Oh To Be A Kid Again & Brewster Scalloped Oysters

      Oh to be a kid again, to run on uncluttered beaches, ride your bike through the camping grounds without any worries, or be able to just stay in bed. But as a popular Alternative Music group by the name of Twenty One Pilots wrote in one of there current top 10 charts song called Stressed Out "Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days,When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out." The Cape was always someplace all along the way, from pre-teen to teen to adult were I could decompress, relax, shut down, and rejuvenate, yes even as a kid. But as we grow up we learn life is not always as fun as it could or should be and we end up stressed out looking for someplace to decompress, regroup and collect the thought and energy again. Let's see, sleeping on during summer vacation days, waking up to through on the bathing suit and running down to the beach for a dip, grabbing the sail boat from our friends and going for a leisure sail out in the Nantucket Sound. Every summer I had something to look forward to, every summer I knew I could mark on the calendar that time when shut down and recharge was going to happen, and the Cape was where it all happened.

      So what is happening today? The good is that the stress is less than what the rat race was prior to moving to the Cape, I can get out on occasion and run on a,, ok stroll on a beach or through a quaint Cape Cod town like Wellfleet and Orleans. I can get out for my walks with the dog and look up and see more stars than a lot of other people can. I can enjoy the fresh salt air and the quietness that being away from the city can bring. But, the mortgage still needs paid, the electric still needs to be paid, the gas still needs paid, and the stress level is always at the back door trying to get in. And truth be told has already slide in and found his way in through the mud room and is standing looking into the rest of the house. 
      Oh to be a kid again, without a care in the world most would think, living for, breathing every minute about, and hoping for that place we call Cape Cod. Kite flying on a barren beach, fishing from a jetty or beach, digging for clams along the north shore. What is it that we still do or have found to do today to find that kid like time. It's reality, and not all is stress free times, but we can do better, like back in the day. So many of us that have moved here, although we love it have lost the ability to decompress or regroup, all in the name of living here. So here I sit, writing these woods. looking for a way to get back to those days, yet recognizing that I need to live in the present and need to enjoy what I moved here for in the beginning. So what are you doing to live in the now and the present while remembering and experiencing what brought you or keeps you here from your youth. We can not run or rid ourselves of ever life's stresses but we can manage then. Here is to living on Cape Cod and remember back in the good old days, and bring them forward to help us live through today in the present.   
      Well the small business report comes from vendors at the Wellfleet Oyster Festival. All reports are on local Cape Cod artisans and worthy of a look to, especially with the upcoming holidays. So check these folks out first for yourself and second for others around you. 
      So first up Capt. Mike's Woodshop and Gallery, find him at CapeCodWoodshop.com, I love the Flounder cutting and serving boards, these things are great. There are 2 sizes so that you have options in how and what to use them for. They also have a variety of other Cape Cod related wall hangings and decorations and other functional art. Good gift for that Cape Cod crazed relative. 
      Next is Lola's Local Food Lab, found at http://www.lolaslocalfoodlab.com/ and at 3178 Main St, Wellfleet. She has got got some Shrub Drinking Vinegars that are not bitter not overly sweet and would mix well with seltzers and other mixers. You have just got to check her web sight out to start to appreciate all she has available then try it before you turn your nose up at it. She also has Hand-blended spices and more. Check her out, this is something I was not familiar with and wow was it good. 
      Last is one of our favorites Wellfleet Sea Salt Company, you can find them at http://www.wellfleetseasaltcompany.com and at local farmers markets and at many Cape Cod shops and shops off the Cape as well. This is Cape Cod salt at it's purist, the real deal, and it is good. No not all salts are the same nor do they taste the same. They have plan salts, and flavored salts (give the Rum infused salt a try, wow infused with Spring Hollow Rum can't go wrong here.) We have now been tagging along with their stuff for the past year or so since they have been out and about. Folks if you are a cook or just a person who enjoys flavors that are real and good, this is a place to shop for that ultimate Cape Cod cooking need, or for just your personal stash of pure tastiness. Can't say enough about these folks. You can also find them on FaceBook. 
      Well it's about that time, and got to get a move on the rounds. With it getting darker earlier and earlier need to see what I am doing. So have a great evening and rest of your week. You know the drill by now, Check the oil tanks and be sure they are filled to the max, then up to the lamp room to clean the lens and trim the wick. While up there make a check on the deck and be sure nothing is making a home where they should not be. Then down the stair and be sure all the shutters are closed up tight. Finally out and around the grounds make sure everything is in there place and locked up, make sure the oars are in an easy access place and the dory is tied up and ready to go. Well hope you don't ever need her services but if you do may we be there for you just as bright and strong as she can be to guide you along your way. Until we meet again, have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      I have several recipes for scalloped oysters but this one is just a bit different from my own recipe and always like to give other variations a try on dishes I like. If you like oysters, which I know is not every ones favorite, (good cause that means more for me) but if you do, I think this is a nice change and still very simple and basic. So for that holiday special occasion when you need to impress Aunt Martha, or Uncle Bill who think that the gods gave oysters to them along, try this recipe and I think you will be the hit of the evening. Hope you enjoy, and can I say Yum loud enough.
      This week's recipe: Brewster Scalloped Oysters
  •       1      qt         oysters
  •       1      cup      dry bread crumbs
  •       1      cup      cracker crumbs
  •       1      cup      butter, melted
  •                           salt and pepper (or can substitute w/ Old Bay Seasoning)
  •    1/4      cup      heavy cream
  •    1/4      cup      oyster liquor
  •                           lemon wedges
      Drain oysters, reserve the liquor. Mix bread and cracker crumbs and mix with melted butter. Place 1/3 of the crumb mixture in shallow baking dish. Cover with 1/2 of the oysters and season with salt and pepper (or Old Bay Season).  Drizzle on 1/2 of the cream and oyster liquor. Repeat. Cover with remaining crumbs and bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Garnish with lemon wedges. 

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