Some Updates / Mr Whisky & a Double Shot

  Slowly and surely the weather is changing with longer days and more sunlight the temperatures are gently rising. The snow is still holding onto some areas of grass that don't get much sunlight but those areas are fading fast along with the mounds at the end of the driveway. Now if I could just get a Saturday above 32 and without rain and low tide inside of sun up to sun down so I could get a bucket of steamers. Now these past three weekends since I reported the start to a major project has seen more than just basketball happening in our humble abode. Having gone to The Ohio State University back in the late 70's early 80's in an Art major and going 3 1/2 years out of a 5 year program I figured I should put some of that money to use. So I have put in over 120 hours of work putting art frames and covering them with canvas and then priming all except 3 only cause I ran out of gesso (canvas primer). With the few pre-primed canvases that I had thrown into the mix I now have 69 canvases to paint pictures on, and to think only took me 120 hours plus. Yikes. Ok enough of this for a while.
      Mr Whisky is wanting to help write my blog tonight. so if there is an extra paw characters in this part of the blog you known why. My friend is a 7 year old Pomeranian, and unlike most small dogs he is not a barker. Now that is a joy unto itself, and he is a survivalist eater, in other words I can put food in his bowl and he will eat when he is hungry, when he is full he stops and does not eat again until he is hungry. We have heard the horror stories of dogs that will just binge eat until they make themselves sick, so their owners can only put out small amounts and they have to hid everything else. Mr Whisky does not get a lot of table scraps, only on a rare occasion and mostly a few little ends of the beef or chicken scraps or the juice poured over his hard food. His big treat is to put mix some shredded cheese in with his food. Yup you hear right hard food only, no soft stuff, better for him. Also he get a nice round of hard chews to keep his teeth in good shape. Yes every once in a while we have a soft spot in our minds and he gets a soft snack but that is on rare occasion. 
      Mr Whisky loves to go on walks, we go about 4 a day. We have gotten to know our entire street of neighbors, and just about every neighbor in about a 1/2 to 2/3 of a mile radius from the house. I know who is year round, who is year round partial, who is seasonal only, and which houses are the rentals, both year round and seasonal. Some would call me the nosey neighbor, while other call me the neighbor watch patrol. Mr Whisky can tell you if there has been another dog or animal in the area and loves children and retired folks. OK he's weak to anyone who will give him attention and give him a rubbing a scratching or just plan loving, and loves his females. Through the winter one would think he would just get out and come right back in. But no no, he did not care what it was doing out, he wanted to go for his walk. So whether the weather was nice or not, the wind was blowing or not, cold as the dickens and any time he can, he will and wants to go for his walks. So folks now know us and wave as they drive by or wave out the window to us as we walk by their homes. We love our friends and know all the other four legged house dwellers. One of our favorite times to walk is a night, when the wind is still and the skies are clear, the moon is near full and high in the heavens and the star twinkle all about. It is so quiet and peaceful and you can hear things that get lost in the hussel and bussel of daylight noises. Whisky will just stand and listen sometimes and I know to keep my senses about me, then there are the rest of the times that he is too busy doing his thing to care. He has one of the best additions to the house since I moved him, and we just had our 1 year got-cha birthday last month. Well that's our story, we are making memories all over our neighborhood, what about you, when was the last you got out and met some of folks on your street? Do you even know the person to the right or left of your house. Take the time and go meet them and lets make this place we Cape Cod even a more wonderful place to be than it already is, and do it with a rescue, they will love you for it for life.        
      This weeks business report, I got my Email today that Mrs Mug is back and kicked open the door April 1st. Any tip to the Sandwich area without going to Mrs Mugs, just isn't a fulfilling visit at all. They always have fun and interesting things that are great to take home to those relatives who expect something from your vacation to things that you will want to take you to remember your visit to Cape Cod. And to you year-rounders don't pass this place by thinking it's only for the vacationers, this hot little spot has fun things for you too. So check them out at or like them on facebook. Sorry for the lack of a restaurant review. Not much time this past week nor extra funds to go out but with Easter this week, I am sure I will have a report on a good restaurant next week. 
      Well it's about that time to sing a song and say a prayer and lock this lady up for the night. But before I do, I need to make the rounds, dip the stick in the oil tank, climb the steps and clean the lens and trim the wick, and make sure there is nothing going on in eye's sight. I hope that we are strong and bright to anyone who needs us but pray you will never have to call on her to light your way. May you have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.
      This week's first shot is about as Cape Cod as your going to get, what more is there to eating than a beautiful red lobster, oh thats right how about something to drink called a Red Lobster. Yup that's right, I have it here for you today. So this spring and summer as you are doing up the clam back or the lobster boil you can service up a good Red Lobster Shop. The second shot is something else that goes well to the name of Cape Cod ant that would be a Captain's Treasure. You want to find this little gem and all that it has hidden away, but be ware to much of a good thing can prove to be the albatross around your neck. Well hope you find a keeper in either one of these or maybe even both and as always please drink responsibly. 
      This week's 1st Shot: Red Lobster
  •       1      part       Amaretto 
  •       1      part       Peach liqueur
  •       1      splash   cranberry juice
     In a shaker, add all ingredients with ice, shake, strain, service in a shot glass no garnish. 
      This week's 2nd Shot: Captain's Treasure
  •       1      oz      Goldschager 
  •       1      oz      Spiced Rum
      no special instructions just add liqueur to shot glass and service welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on