My Cape Christmas Trees & a Port & Starboard Cocktail

      Tis the season for light shows and holiday decorations. So do you do the holiday decorations? Do you do one tree or do you do more, and is your tree a mish mash of collected ornaments or is yours a themed tree. Do you cover every branch with an ornament or and or lights or do you like your tree nicely decorated but not cluttered. And finally what do you put on the top of your tree, something small and has been around for years or do you do a more modern topper? Do you you do the same tree year after year or do you rotate themes? And last but not least do you go pre-lit or do you string your own and if you string your own do you have only one color and is it white or something else or mixed? Is your tree anything like what you had when you were growing up or are you doing your own thing? If you have kids do you let them help put the tree up or do you reign and do it all yourself? Oh ya, and the biggest question do you go real or faux?
      Christmas trees are such a personal thing, the questions could go on and on and the responses I am sure could be endless. The dog and I go for our walks through our neighborhood, and I always find it interesting to see where people put their trees so that many are in prominent places so that folks going by their house can see what they have, or do they hide it in the back so that it is a private show just for the occupants of the dwelling. And do they do only inside trees or do they decorate an tree outside. You see I keep going on and on with the question. Anyway going for the dog walks, I also find it interesting on when folks turn the lights on, or do they leave them on most of the afternoon and into the late evening. What is also funny to me is if someone had put up Halloween decorations do they also do Christmas decorations and is the size comparable.
For me I have always wanted to do multiple trees, and the house I have moved into here on the Cape is allowing me to do that. I have one in my front living room, this one is a pre-lit multi colored light tree and sits in front of my bay window. The limbs are not that sturdy so you can not put heavy ornament on it so I have a couple different themes for that tree that are very simple and have all light weight ornaments. I do both color schemes and themes, I have a red and white tree, with apples and small white balls and red and white garland, then there is a blue and silver tree, all plastic balls and ice cycle ornaments with blue and silver garland, and my favorit is a german stars tree, both paper and cloth stars of all sizes. This year I have a purple and gold tree with purple balls and gold ice cycles with purple and gold garland and music instruments. The start of the top of that tree is a very tiny german start that was may by a very special German lady that lived next to us in Philadelphia made for me the year I was born and has been on the top of my tree every year since, first with my folks and then when I moved out of the house ever since.
      The second tree I have is in my TV room, this one I have two sets of lights I rotate with, this year I traded in one of the old sets for some new ones and and got a purple and green scheme for this year, while the other set I have is blue and white. This tree I have been saving up over the years, and have sever different themes. The limbs on this tree are sturdier so I can hand heavier ornaments on it. Three years ago, my first Christmas here, I used my Penguin ornaments, mostly Hallmark, but mixed with other penguin ornaments I have received and gathered over the years. Last year we used the spouses Hallmark collection and this year we are using my transportation Hallmark ornaments. We do have lots but enough lightly balance a tree so that it looks nice and uncluttered. Last year I finally found a tree topper for this tree of a modern silver star that reflects the lights really nice. I also have a one other theme for this tree of my own and two others for the spouse. Yes I am one that loves changes and love to do themes. I have visions of one more tree for the guest room and really only have a desire for one more collection of ornaments and that of a Cape Cod theme. Ya I know I live here but I would love to do a tree that includes, boats, lobster traps, and other Cape themed ornaments. But that will come in time and I will find what I want and get them all on sale. Oh ya the other thing about my ornaments are that none are glass. Having a Podiatrist as a father -in- law you don't do glass ornaments, as you get the stories of glass shreds in the foot after a ball has fallen off the tree and shattered unknowingly and then someone come in and steps in it. Not a pretty sight, so no glass ornaments in my house.
      Well that is about it for me on this round, I hope whatever kind of tree you have you are able to share it with family and friends. That all you do around it brings good memories of family times and is a reminder of what Christmas is all about. May you have a most enjoyable and safe Christmas or other Holiday observance that you celebrate.
      This week's spotlight Cape Cod Business is Cape Cod Coffee Roasters. I actually ran into one of their reps doing a tasting of their seasonal Cranberry Cream. If you are a lover of flavored coffees, this one is for you, it is smooth yet has real flavor yet while not being overpowering. You can actually still taste and enjoy the coffee. He also had their Pumpkin Spice coffee, again a nice smooth taste but not overpowering. He also had a decaf with him, but my idea of coffee does not include decaf so someone else will need to talk about that. Cape Cod Coffee Roasters are located at 348 Main St (Rt 130) Mashpee, Ma and do tours of the roastery on Thursdays at 11 or can arrange for a special tour with larger groups at different times. The on premise shop is open to the public 9 - 4:30 Monday through Friday and 9:30 - 2:30 on Saturdays. You can also buy their coffee's all over the Cape at different locations or you can buy on line or even join their coffee club. I love my coffee, but I am spoiled and prefer medium and upper grade coffee to standard brand name coffees, ok so I like the really expensive ones too but can't afford them, and sometimes honestly I think you like it only because you paid so much for it, it has to be good, cause you would not spend that much on bad coffee. Really? Ok Cape Cod Roasters is not high flatulent coffee but good coffee at a good and fair price, being roasted right here on Cape Cod. Take the time to check them out, in person, in the local store or on line at, you will not be disappointed.
      Well time to call it a day, I'll go check on yea ole lighthouse, be sure she her tanks are filled with oil, her lens gleaned and polished and her wicked trimmed or maximum burning brilliance. Before this weekend we need to be sure she is looking her best as we are expecting the holiday visitors to be out in numbers looking to celebrate the season and they expect to see a dressed up tower and house. So have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on Old Cape Cod, and we will see you next time round.
      What a perfect cocktail / shot for Christmas as the colors of red and green are most of what we thing about when someone says Christmas. Now with this recipe as with many, the proportions vary from sight to sight and book to book. But whatever you choose you are sure to have a conversational item and a very tasty one to boot. So take your time on this and get it right and from a bartenders side you will look good as well without ever having to grow the beard or dawn a jolly old soul's costume to see folks smile. So have a great holiday season, whatever observances you choice to recognize and practice. Now on with the show and remember this season to please think of others and if you choice to enjoy a libation or two, be responsible and allow someone else to drive you home.

      This week's recipe: Port & Starboard Cocktail

  •       2       parts     Green Cream de Menthe liquor
  •       1       part       Pomegranate (grenadine) Syrup

      Pour Cream de Menthe into glass first then float Grenadine on top.
      ** suggested types of glasses to use**
           shot glass
           pousse cafe glass
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