24 Remember Whens & Rhubarb Pudding

       I have done a few of these, but with the Red Sox in the playoffs it got me going again. So here we go:
  Remember when the Red Sox and the Red Legs were in the World Series, wow that was a while back, I remember watching it on an old black and while Philco 19 inch that my Grandfather used to have.
  Remember when: at this time of the year sitting in school we were still remembering our visit to the Cape from the past summer, and already planning for next year. That special someone, wondering if they would be back, or even remember you.
  Remember when: Your parents let you ride your bike all the way from one end of Old Wharf Road to the other and on an early August morning (before 8) you may see 1 or 2 cars at the most.
  Remember when; a glass of Whisky didn't cost as much as a bottle. (ok I was too young to drink back then and being a preachers kid you think we ever had Whisky in the house? A Baptist preacher to boot)
  Remember when: The clergy including our dear sisters and nuns used to get free tickets to the Red Sox games.
  Remember when: Fishing used to be free both fresh and salt water.
  Remember when: Shellfish gauges used to the round instead of square. (And exactly when did that change?)
  Remember when: The entire Cape used to be a ghost town, not just from Orleans north after the Oyster Festival/ Columbus Day.
  Remember when: You could play pitch and putt and skeeball at the SeaView in Harwich Port.
  Remember when: You could play a round of golf on the Cape for under $20.00, cart not included.
  Remember when: People said the pledge of allegiance and where proud to say it and if it offended you, you were shown the way out of this country. It was said before town meetings and other official meetings, and yes here on the Cape.
  Remember when: There were dune shanties and shakes dotting the Outer Cape and Camps all along the Lower Capes Atlantic coastal shore lines.
  Remember when: You could boat to Monomoy and they wouldn't chase you off, or even when you could get to the lower end at low tide using a 4 wheeler, (now that is going back a few years.
  Remember when: There was no National Seashore on the Cape. I was alive at that point but not just a wee lad at that time.
  Remember when: Coming to the Cape on a Summer weekend meant hours of traffic getting onto the Cape, (Oh wait a minute I don't think that has changed much)
  Remember when there was no 495 getting you onto the Cape. I remember being in ye old station wagon, in start and stop traffic for hours sometimes. Thus the reason Dad started driving through the night to get over the bridge before the traffic hit.
  Remember when: Thompson's Claim Bar was Thee place to eat. I remember being able to sit and watch the boats come and go while eating. The dinning room had the roll up plastic protectors if it started to rain, otherwise they were always up for water views
  Remember when: The Jolly Captain used to watch over the Bass River Bridge on 28 on the Yarmouth side.
  Remember when: Cuffy's used to be in the parking lot at the corner of 28 and Pond St in South Yarmouth.
  Remember when: There was the Bass River Fish Market and Restaurant, great place for Sunday Brunch.
  Remember when: The Mid-Cape Highway was legal to do 60 MPHs, Yep, only lasted 3 years but there was a time.
  Remember when: Coming to the Cape meant you might be without phone service for a week. And if you had to make a call you went over the the Chowder Bowl to use the pay phone.
  Remember when: Mr Peanut used to stand on Main St in Hyannis at the door to the Peanut shop, Yumm.
  Remember when: We would drive to Fall River for the clothing mill out lets. Use to get some wicked good deals there,
      Well, take this list and to it your own. Talk to your kids, your grandkids to friends and share the stories. These are all things of the past, but thier's and your's memories live on. Time will change some things but time can not change the memories we hold onto and the wonderful experiences we once had, Let us never forget those times. Well one thing that does however need to come to an end and that is our time together for this week. I'll check the oil in the lighthouse lamp, trim the wick, and clean the lens. Have a great and wonderful every day and especially if you can do it all on Cape Cod. Unit next week.
      I am back in my social groups 60's cook pamphlet for this weeks recipe. As my regular readers now know I am always on the lookout for unique and different recipes that I would not have necessarily do on a regular basis or something that is different from the everyday offering. I prefer quick and easy, and not much prep or wait times. But most of all I like to find recipes that use ingredients that I enjoy and are offering them in a different way than I have had before. I have even found that I like some of the things that I thought I did not like years ago, or found that my tastes have changed and I am more open to try things that I would not have years ago. Anyway, Rhubarb I have always liked, my Mother used to make stewed Rhubarb and Rhubarb pie and Rhubarb and Strawberry pies. But past that not much else to do with Rhubarb, right? Wrong, Check this recipe out and give it a try, what a fun new way to enjoy that old late summer fun called Rhubarb. Now on with the show,

      This weeks recipe: Rhubarb Pudding

      In a greased pan: put the following (9 X13)

      4      cups    diced rhubarb
      1 1/2 cups  sugar
      1/8  tsp.      salt

      Mix: following 6 ingredients together in bowl

      1      cup      flour
      3/4  cup      sugar
      1      tsp.      baking powder
      1/2  tsp.      salt
      1/2  cup      chopped nuts

      Next: mix

      1/2      cup      sour cream
      1/2      tsp.      vanilla
      then add to
      1 well beaten egg.

      Stir into flour mixture, stirring until mixed. SPread batter over rhubarb and bake 45 to 60 minutes at 350 degrees.
      After you read it through there really isn't much to this. Enjoy. 

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