The Changing Season of Cape Cod & Hot Lobster Puffs

      As someone said on the radio this morning, who would have thunk this time last year that we here in New England would be following all 4 nah 5 major sports teams. Football, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, and yes Baseball. Not sure when the last time we could honestly say we could. But we are, so forgive me if this blog seems a little disjointed or out of sorts, Yes I am watching as I write this.
      I remember last year moving here, one of the biggest changes I had to get used to this time of the year was how early it gets dark, and by the beginning of next week after the time change it will be even earlier, like 4:32 and won't turn the tide until 2014 when it will hit rock bottom at 4:11. Right now as I am looking at sunrise and sunset times along with tide times trying to figure out when I can doing shell fishing, I wonder how I did it last year. maybe it was that I was just so enamored by being here that I just did not realize it or what I'm not sure. But this year it is all sinking in, the sun comes up much later, goes down earlier, which means the house does not warm up as quickly and thus National Grid, is getting more of my money already, and it is not even November yet. Yuck. I have to say I started looking into either a wood burning insert or a free standing wood burning stove so I can stop paying so much to the utility companies. Not sure which was harder to swallow, the price that they want for the unit and to install the insert or, the fact that they can not even get to it until January, maybe if I'm lucky end of December, if I can pay now for it. Wait a minute did they say pay now, like I have that kind of money at my disposal and with the repossessed displaced wife an insurance agent (in another state is no matter right now) and a risk management nit picker, no putting it in myself. Well I guess time to dig through the blankets and throw on a few extra, cause I ain't turning the heat up, much.
      Sunny August summer days, warm, beaches, yah I say even hot at times. Warm gulf stream waters heated even more by that glistening fire ball in the sky. Coconut lotion scents fill the air as well endowed bodies sprawl on blankets like offerings to Apollos Helios. Laughing giggles crack any silence that might exist from children playing at the waters edge running up and down as waves gently roll onto the sand were toes quickly retreat as not to get wet. The breezes that blow bring a healing to achy joints and mussels while soothing any tired thoughts that busy the mind. Mornings start early and seem to never end as daylight stretches into night and keeps the darkness at bay. Where oh summer warm are you now, as changing winds blow colder gales upon my house. Where oh sun is they warmth, no more to be found as darkness takes over and crowds out the light as it steals what little heat you have to offer me. The beaches lie bare and barren of any happy sounds, only those of building surf breaking harder at the cloud filled skies seeming to say go away give me back my brighter days. The winds want to howl round bolted windows trying to steal joy out of very bone in ones body. The story could go on, remembrance of past summers, curses of colder months looming in front of us. Oh how we hang onto the memories of that which brings a spark of glimmer to our cold and bitter winters.
      Remember my friends, remember well, throw another log onto the fire or into the stove if you are so lucky and snuggle up together and choose to chase away the cooler nights that are already overrunning us. I'll go check the oil in the lighthouse wells, and clean the lens so the light can reflect it's brightest. I'll be sure the port hole windows are bolted closed to help keep the cold at bay, and throw on another blanket for the long nights sleep. Have a great and wonderful my friends, especially if you can do it on Cape Cod, and stay warm, however you can. Till we meet again.
      To think I would find this recipe in a church collection out of the mid-west. Go figure that, but I am sure you dig not to deep you will find a like or similar recipe from a good New England if not Cape Cod church or civic organizations recipe collection. But I think I saved one of the best for the last appetizers of the year. First with the exception of my son and a few other shellfish less folks out there that for one reason or another don't eat crustaceans or who are allergic to them I feel sorry for you that you can not or just don't enjoy lobster, wait, no I don't it just means more for me. Next for those of us that do like it, no love it, this recipe is one that is simple, easy and can be done any time of the year. Some recipes you associate with spring like certain vegetables, with summer, fruit starts to come on, fall, squashes, and winter, well, let's talk a good dark Ale or Stout beer but lobster, is a year round staple. Now don't tell that to the lobsters as they think there is a vacation period for them in the winter months. I don't think so, although many lobstermen/woman do take the winter months off. Anyway I do hope you enjoy this one, great for the holiday season where you want to put on a show. These little puppies will be the hit of your evening, served up with a glass of the bubbly. Now on with the show and the delight of gastronomy.

      This weeks recipe: Hot Lobster Puffs

      2      each      egg whites

      1      cup        mayonnaise

      1      cup        shredded lobster meat (or you can use crab meat) (but why?)
  1/8      tsp.        Old Bay Season (yes this is my addition, don't over do it though)
                             salt and pepper to taste

      Whip egg whites until stiff. Fold in mayonnaise, and rest of ingredients. Put on toast rounds and sprinkle with paprika. Broil 3 minutes until puffy and lightly brown. (Do I really have to share? Yum) welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on