Finally the Beach and More & 2 for the show + 1

      Well it took a summer but finally on 9-1 I made it to the beach. My typical 4:30 - 6 time slot, when most the tourists have gone and are trying to get kids showered and napped before the dinner run. This afternoon was one of the best we have had all season, with temperatures in the high 70s and water temps in the lower 70s. Not a cloud in the sky in any direction, low humidity, and the air so clear that we could see Monomoy Light House to the left, and Nantucket a bit to the right of that and you could actually see the outline of the Town of Nantucket. Target Island was to the far right and was unbelievably clear. What in the world got in the way of getting there I am not sure, But if I could figure it out I would go back and get there more. Maybe I can make the most of the rest of the month of September before the water starts cooling off to much or darkness starts setting in before 6pm. This is what I remember Cape Cod to be all about and what has made it so special. Now if I can just capitalize on it and carry it through before Im shoveling my way to the mail box. 

      As I was standing on the beach watching the plovers pick and push there bills into the sand all I could think about is wonderful tasting shell fish fresh from the sea. Now I know what the old guys say, in that they taste better coming out of colder water, but really any kind of shellfish fresh from the ocean waters are good to me. I am also watching my facebook pages and seeing several of my friends with their pictures of Stripped Bass, I have got to find me one of these friends and get them to take me out with them. I so love Stripped Bass and BlueFish and I am dying to get some fresh. I can maybe go later in the week or next and get some fresh mussels, and might even look again for some razor clams or sea clams. My mouth is starting to drip as I type, yum. 
      Well I hope your summer has been as you have hoped or better, if not maybe you can make up for it during the fall. Football season is about to descend us and from local to college to pro we who love the sport will be glued to the tube watching as much as we can take in, and for some even getting to indulge and get to go to a few of them there gridiron games. May we however not pass up the opportunity to get out and enjoy roaming the Cape in a much slower paced way with changing colors and cooler temps.Give some thought now to late September and early October festivals and craft shows and make the most of every minute we have been given here to enjoy. Have a great rest of your summer and may the beginning of fall exceed your expectations.   
      Business report is a little mix, first we did another craft show this past weekend and got a few things and made a few new friends. First note is to a place gentleman from Massachusetts that I mentioned back on 7-22, I need to mention him again in that finally we broke down and bought something from him. The wife so liked his work, we ended up getting her a neckless and matching ear rings. He is redoing his website but watch for it soon to be back better than ever or check out on facebook or on etsy, really nice stuff. Second is a vendor from Connecticut called As the Wood Turns. He is an older gentlemen and a Veteran of WW II who has a wonderful eye for making pens, both ball point and fountain pens. He takes pride in doing a job well and making a balanced and well make pen. These pens are not for your children, but would make a wonderful gift for graduation, a birthday celebration, an advancement in work or promotion gift or an anniversary gift. I have been looking at fountain pens for some time and just could not afford them, but he had one that the wife felt the need to get for me. I am grateful for Mr Tony Boucino's time in the service and also for sharing his talent in pen making at a price I could even begin to think about. You will just need to keep you eyes out for him at a Castleberry show, but he is the real deal. 
      The next two vendors are from Vermont, (I know, I know, no one from the Cape this week, but seriously these places are out of this world so give them a chance.) Both are food vendors with outstanding products. First s Vermont Signature Sauces, find them or where they are at on their web site I have tried sauces before, but have to say these are some of the best I have had in a long time. If you need something for a dinner date, a dinner party or want to do something extra special for your sweetie give these sauces a try, you will not be disappointed at all. The other is WoodsSyrup found at or on shops around New England. I am not sure how to put it, but this stuff ROCKS. Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup made with real Vermont Maple Syrup. He has Bourbon Maple Syrup and Rum Maple Syrup, Regular Maple Syrup, Ghost Syrup and more. Folks the Bourbon and Rum Maple Syrups are some of the best tasting things I have ever put in mouth since I can not remember when. This stuff we are already thinking outside the mouth and hand to what we can do with this stuff. Holy Smollies, just give me a jug of this stuff and watch me wig out with a sugar high laced with Bourbon and Rum, yikes can you say wicked good stuff, I think so. Find them, stalk them, then buy from them, this stuff is even beyond Yummo or BAM. 
      Last place, we found by accident, we decided to take a trip to the Sandwich area early Sunday afternoon, yup traffic and all. But we would not have found this place if we had not been stuck in traffic. The place Snow Goose Shop Unique Gifts located at 2 Tupper Rd Sandwich Ma. It is basically at the intersection of Rt 130 and 6A on the Bay/Canal side of 6A, the entrance is off Tupper Rd and not 6A. This is a year round shop that has a nice selection of gifts and items for all ages. They even have a section designated to Christmas Ointments. This coming weekend while you are sitting in traffic wondering why you didn't leave earlier or later, check this place out and see what goodies you just can't leave the Cape without. If you get even bolder, go during the week when you are leisurely driving 6A or Rt130, I think you will find yourself having a new must go to shop outside of Sandwich.      
      Well it's that time to bid you a fair thee well, and a good night. I have to get on the move and get the rounds done on the ole girl before I head off to the happy hunting ground. You know the routine by now, but it is always good to go through the check list, never want to miss something when somebody else's life may depend on it. So let's see we need to check the level of oil in her tanks, then up the stairs to the lamp room to clean up the lens and trim the wick. Then back down the stairs ( just a side bar here, if you ever come to visit my light tower and you have a younger one, please be sure an adult is on the down side of your child so if there is a slip you are there to stop them. This is in light of a accident this past week at one our local lighthouses and the parent/s missed their child and ended up with a not so pleasant ending. Light houses and towers are not playgrounds and are not designed for smaller children, they were designed for grown men and ladies to do a job. We hate to see anyone hurt but please help minimize the possibilities.) So now, on the way down check the windows and shutters and finally out the door. Time to make a check on the fog horn then over to the slip to be sure the boat is secured and the oars are in an easy place to grab if needed. Well have a great evening, it has been nice having you, hope you enjoyed yourself and we will hope to see you again in the future, right here on ole Cape Cod. 
      This week we are back to the fun recipes if for nothing else the names alone. I know I have said this before but I love looking for shots, shooters and cocktail names. They are sometimes some of the wildest things in the food and beverage game. Today we are back on the beach and out in the water. So get past the name game here and mix one of these two shot specialties up and have some fun with them, now remember there are several recipes, ok more than several and each have there own twist, so I am going to give you two version of the first just for the fun of it. And remember please have a designated driver, or please be a responsible host. Now on with the show:
      This week's first shot recipe: Sex on the Beach #1
      1      oz      vodka
      1      oz      peach schnapps
      3       ?       grenadine syrup (splashes, dashes call it what you want)
   1/4      oz      heavy cream
      4      oz      pineapple juice
      Put all ingredients in a shaker and shake well. makes 3-4 shooters or 1 nice cocktail. 
      Recipe plus: Sex on the Beach #2
  1 1/2    oz      vodka
      1      oz      peach brandy
      2      oz      orange juice
      2      oz      cranberry juice
      Mix all ingredients in a shaker with cracked ice, shake well and service in a shot glass. 
      Recipe #2: Captain's Bomb or Captain Morgan's bomb
   3/4      oz      Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Rum
   1/4      oz      Dekuyper Buttershots liqueur 
      In a shot glass put spiced rum on the bottom and pour buttershots over top and service. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on