End of Summer '16 & Cranberry Glazed Bacon Wrapped Smokies

      Well we are coming down to the last of the days of summer. Oh I know by the calendar there are still a couple weeks left, but from the view of most kids and many families, the end of summer is Labor Day Weekend. Summer camps come to a close, hours change with shops in resort towns (in other words just about every spot on the Cape), it starts getting dark earlier and many of us know that the 7 pm sun will soon be gone. The traffic will start to thin out and left hand turns will once again be a possibility in the middle of the day, and restaurants will not be quite as crazy. It is hard to believe that this summer I have not made it to the beach once and it has just about killed me. But when your stability is worse than a weeble that wobbles all the time, standing any time or even trying to walk on sandy beaches is not the first smart thing to come to mind. But as I look forward to the month of September I am hoping that the improvements that I have seen and made will allow me to get to the beach at least a couple times before the tides come in and the winds change to a different direction. I remember being a kid and so dreaded the last day of August knowing that we had to leave. I knew that most of my friends were back to school and marching band was in full practice, and even though I loved band and would walk back in having all the music memorized I still would have preferred to have been on the Cape. I remember packing up the station wagon and for some reason there always seemed to be more going home then when we came and it was always tight. But Dad could pack a car like no other and still leave a tunnel through the stuff so he could use the rear view mirror. I remember we would get up on the last day and pack up the last few things and get them in the car, then Mom would chase Dad and I out of the cottage and she would clean all the floors, the bathroom and kitchen. That was just a wipe down since she had done the major cleaning the day before. Then we would load into the car and off we would go. Yikes was it ever a long drive, leaving the place I loved, were I wanted to live for as long as I can remember. But life goes on and sometimes you get some of the things you only dream about and today I am enjoying living on Cape Cod. Is it perfect? Heck no, is everything honky dory? Heavens no, but am I content right now where I live, you bet. I have so much to be thank you for and can not give thanks enough, for the opportunity I am having right now. Here is to however many more years I am blessed to be here.

      Business report for this week is Land Ho restaurant in Orleans. We went between the lunch hour and dinner hour, next time I will go a little close to one or the other, as there were no special running at those times. But that did not stop us from finding something on the lunch menu that could satisfy our hunger. I had the fish and chips, I will say the piece of fish was extremely large and I did not feel like I was being give a minnow for my fair. The batter was light and not overly greasy and had a nice light taste to it, that did not overpower the fish itself. The fries were delicious and although I normally pick around most fries these I did not and enjoyed every bit. The wife had the roast beef or should I say roast beast, it was a wonderful and the juices were, Ok when the wife had all she could I finished it and then drank the rest of it, Yum. We will be going back during the off season, I love the decor with all the signs, old and newer hanging all over the walls and from the ceiling, it is a very eclectic atmosphere, but fun fun, fun. Whether in season or out, check out the Land Ho in Orleans, another great place that won't kill your wallet.      
      So we are coming down to the last really big weekend of the year for this old gal, the light house has been given double go over to be sure that she is at here best. It has been a long hot summer, and we have seen many guests and visitors on the grounds. I hope all that have been able to make have enjoyed their time here and we have had a blast hosting you. We do have some abbreviated hours coming up after Labor Day and until Columbus Day for the general public, so if you have not made it our here yet come on and get-r-done before you have lost your chance for this year. Ok well not totally but we will just be harder to find, although this gal stays working all year round. She may not need the attention she once did, as she has been automated. But she still needs to be kept an eye on especially as the this time of year weather can get mighty tricky out there in the bright blue seas. Well, It's time for me to wrap it up for today, make sure you come back and catch us one more time, but please be sure to make plans to come back and see us again next season. We love seeing you and look forward to seeing you again in the future. Until then have a great and wonderful awesome time, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      This week in one of those special moments when we get a 5th Wednesday in the Monday. And when that happens we get that extra recipe that just seems to push everything over the top. This month is no different then the past, and has so many "come on man" moments that I just can not explain it. It has a Cranberry Glaze, it has Bacon, it has Smokies it goes well as an appetizer or a tail gate finger food or just one of those happy in the mouth moments and it is done in the Crockpot. So before I start eating the words off the computer screen let's get this show on the road. Now on with the show.
      This week's recipe: Blueberry Glazed Bacon Wrapped Smokies
      1      pkg.      Smokies, your choice of brand (they suggest the 13 oz size)
      1      pkg.      Bacon (use the 1 lb pkg)
      Cranberry Glaze
      1      can      16 oz jellied cranberry sauce
      1      bottle   12 oz chili sauce
      1     Tbsp      brown sugar
      1     Tbsp      ground mustard
      1     Tbsp      lemon juice
      Pour 1 cup of brown sugar on the bottom of your Crockpot. Cut strips of Bacon into thirds. Wrap each strip of bacon around 1 Smokie, then poke a Toothpick through to keep it in place. Place Bacon Wrapped Smokies into Crockpot. Mix all  Glaze ingredients together in 2 qt. saucepan. Cook over medium heat until cranberry sauce is melted. Cover Smokies by pouring Cranberry glaze over top. Cook on HIGH for approx. 3 – 3.5 hours, or until bacon is completely cooked. Occasionally move smokies around to ensure they cook evenly. Easy to double or triple. You may not need to fully double glaze but play it by ear. 

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