, or when was the last time you took a weekend to the Cape in the last Fall/early Winter. Maybe it's time there is much to do and even more to see. 
      Well I'll check the oil levels in the lighthouse lamp and will be sure the lens is clean so the beacon is shinning bright. Have a great and wonderful and even double that if you can do it while on old Cape Cod.
      One might think what am I doing offering Arabic Rice at this time of year. Well if you think about it, it really does fit. If you talk about the Wise men that traveled out of Babylon and followed the star to the east where the new born child lay, well, pretty much that were of Arabic background. So what better way to breach the ethnic part of Christmas and offer something directly out of the Middle East. Did I really think this one through when choosing the recipe for this week, nope but it happened to fall this way, some things you just can't plan this well. Anyway I said I wanted to introduce us to new and different dishes. Well this is one of those that that fits that bill, and it is easy and does not take much to do. So give this one a simmer and hope you find a new rice dish friend. Have a great and happy around the kitchen this Holiday, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year season. 
      Now this week's recipe: Arabic Buttered Rice
  •       1      stick      Butter
  •    1/4      cup        Orzo Noodles
  •       3      cups      Uncle Ben's Long Grain Rice
  •       3      cubes    Chicken Bouillon 
  •       1      Tbsp      Salt
  •       4      cup        Boiling Water
      Melt butter in saucepan. Brown Orzo in butter. Ad rice and bouillon cubes. Stir. Add four cups boiling water cover and simmer on low for 15 minutes. Turn off heat but leave pan on burner for an additional 5 minutes. Serve.

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