Heading into Winter & One last Double Shot

      Over the canal and through the woods and to the cottage we go. Or is it? I'm dreaming of a sandy Christmas, with endless beaches to oo roam. Na that is not it, Oh little town of Dennis how sweet,, no, no, no, Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells, Barefoot all the way, oh what fun it is to run, on Cape Cods endless beaches,, na that doesn't make it either. Oh whatever, I am dreaming of a sandy beach but more like in the middle of July or August with temperatures in the lower 80 and long bright sunny days. I am thinking about little towns up and down 6A all open and looking for art galleries and used book stores to spend some time in. And the Jingle, Jingle Jingle is that of the ice cream trunk in the neighborhood looking to share his/her novelties with any and all. 

      But what I can look forward to this coming season is clamming and, left hand turns. Eating at restaurants without a wait and enjoying this place we call Cape Cod when not to many other people want to be here. And another thing to look forward to is the town holiday strolls and meeting new people and renewing old friendships and updating with folks that we have not seen for a while. So while I could easily enjoy 80 degree weather and lots of sun and low gas and electric bills, I will endure this short time of the year that we call winter and the winds that blow and howl and beaches are more like dessert barren lands to chilly to spend much time at. Just so I can enjoy the rest of the year with all it's wilds and wonders on this unbelievable place we call ole Cape Cod.     

      This weeks business report is all the small shops and retailers all over the Cape. The Cape has such a plethora of businesses between Rt 28 to the south and 6A to the north, from one end of the Cape to the other. You can find everything from galleries to wild bird shops to shoes and clothing. We have natural soap and body beauty shops to closing and shoes. And to start on the food places to indulge ones appetite in is a whole 'nother blog in and of itself. But with the holiday season in full swing there are so many choices and variety of places to find things, that there is nothing that is out of the question to be able to get. So as you get out and about, look around and support our local small shop owners. And if you were wondering if it was worth coming to the Cape for a weekend in December and what the shopping is like, just let me say it is all well worth it. So this December, get out there and check out what you thought was closed up and discover that the Cape is still alive and well during the holiday season.    

      So it's about that time that I get a move on it making my rounds of the ole Light House. You know the routine by now, first we check on the level of the oil in the old girl's tanks. Then up the spiral staircase to the lamp room and to clean the lens so she can cast out that beam with clarity and strength than trim the wick so that flame will burn her brightest. Then on the way down make sure all the shutters are tightly fastened down so the weather stays out where it belongs. Then around the grounds checking that everything is in it's place, locked up or fastened down. And finally a check on the dory to be sure she is ready at a beckons notice if need be. Well have yourself a great and wonderful and enjoy this festive time of year especially if you can do it right here on ole Cape Cod. 

      Well I have had fun this year with all the shots and shooters. I hope you have enjoyed trying them all and maybe even found a way to alter a few to your own special spin. So with that I have 2 last ones for this year and both are really Cape Codders as you can, well I would like to think they are real Cape Codders, But they are fun they are very festive and they are very enjoyable. Now before I start drooling, on with the show and our year end shot/shooter recipes. Please as always, drink responsibly. 

      This week's first recipe: Purple Lobster
  •       1 1/2      oz      Canadian Whiskey

  •       1 1/2      oz      raspberry liqueur

  •       3     splashes   7-Up

  •       2     splashes   cranberry juice

      Mix together with ice and strain into shot glass or pour over ice as a drink.
      This week's 2nd recipe: Cranberry Zamboni
  •       1/2      oz      Cranberry Vodka or Schnapps 

  •       1/2      oz      Wild Spirit Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur 

      Add Cranberry Vodka and Wild Spirit Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur into a shaker filled with ice. Shake well, pour in shot glass and serve 

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