Spring Cape Scene & Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms

      Work, work, work. I came here to be part of the Cape Cod scene, however as I talk to some of my friends, I am becoming more a part of the scene then experiencing the scene. The problem is that with all the house repairs and appliance replacement I had to do, and now trying to get my artwork done so I have something to sell at the upcoming summer shows that life outside the house is near nonexistent even with my opportunities to work overtime gone. Ouch and there goes the extra that was paying for everything. And I am still sitting in the middle of a repair job that is on hold till my contractor who had to have open-heart by-pass surgery recoups. Oh well, at least the house is weather tight and warmer then it was in the past even with studs and insulation showing and plaster board missing. And all this through the shortest daylight time of the year, oh did I say with a moderately sprained MCL. LOL yup, But as daylight lengthens, and the temperatures rise, hopefully I will be able to start to extract myself from the four walls that encompass the living area I call my home. I have gone mussel hunting, yet last 2 years have been a joke. Good thing I have not been looking to survive on them or I would have starved to death. I did go digging for Quahogs, yes with the bum knee, dumb, dumb, dumb. And hoping to get out and get some steamers before the door closes for the season, now them is good eats. I hope you have not been so hermit like, as I have been, but if you have may you craw out of your hobbit hole and see just what we all either moved here for or is keeping us here. Get out and do something outdoorsy before the tourist take over for the summer and enjoy the birth of spring as it starts to come in. This is a wonderful time of the year and we need to get out and see all we can. I hope that you, we and me can do more as the light gets brighter, and I hope that we get to meet each other along the way. May you have a most wonderful time, and if by chance you stubbled onto the Cape this time of the year, take your time, look around and enjoy, you came at a wonderful time of the year and we hope you have a marvelous time exploring this place called Cape Cod, this place we call, home. Till we meet again have a most happy, happy.  

      So business report, it has been awhile and time to plug them and that would be Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans. This place is not just a coffee and hot chocolate joint but they have great soup and lunch goodies, not to even look past the baked goods cabinet. This stuff is wicked good. Oh ya and if you are a tea connoisseur they have a tea list like no other, both by the cup and to take with you. And did I mention the chocolate shop that is right in the building as well. WOW. you have got to check this place out. And not they are not just for the cooler months they have their warmer weather or for some year rounders their frozen monkey, let's just say you have got to try this one, yum. Then if you are there during the day, take the time to walk across the parking lot, across the street and into The Sparrow Store located at 26 Main Street, Orleans. Check there times on there website www.thesparrowstore.com. This place supports a lot of local artisans and has some wonderful goodies that every cottage, and home could use that has that Cape flavor. I always enjoy going in when I am there during the day. Also take the time to walk Main Street you will find more than just the these two places, and most are open year round. Orleans has a lot to offer and is worth your time to visit whether you are staying in Sandwich or Provincetown.  
      Well that time has come again where we need to move this along. I needed to get to my rounds and get this place ready for tomorrows visitors. Im so glad you came by and took some time to learn about the old times here on Cape Cod and some of what makes this place such a great place. Well off I go, secure the light tower up, clean up the yard and gardens, put all the stuff away that was dragged our during the day, especially the life saving gear. We want that in its place so that if needed we know right where it is. Then make the sure the dory is well secure and ready for action. Well that's about it folks, y'all have a great rest of your vacation and hope you come back real soon. And to you folk who is local, quit being so darn anti-social and stick your nose in more often, next time I'll be sure to put you to work then have some scones and coffee ready, LOL. Ok we will see about the work but would love to see you more often. Now everyone have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      This is an extra week month for recipes, so as I noted at the beginning of the year this extra week that comes about 4 or 5 times in the year will be dedicated to appetizers. So what makes just about any appetizer taste better, Bacon, Bacon and more Bacon. And mushrooms somehow always make the appetizer list. But what if you don't like mushrooms, just wrap them in bacon and just about anyone can stomach mushrooms. But if you already love mushrooms what better way to dress them up and add a flare and excitement then to wrap them in bacon. Can we say Bacon, Bacon, Bacon. Ok I know enough of that for now and just get on with it. Hope you enjoy this fun recipe, great for everyday, beach parties, tailgating, or whatever else you need an appetizer for.
      This week's recipe: Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms
      20      each      mushrooms, stuffing size, stems removed
     1/2      cup        green onions, chopped
      16      oz          cream cheese, (2 pkgs 8 oz each softened)
        1      lb           bacon, cut in half
     In a medium bowl, mix together the green onions and cream cheese . Stuff mushroom caps with the cheese mixture. Wrap each mushroom with a half-slice of bacon, and secure with toothpicks. Place on a baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and bake for 20 minutes in the preheated oven, until the bacon is cooked through.
      Whoever originally came up with this should get a gold star.. wow. 

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