Cape Spring & Apricot Dessert Salad

      I must start this week with a thank you to the Robins family for a wicked cool cask popping party they put on for the wine club folks that got in on the first release of their new Twenty Boat Spiced Rum. If Truro Vineyards did not have enough with just their fine selection of wines they now have with wickedly wonderful Spiced Rum, and yes there is more to come. Check out their hours for tours and tastings and go expecting to be WOWed and take some liquid refreshment home with you as a memory of your visit here to wonderful Cape Cod.
      Spring is a fickle time here on Cape Cod. There have been springs that we have seen snow flurries till the first of summer, there have been springs that summer started about the day before spring. So as it really seems the Cape rarely sees what a lot of the rest of the country calls a normal spring. But this is our place, where we call home and we call our playground and like it or not it's also what we choose to live with weather wise. So where the rest of the country might be enjoying mid to upper 70 this week, we will be enjoying the wonders of a Northern front that is blessing us with rather cooler days with highs in the lower 60s and lows in the lower 50s and in some places might even back into the upper 40s. If you are used to the Cape only in the middle of August, and you finally get a chance to visit another time of the year, you might be surprised at these changes. But this time between Memorial Day and the 15th of June can be some of the most beautiful that the Cape as to offer. Irises are in bloom, Rhododendron bushes are popping out in wonderful shades of pink, red and whites. And my favorite are now in full bloom at my house the Dandelions, which I use to help feed my local bunny rabbits, or is it God way of providing check lawn care. Oh well. My fire bushes are in full bloom, as well as violets all over the place and Lilly's of the Valley are giving off their wonderful fragrances. This is not a memory past, this is a memory in the making. Walking the dog and enjoying every bit of what this place we Cape Cod has to offer, while greeting year round neighbors that are now out working in the yards seeing what it is like after being hunkered down through the winter, and re-welcoming snow-birds and summer residents. It has also been fun getting to know some of the other four legged residents and introducing my little guy to them and meeting their people. So although spring may be fickle and the Cape may only have 2 seasons summer and other, it is our Cape and we love it, all of it and look forward to enjoying every moment we are here.
      Well the time has come for me to check on ye old lighthouse, making sure the oil tanks are full, the wicks are trimmed and the lens is polished to the N-th degree so that the light shines it's brightest for all to see. Hope you have a great and wonderful time while you are here and pray you have safe travels both to and fro and hope to meet you all.
      Small business report for this week, first up from Chatham we have the Chatham Cookie shop. You the owner and her beautiful cookies and cupcakes. Well never fear, she is near and still holding down the west end of Main street. This year be sure though to bring cash for your baked good needs, as she is not accepting plastic this year. Next still in Chatham, lets take a stroll all the way to the east end of Main, no cheating and driving, it's time to walk off some of them cookies, and when you get to the east end check out a cooks haven for Gourmet Oil & Vinegars at Gustare's. Yes they now have a two other stores but this is the original and as of June 1st they are on summer hours. Anyone who has ever done or dreamed of any seriously cooking knows the importance of good ingredients and to have premium Oils from Italy is one of the best. Now infuse them with all different kinds of things you can think of and you are on heavens doorstep to culinary bliss. Now do the same with Vinegars and having a premium product to make some of the best salad dressings you can think of and a few that are good enough to use on ice creams. Cheap no, but worth the extra little bit to enjoy some of cooking's best, you bet. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. Now what would it be if you had a for footed friend of the family and you did not then go across the street from Gustare and visit the Chatham Beach Dog. They have every kind of fun treat you family pooch could dream of pigging out on. They also have beds, great harnesses, leashes, and extras that you could want for you family fury friend. So a little something for you and something for your pooch, all in Chatham.
      Now if you are west of Hyannis over towards Mashpee Commons area, travel a little west on 28 past the Commons to Cape South Village on the south side of RT 28 in the same development as Roche Bro and Oak & Ember Whiskey Bar. There are two new places that you need to go over and check out, first a nifty little shop call Cranberry Collective specializing in handcrafted gives and home decor. Check them out online but don't miss going and seeing all they have in their shop, it is well worth your time. Next, there is a new restaurant called Gaucho's Cuisine. If you have a preconceived notion from the previous eatery located there, loose it, this is nothing like it. This little eatery is trying to make it year round, so you locals need to check this out. It is an Brazilian - American infused restaurant. They are wonderful and if you don't give them a try you are depriving your taste buds of some wonderful food. They also do catering and offer a little Italian along with their Brazilian for those special evens you might have this summer and into fall. You really need to give this place a try.
      The recipe this week stems out of my love for fruit. I am not sure there has been a fruit that I have tried that I did not like or one that did not like me. So from end of spring through fall I am in fruitville heaven. One of my more favorite fruits is the apricot, fresh, dried, in granola, on cereal, cut in with other mixed fruits, don't pretty much care, I enjoy them anyway they are serviced. Oh did I mention in Brandy or Schnapps too, hey have to drink healthy you know, either liqueur mixed with fruit juice or liqueur made with real fruit. Maybe that is why I enjoy wine so much, drinking a vine full of grapes, yum. OK so I am stretching it there but you get the idea. So with fitting in with this years theme this recipe fit right in and especially towards the end of spring. So home you don't fine this too cumbersome and fine it tasty enough to push through it. It really is not as bad as it looks and this makes a great cap on a great evening on the Cape as a dessert. Now on with the fruit show,

      This week's recipe: Apricot Salad

  •       1      can      apricots, drained and quartered (reserve liquid)
  •       1      can      pineapple tidbits, drained (reserve liquid)
  •   3/4      cup      small marshmallows
  •       1      box      orange Jello (3 oz size)
  •       1      cup      hot water
  •   1/2      cup      fruit juice (from your reserve)

      Dissolve Jello in hot water, add fruit juice, then fruit and marshmallows, mix and put into baking and refrigerate to set.


  •       1      egg,      beaten
  •   1/2      cup       sugar
  •       3      Tbls      flour
  •       1      cup       fruit juice
  •       1      small    Cool Whip
  •   1/2      cup       grated mild cheddar cheese

      Cook first four ingredients until thick. Fold in Cool Whip when mixture is cool. Spread on molded salad, sprinkle with cheese, cut into squares and serve. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on