Season Change, Brewster Grist Mill & Orange Sherbet Salad

      Well as we start to wind down from the normal season and transition into our second season the weather seems to ramping up again. If you enjoy cooler weather this past season has been your year for experiencing the Cape. Not overly warm, and not overly rainy, some would say just about right. Me on the other hand could have used a few more days in the 80s and a few less cloudy days. I love the beach and I love being out in the sun. So as this second season starts I am hoping that we get more days of full sunshine and less of those cloudy days. The debate has been out to whether the numbers have ben up or not. Well let me say it this way, I did more scooting about to try to avoid left hand turns without a traffic light then I have in the past couple of years. Also I have gotten behind more folks from out of state that were lost and didn't know how to pull over and check the GPS that should have. Just saying, folks, if you don't know where your going, pull over and let the traffic pass instead of being of dweeb and a pain-in-the-you-know-what. No one will think less of you for pulling over, in fact we will applaud you. Also I am finding more of them there not so local folk trying to negavitage (yes I know it ain't spilled rit) our back private paths. Folks please stick to the main arteries and leave the pumpkin chunkin cart ways to the locals, we need someplace to find our sanity during the season. But seriously we do love haven you and your money come. Really we do.
      Sometimes after a start like this one, you're just not sure where this is all going to go, and frankly I'm getting the feeling you thinking the same thing, were is this boy going this week.
      This past weekend brought back some really cool memories, as the Brewster Grist Mill was open and we were able to go in and visit it. They have done so much work over the past couple of years and it is just spectacular, I just wish they were open more hours, especially during the summer but running on volunteer staffing and manpower you have to do with what you have. The downstairs grinding or milling room was in full working order. We were able to get some freshly ground corn which got promptly put to use that evening with the pork ribs and home make corn bread. What a wonderful treat. They have recently updated some of the gear works and the stone, put on a new roof and updated the siding. Also over this past winter and spring they relined and did updates to the wheel pond, the area the holds the water that is going to be channeled over the wheel and down to the road. The upstairs was also busseling with activity as they the loom was in full working order and the lady as the helm had a young visiter sitting beside her helping weave. The history is rich and and deep and really gives you an idea of what Brewster was like in the Stoney Brook area though the early years. Afterwards we took a walk up to Mill Pond and just enjoyed the tranquillity of the moment and then wanted down to the herring run. Not so much activity as in the spring, but still a place that one can sit and meditate or relax and just forget about the electronic age for a bit. I remember years ago before there was a real electronic age as a young boy going with my parents and enjoying this mill and then my folks buying a pen and ink drawing by Don DeVita that now is enjoyed by the separated wife, (hum, now how did she work that one, LOL.) Anyway, If you get a chance check them out, I am not sure how much past Labor Day they will go, but they are normally open Saturdays from 10-2 during season. They are located on Satucket Rd just past the Stoney Brook fork going east, or just past the transfer station going west. If you are in that area on a Saturday morning please mind the speed limits as there are folks of all ages crossing the roads.
      First business report is one I have done a couple times over the years. However we have an update and a really good update, and that is The Chatham Jam and Jelly Shop has moved to 16 Seaquanset Rd, Chatham. Now where the heck is Seaq?? well really it isn't as bad as it sounds, It is on the corner of Seaquanset and Rt 28 next to Chatham Kream N Cone. First thing is they have so much more room than the cozy confines of the old house, so there is much more room to move around and so much more out. Second they have a viewing area into the kitchen where they actually make the jams and jellies. This place is totally sweet,, and yes all pun intended. They are open pretty much year round. From now till the end of the year they are open Monday - Saturday 10 - 5:30. After the first of the year the go to Thursday through Saturday 10 - 5. This is good ole Cape Cod food at its best, if you have not had Chatham Jams and Jellies you are really missing something, (nothing against a few other really good jam and jelly makers on the Cape).
      Second business is another year round shop, this one is The Local Scoop in Orleans located at 34 Cranberry Hwy (Rt 6A) just south of the Orleans rotary past the Stop N Shop light. As noted they are open year round Presently 12-9ish or 10 depending on the traffic, then after Labor day 11-4 every day of the week. They are you first source for Frozen Dessert Bars, Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream, Crepes, Coffee, Frappes & Smoothies. Ice Cream Cakes & Ice Cream Cupcakes. Like them on Facebook and follow where they will be, when out and about at craft shows. This place is over the top with all the toppings and combinations that you can come up with for your frozen yogurt, then there is the Over 21 frozen bar they they have paired up with Truro Vineyards, own Twenty Boat Spiced Rum, they have also paired with Cape Cod Beer, and a few others. If you are truly gluten intolerant they even have some selections for you as well, so you can want and eat your frozen delight as well.
      Last on the biz list comes from one of our crafters in the weekly shows that run here on the Cape. These gals are not exactly on the Cape but they are from Worcester so I will give them that. They have spent almost the entire summer running from one end of the Cape the other with there creations. The business name is Clang Creations, you can also find them at Their product is primary an outdoor decoration for your deck or patio. You've seen the flags, the kit material spinners, the banners and more. Well these things are really cool, they are a type of spinner with a glass ball positioned in the middle with a brushed aluminum wind catcher at the top. Designs include, Whale Tails, Dragnonfly, Shamrock, Heart, Fish and more. Have something in mind that you don't see, email them and let them make it for you. They will dazzle you, your kids, your grandkids and make your neighbors jealous. These spiral spinners are way cool and something to really take note. They also do a good job of posting the craft shows they will be at on their web site.
      Well that's about it for now, I'll go make a check on the lighthouse, oil tank filled, lens cleaned and clear, and wick trimmed and ready to burn bright. Oh ya and a blast from ye old fog horn, good to give it a blaring blast every now and then, chase out the spiders and clean out the cob webs. We need to be sure those heading off Cape can find through way safely over the dig and those still coming on board from some refreshing relaxation. Until next time or until we meet have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it on ole Cape Cod.
      This weeks recipe is as simple as it gets, or in other words this is a kids can help recipe, ok they still need an older person to help with the boiling water but other than that, it is all good to go. This one is straight from the Mother-in-law and one of the mass recipes that the other half got when her Mom passed away many years ago. So it is a good one as I will give her she was a very good cook and she loved collecting recipes from the family as well as from my Father-in-laws patients. I can never remember having a bad meal when at their house, than again I was a starving art degree major college student and eating was not the first thing on my mind, and no I was not a beer or liquor drinker. As most artist do I spent my money on supplies and gas to get to and from church and my girl friends house, and if I did not have money I would ride my bike some 10 miles to get to her house for food. Well enough of that, just whip this bad boy up and serve it with some whipped cream. Side dish or dessert, even as a left over snack this tasty little treat is good any time. And yes this, like most jello recipes can be played with to add different things to you and your families tastes. Now before I start eating the recipe card, on with the show.

      This week's recipe: Orange Sherbet Salad

  •       2      pkgs      orange J-ello (or 1 family size)
  •       1      cup        water, boiling
  •       1      pint        orange sherbet (softened)
  •       2      cans       mandarin oranges with juices

      Dissolve J-ello with boiling water. Add orange sherbet, and mandarin oranges with juices and gently mix. Chill until set. Serve. This can also be done in a large mold or in individual molds. Top with nothing or with whipped cream if serving as a dessert. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on