More Cape Cod Living Nov '16 & Sweet Potato Casserole

       Well what can we say, the fall has been just spectacular, but I have to say I could do without the time change. This getting dark at 4:30 is a little ridiculous for me. Personally I would rather have it a little darker in the morning and lighter at the end of the day when I get done with work then the other way around. So what has been happening at the Rockhopper's Lair, well not a lot, just work, work, work, I got all my wood stacked, yes 2 cords now in its place and I need to get the chain saw out and cut a few pieces down in size as my wood burning stove is a medium size and 18 inches is the most maximum length I can use. but I have over 1000 pieces of wood and that should get me through most of the season. Yes I even broke down a couple days ago and light it up for about 36 hours, it bites when the temps don't get above 50 and the lows are in the mid to low 30s. The wife and I both work out of the house so we have to have some heat in the place and burning a bit takes just enough chill off that the heater does not run and that saves $$ while we can feel comfortable in our home office. The only thing left I need to do is rake out the wood chips that come with any load dump, although I will say this 2 cord delivery gave me 1/2 the chips that my last load with another company left me with only 1/2 truck or about 3/4 to 1 cord, so I am not complaining. Two weekends ago I got the garage completely cleaned out, the snow blower moved near the door so I can easily get it out if we have enough snow, and got rid of stuff that was left by the original owner that I bought it from over 4 years ago. There was stuff that just needed gotten rid of. Got the bike hung from the celling and all the shelves cleaned out and neatly put the summer play toys in one area and the fishing and shellfishing gear in another. Now if I could only get my new door hung that would give me even more, but being here in South Dennis, we must please the Historical committee gods before we put it up, Ok gotta tell you this really irks me to no end, the homes in a major of South Dennis were built after 1960 and are just old not historic, but it is what it is, so as soon as my repair man can get it to them we can get it in and close up the gaps in my front door. I just want a house that is properly cared for, well sealed from the winter and is not an eye sore to the community and my neighbors. I don't have lots of money, I don't make 6 figure and I try to be a good citizen. Why do we need to jump through so many hoops to keep our houses from falling apart and looking nice, I'm sorry I don't get it? Ok time to get off my soap box, One last question, have you all mowed your lawns for the last time or do you have one more in the tank left? If we get a good weekend this coming I think I might try to get one last past in the front, and I will finally break down and take the shower unit out and put the outdoor shower to bed for the season. Well that what it's like around the Rockhopper's Lair right now, how you are getting everything done you need to and pray that you are preparing for the coming frozen months. I love the Cape in all seasons, well, ok at least 3 out of 4 and the 4th I like not love LoL. Have a most happy, happy and keep the memories alive to help keep you warm, and hope you can enjoy whatever, whenever especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      This past weekend was the fall sampler tasting time, (right now can't remember the formal name of it sorry), when they bring in vendors of some of the goodies they carry and also do a wine tasting. From my first week blogging wineries was First Crush and Truro Winery as just part of Harvey's offering of wines for tasting. Once I got away from the tasty tastings of wonderful wines, there were many other vendors throughout the store to munch my way through. A couple that stand out to me are Wicked Walnuts, a Cape Cod based business selling there nuts on line at or visit their web site and find a shop near you that carries their products. Also find them on FaceBook and Twitter. Their White Chocolate Clusters are to die for. if you like nuts check his place out for year round goodness as well as for holiday treats and treat giving. Next is Willows Cranberries & Specialty Foods, this group is just off the Cape in Wareham and also has some operations in Plymouth. Check them out at, where you can either shop online or check out retail locations to where you can find their products. If you are a honey lover then you need to check our their cranberry honey it is out of this world. Oh and did I mention they are even Kosher Approved. 
      Now, last but not least is our very own Cape Cod Creamery. First if you want some of the best ice cream on the Cape (personally to me it is one of two that are my favorites on the Cape) you can get Cape Cod Creamery ice cream year round at many local retailers Check their web site at for outlet locations that you can buy. Next for the sad news, the South Yarmouth shop is closed for the season, it was a good year but all good things must come to a seasonal end, right? WRONG the good news is their Hyannis location in the Christmas Tree Shop Plaza is open year round. That's right YEAR round, so if you after you have stuffed yourself with that turkey dinner and the next day (Not Thanksgiving, as they are closed celebrating with their families) you can slide on in and get yourself some after Thanksgiving treats of home made ice cream. But is does not stop there, they have soup and sandwiches for a light lunch, so you cant go wrong with visiting Cape Cod Creamery at their Hyannis shop all year round. Also find them on FaceBook and keep up with the lasted happenings like November is Peanut Butter lovers month. Like them and get all the latest scoop going on. I love this place, can you tell. WOO HOO. 
      So the leaves have peaked and the peepers have all but come and gone. We have been busy giving the old gal a good old fashioned fall clean and spruce up. From the tip of the top of the tower to the last blade of grass from one end of the driveway to the outermost deck on the dock. We have cleaned every window inside and out, we have swept ever step and under, we have even recaulked around every door and opening we could find so that the wind will not howl through, even in the toughest of gales of a N'Easter. The shutters have been cleaned and secured, the light in the lamp room has been replaced and the back up checked to be sure it was still good and the beacon recalibrate. And even the fog horn has been tested, like those around could not have told you that, HA-HA. So we are ready to go, even as we enter into the darkness that comes with the end of daylight savings time. The only thing next is to watch for the Christmas decorations to go up right around Thanksgiving. So hope you never need our services but if you do, know that even though we might be closed to tours we are always ready at arms for any call of distress to help and if need rescue. Have a great and wonderful, and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      This recipe is a great one, especially with the holidays coming upon us. It is fairly simple and for me, I need either sweet potatoes or acorn squash for one or the other holidays. Normally the kids win out (now adults and still come to Dad's for holiday dinner, oh yaa) and they want the acorn squash, so I have to find other times for my sweet taters. But this one is a good one, so please give a try and I think you will find more than just the holidays to make it. So here is to good healthy eating, not just during summer, or the weekdays but every day all every round, non-holiday and during the holidays. Now on with the recipe.
      This week's recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole
      2      cups    mashed sweet potatoes
      1      cup      sugar
      2                  eggs, beaten
   3/4      cup      butter, melted
      1      cup      milk
   1/2      tsp       nutmeg
   1/2      tsp       cinnamon
      Mix all these ingredients with mixer well. Pour into a 9 x 13 greased pan or casserole dish. Bake for at 400 degrees. While this is baking, mix topping:
   3/4      cup      crushed corn flakes
   1/2      cup      nuts (pecans are preferred)
   1/2      cup      brown sugar
   1/2      cup      stick butter, melted
      Take casserole out of oven and spread topping over top. Return to over for additional 10 more minutes at 400 degrees. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on