Fall/Autumn on Cape Cod & Spicy Maple Chicken WIngs

      Fall, Autumn, Football season, Hockey Season, it is here, it is here, it is here and starts 9-22. Leaves will be turning colors soon, the smell of bon fires, clam bakes, pumpkin latte and pie will all be about us. The waters are starting to cool off the beaches you don't have to fight to find a spot to lay down and enjoy a sunny afternoon, the nature trails and rail trails are not so congested, and most of the best restaurants are still open with no waiting lines. However, plan your trips carefully to any Christmas Tree Shop or off Cape Outlet trip. The travel down route 6A is enjoyable, (ok unless you get one of the local hermits that are just coming out of hiding and decide to travel 5 - 15 MPH below the speed limit. If you live here, many towns start to open or expand their shellfishing limits and opportunities, and then there are the festivals from now through Christmas. Cape Cod is more special than most want to give us credit for or what they realize. So if you have the opportunity, give us a visit and find out what we who live here already know. You can't beat any place else, day to day, week to week, season to season then right here on Cape Cod. No place is perfect 100%, but if you like change of seasons, variety, and a host of other things, then you can't beat old Cape Cod. Here's to the coming Fall/Autumn season, bring it on, and enjoy it.   

      Well small business report, I ran upon both of these while doing my last art show at Drummer Boy in Brewster. The first one is a guy by the name of Keith Allen Glass, He specializes in Contemporary Borosilicate Art Glass, Glass Marbles, Pendants and Sculpture. He is year round out of Brewster. You can find him on facebook at www.facebook.com/Keithallenglass and he will be at Drummer Boy Art show Columbus Day weekend. This guy has some wicked cool stuff and is very reasonable. If you love glass work check this guy out. Next is Bergstrom Pottery, find him at /www.facebook.com/Bergstrom-Pottery, he also has been doing some farmers markets but as that season winds down, check the facebook page, he does not have a website yet but is working on it. He has some very interestingly pretty pieces as well as usable everyday ware. He is from South Yarmouth, keep a eye on this one, his work is worth checking out. I love supporting our local small businesses because I am in that boat as well. Watch for them and when possible buy from them. 
      Welcome to ye old lighthouse. Well seems we are going to give this gal a real work out over the next couple of weeks. So we are giving her a good go over, and checking the fog horn as well a little more frequently when durning the middle of summer. We need to be sure that when the fog sets in that beacon is as bright as she can be and the horn is as loud as all get out. We have plenty of shoals and sandbars and even a few reefs of our coasts and we don't need anyone finding them unwontedly. Just remember wee are still open and looking forward to see you on the weekends through Columbus Day and please be safe in your travels to and from the Cape. Have a great and wonderful in all you do.  
      Have you figured it out this year that I like, no, better said, I love chicken wings. I will drive an hour for good wings on a lazy Saturday afternoon or evening, or I will take the scenic route if there is a good wings joint to someplace. But I am learning that I can make them just as good, many times better and healthier (as I bake my wings, or grill them, never deep fry, I will leave that to the wing shops and enjoy them there and only once in a while.) I am the king of watching for wings to go on sale and snatch up as many as I can. Only other thing I am about as crazy for is beef ribs, full ribs or short ribs doesn't matter, Yumm. I could live on beef ribs and chicken wings, ok and a few fresh veggies, but,, Oh well. This one is a good recipe, here again, like cocktails, these recipe come a dime a dozen with the same name so if mine is not exactly what you are looking for, get on the web, google, pinterest, one of the house-hold cookbook names, and get one that suits your tastes. The point is there is enough out there that you are bound to find one or two,, ya three or more that you will come to love. Now before my dribble, slobbers all over the keyboard: 
      This week's recipe: Spicy Maple Chicken Wings
  •       2-3   lbs.      Chicken Wings split into drummies and cloths-pins
  •       2      cloves  garlic - or 1 tsp of the prepared chopped garlic
  •       1/4   cup      Maple syrup, (the real stuff folks no fax stuff)
  •       1/2   Tbls     Tabasco sauce. (more or less to taste) (or the hots sauce of your choice)
  •       1      Tbls     fresh ground pepper
  •       1      Tbls     paprika 
  •       1      Tbls     salt
  •       1`     Tbls     apple cider vinegar
      Mix all ingredients except wings together. 
At this point there are two ways you can do this, First you can put wings in a bag and allow them to marinate anywhere from 2 hrs to over night. You know the routine, the longer the better. Next, you can take the mixture and just rub onto the wings.
      Then place wings into a preheated 400 degree oven for 45 - 50 minutes. You may place wings on a baking sheet, or on a baking rack, (if a baking sheet pan half way through the baking you will want to turn wings so crunchy on both sides. I baking rack no need to flip but be sure you place baking rake in a baking sheet so it will catch the drippings.)
      Some folks will garnish with sesame seeds, or bacon bits, or make a side batch of the rub/marinade to dip your wings in. 
      Remember all amounts of ingredients are subject to your tastes, use more or less of anything and substitute freely. And most of all enjoy.   

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