The trip 45 years ago & Hot Lobster Rounds

        45 years ago at the age of 9 about this time per the calendar I and the family would have been getting ready to make the trip from Marion Ohio to DennisPort, Ma. If would have been the first year after my Dad had moved us from Parkersburg, W.Va. to Marion, Ohio and we were not sure how much longer or different the drive was going to be. But I knew one thing, we were going to Cape Cod again for the month of August and I could not wait. We would go across route I-80 to I-81 to I-84 then off 84 somewhere in Connecticut and wind around in the wee hours of the morning over to I-95 and up to I-195 around to 25 over the Bourne bridge to 6A up to the Mid-Cape and all the way in to exit 9. The fun would have been in 1970 that the back ups getting over the bridge were much worse then that are today as the construction was still going on. We would stop somewhere between the norther part of Conn and southern part of Rhode Island for a breakfast bite, coffee and bathroom break. I could tell we were getting closer just by the change in the smell in the air. The pine smell combined with the salt air, there is just something about the closer you get to the bridge the stronger the smell becomes. I don't know what it is but it is just so there, it is different then Maine or Rhode Island or other areas along the way that are near the coast but we knew it and it was all wide eyed and hipped up and ready. The station wagon would have been packed to the roof with just enough space for Dad to see through with the rear view mirror and the bikes on the roof rack. Mom claims she didn't sleep and only was resting her eyes, expect Dad and I didn't believe her cause of the snoring, I would doze on and off the entire way but by the time there was any light coming up in the east I was wide awake and watching every turn and sign, watching for that one in Providence that said CAPE COD  that way. 

      Are you ready for your vacation? Are you packed and ready to come, or are you one of those already that have been here and gone. Did you have a good time I hope so and hope you plan to come back soon. To those who are on there way or still to come, I hope you are excited and looking forward to your stay. I hope you have planned where planning is needed and planned some downtime as that is what vacations are for. I pray that you all will have safe journeys and that everything will be as expected or even better than you had ever hoped it could be. The Cape was never a disappointment to me as a kid, and the only times it was, was because it was my fault for not enjoying it. Well be safe and have fun and I hope you see you soon.   

      The business report this week is a first time restaurant visit for us to The Skipper on South Shore Dr in South Yarmouth. We got there just before the crowds started to get there and we were able to go right in and sit down, however we did choice to eat in the dinning room and not on the roof top deck, not knowing for sure what the weather was going to do. The service was great our waitress was wonderful and that was just the beginning. My wife got the Lobster Ravioli and yikes when there is lobster claw meat on top of the ravioli when it is served that was a good sign, and she was not disappointed from there as each ravioli was more than adequately stuffed with lobster meat and in a sauce that was not over smothering the ravioli but complimented it well. She had enough that she could bring some home for a snack later on or a small lunch the next day. I have the fried seafood platter, it is about the only time I get fried food any more along with there house made potato chips and a side of cole slaw. The slaw was not dripping with mayo and was lightly seasoned, some of the better stuff I have had lately. The chips were a fun fun treat and tasty too, but the real deal was all the seafood. Clams, scallops, fish, and shrimp. I'm telling you we have not had a better tasting meal that we did not feel like oh hum afterwards in a long time. Now price, we each enjoyed a cocktail with dinner, and that plush the meal and the tip was right around 75.00 for the 2 of us. Now for me, I am not going to do that every week, or even every month, I just don't make that kind of money, but I have to say that I did not feel cheated, or left hungry or felt like it was a waste of money. It was a truly lovely experience that I would do again in a heart beat, however be sure to get there before the crowds or you will be waiting for a seat. I think I may wait till after Labor day to go back and if possible sit on the roof top next time, but I am not there for the view (that is only extra) I am there for the food. Remember I do a lot of the cooking in my house and have for years, so I find it hard sometimes to enjoy eating a meal that I feel I could have done a better job at, The Skipper was definitely one of those places they do a better job than me and I appreciate that. Go and enjoy and leave satisfied.    

      Well the time has come to sing a song and tell of tales, but first I need to make the rounds on the old lighthouse. You know, check the levels of the oil in her tanks, climb the steps to the lamp room and give a good cleaning to the lens and of course trim the wick so she burns bight and clean. When I get done, I'll come meet you round the fire pit for a story or two of the days when the sea called to her lure to those who sought her treasures, and the tales of those that broke the sea and of those that the sea broke them. If you can't stay I understand, it has been great to have you again, be safe and keep your wheels tween the stripes on the trail. And may we see you soon again, and to all you just about to show up, pull up a seat, may yourself comfortable and get to know one another, I'll be right back. Well to the rest of you, until we meet again.  

      This weeks recipe is an EXTRA as we are in a 5th midweek month. So looking around to stay in the seafood theme I came about this little gem that I thinks could work both for the summer and into the fall. Check this out for upcoming tailgating and football party weekends or for something different on that holiday gathering to start the night off right, or even for a great appetizer night. This recipe calls for canned Lobster, if you can pass on the can and go with the real stuff and add a little to it. Now on with the show.

      This week's recipe: Hot Lobster Rounds
  •       5      oz         canned lobster, drained 

  •       (but use the real stuff instead, remember cooked lobster meat)

  •       1      tsp        prepared mustard (dijon)

  •    1/2      tsp        Worcestershire sauce

  •       3     dashes  Tabasco sauce

  •       3      Tbsp     sherry

  •    1/2      cup       mayonnaise

  •                            toast rounds

            Blend all ingredients except toast in blender. Pile on toast rounds (or squares) and broil until hot and bubbly. Serve hot. 
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