Spring is Sprunging & Spiced Turkey Oriental

       Slowly and surely the season of spring is coming to us. Flowers are blooming, birds and returning (saw my first Catbird today), the whales are returning and trees are sprouting green things that i thought would not come. With all this can moving the deck furniture out be far behind and rolling the grill out of its winter storage place in the garage to its rightful place beside the sliding door that goes directly into the kitchen. Can grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled veggies and an occasional steak (ok, let's be frank, I would love to be cooking up T-Bones, Porterhouses, and Sirloins but the fact is, I get what is on sale and the tube steaks have to do, but I am blessed to have plenty to eat and for that I give thanks.) I am seeing my neighbors raking there yards and getting them cleaned up. I just need to take the chain saw and go out and cut some of the overgrown shrubs down and haul them out of there. Next get the wind chimes repaired and hung up and by the first of May get the outdoor shower put back together and working again. Can you tell I am ready, so ready for warmer weather to be the norm and not just every other day or two or three days out of seven? 

      So are you ready, did you come up this past long weekend (if you had the time off, I know I did not so Monday was a normal work day.) Are you planning to come out and get the cottage or summer home ready. Are you a snow bird that are either heading back or already back and doing the spring cleaning thing, looking to get ready for the invasion of the family and friends cause your place is a cheap place to stay. (hey I know, but we all love it and enjoy it, if we didn't we'd move, LOL) Or if you live here as many of us do, are you starting to open the house and let that winter smell out and let the fresh spring air in. I am, we are, and little my little doing a house dusting, good vacuuming, and even taking the dusting wand over the walls and in all the corners and over the ceiling fans. yup getting ready, I can feel it, I can smell it, and I am looking forwarding to feeling it. Hope you are getting the spring bug and finding it exciting to know that changing times are coming our way. Here's to getting it all done but not overdoing it, and finding time to enjoy this wonderful place called old Cape Cod.
Have a great and wonderful and hope to see you soon.
      This weeks local business report is another round of goodies that I found at Cape Cod Beer, who go out of there way to help support local businesses. This week the first is Rocky Bottom Apiaries, Pure Cranberry Bog Honey. They are out of East Sandwich and you can find a bit more info on them at http://www.farmfresh.org/food/farm.php?farm=971. They are not a big company and you will need to hunt them out, but what a yummy product, can I say more, it's a honey of a product. Sorry just had to say it.
      The next is Four Sisters Specialty Foods, find at http://foursistersfoods.com/ then go to the bottom and find them on facebook and find their products through their store locater. This is granola at its best, you just can't buy just one bag and you better hid it from the rest of the family if you want any left for yourself. Buy one bag for them and one for your own stash. I like granola and this stuff is to die for.
      Third and final stop is Cape Cod Specialty Foods which can be found at http://www.bogbeans.com/ or in stores and shops on and off the Cape, Their web. For me their claim to fame are the Bangor Blues, Bog Beans and JaMocha Beans in both milk chocolate as well as dark chocolate. They also have other goodies available. Now the only sad part is, is that there physical shop in Sagamore has had to be put on hold cause the rest of the business is booming so well. But hopefully they can get that part of their business back up and going sometime in the near future, watch their website for details. Get them for yourselves, get them as gifts for friends and family, you will enjoy these goodies oh so much. 
      Well the time has come, and I need to get to the job of picking up and locking up. You know the drill, I need to make a check on the tower and be sure she is secured, shutters closed and locked along with the doors. Next we make the rounds of the grounds, make sure all is picked up and put away, then make sure that the necessary equipment that would be needed for any rescues are in there accounted places. And last but not least make a check on the dory and be sure she is tied and secured so that she is ready in a moments notice. Yup there is still a lot that needs attention. No the old gal of the tower no longer needs my day to day attention but the rest of her still does and I will keep you up as long as I am given breath to do so. Hope you had a good time, and we hope to see you soon again. Have a great rest of your time while here on old Cape Cod.
      This recipe comes from a loose leaf social clubs recipe collection that came via my Dad second wife. She seemed to have more relatives and friends from Minnesota to Mississippi and throughout the Mid-West than anyone I have ever encountered. I know that she got it from a friend who obtained it from another friend. Ya one of those, we all have them and if you are any kind of recipe gatherer you know exactly what I mean. Anyway I am staying with the fowl theme for the even months, something other than chicken-wings. This one is definitely different and will make a great change of pace to the spring menu. Take a stab at this one and spice it up or tone it down just a bit whichever suits your family's needs. But hope you find a new keeper for your recipe box. Now on with the show, 
      This week's recipe: Spiced Turkey Oriental
  •       1/2      lb        spaghetti
  •       1/2      cup     soy sauce
  •       1         Tbls    white vinager
  •       2         Tbls    creamy peanut butter or takini
  •                             red pepper flakes
  •       1/2      lb        carrots, cut into matchsticks
  •       1/4      cup     vegetable oil or sesame oil
  •                             ground ginger
  •       5         Tbls    sesame seeds, toasted
  •                             sugar to taste
  •       2         cups   diced cooked turkey
  •       1/2      cup     diced green onion 
      Cook spaghetti; drain. Toss all ingredients together, sprinkle with red pepper flakes and ground ginger and chill. Serves about 6-6 oz servings. 
( there is a note added that the maker preferred the sesame oil and added more fresh mushrooms) So go with the flow and add to your tastes on this. Enjoy.   

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