Holiday Mash '16 & Broccoli Blanco

      Well, can you believe that in just 10 or less days it will be Christmas? Have you been around the neighborhood yet to see all the lights that are up? I love driving around different areas looking at what folks have put up, how creative people can get without going overboard and to occasionally come across an over the top experience. My smaller neighborhood is made up of more year round folks then summer folk so we have a few more homes that get decorated than many others. My house, I have the tree in the window and a candy cane wreath on the door, past that not much. I know it sounds boring but realize I have only been in a single family home for 4 years, back surgery and prior to this year, changing economic issues with updates to the house that needed to be done before I can start to worrying about outdoor decorations. But I think maybe in the next year of so I can maybe add a wreath to the front of the house and some of those really cool projected color lights and a few other not so over whelming things. The problem is that a lot of people think you have to do everything within the first few years of moving into a house and take out a second mortgage to keep up with the Jones. Well I have learned a few things and that is take your time, spend what you can afford and if you can't, oh well it can wait till a later time. So with all that said, if you are still putting up keep that in mind, if you are looking to get married or move into your first new home where you can do some fun things, take your time, and go enjoy someone else's decorations for a few. Ok off my soap box, when I get home I enjoy sitting in the living room watching my wood burner glow and sipping on some spiked hot chocolate or warmed brandy or whiskey. Ok let's face it if football is on I will be in watching that, just no two ways about it. But I am learning after 56 years of living that life can still go on without the TV on or me watching football or racing of some sort, ok well maybe. Isn't Christmas all about the trees, decorations, eating with relatives you don't like and watching football? OH ok, well before the bowl games start to roll, take the time to get out of the house, take the kids, or the significant other and just enjoy being with each other and or the family. Take time to remember what this is all about and not just commercial mayhem and potlucks galore. I know there is still one more issue of this before Christmas but if I wait to talk about this till then, it will be too late and then whatever. Hope you have a great and wonderful, not just for today, but for this entire season of joy and hope. And whenever you can, get out and enjoy everything that goes on with it, cause the humdrum of January is coming fast. Here is Cape Cod and all there is to enjoy about her especially if you can call this wonderful place home. Have a happy, happy.       

      This weeks business report is the Barn & Co is located at 574 Main Street, Route 6A Dennis, Massachusetts. Check out their Facebook page or their website at for fun and exciting specials and events going on. This is one of our year round shops so don't think they roll up the carpet and lock the doors after the holidays are over. No, No they go at it all year round and try to stick to the hours of 10-5 daily except Sunday when they go 11-4. If you have not been this place has just about anything you could want for gifts, to jewelry to comfortable clothing for the ladies, to candles to Christmas goodies to decorating items to. Look go to the website, and check it out, better yet take that hop and a skip and get over to 6A Dennis and go visit them, they can not do justice to what is in the store on the website or facebook and I promise you will not be disappointed.
      One of my other favorite year round places is in Hyannis at 388 Main Street, better known as Little Miss Cupcape, or you can find her on Facebook or at First let me say if you think she is only about cup cakes then you have not been into her shop. Although Cup Cakes are one of her specialities, which come in either regular size or minis and let me tell you they are special, she does have more to offer. There are her gingerbread cookies, and sugar cookies. Then there are the donuts, she does not do a ton of options just these most wonderful baked donuts that I think have ever had. Then there are the morning rolls. Now there is pie available at different times of the year. Folks, folks, folks,, you have to connect with her facebook page to keep up when she is doing what, of if you need, place an order. She does birthday parties as well, weddings, and about any kind of celebration that you could want sweets for. I can tell you all about it this wonderful place but you ain't gonna get the full experience until you get there and try some for yourself, then watch out, your in trouble to stay out of there whenever you are near the place. Now for the winter she is closed on Mondays, then open Tuesday & Thursday 11 - 5:30, Wednesday 11 - 4, Friday 11 - 6 and Saturday - Sunday 10 - 4, or until she sells out and she has been know to do that. Wow I'm watering at the mouth just thinking about them. Please tell her that the CapeCod Rockhopper sent you, just so she knows the word is getting out there.  
      Well I have to say that if nothing is happening at the lighthouse then it is time for a vacation. So away I have gone for a few days. There was just enough time between the rush of getting up all the lights and decorations for the lighting event at Thanksgiving and hustle and bustle weeks that start just before Christmas and runs past New Years. So there is not much to report here, except the lighthouse did not fall down, the lite did not go out from what I am told and there were no emergencies, and honestly that is the way I like it. So I hope your week is as quiet and all things are going smoothly for you, but if not keep your eyes to the sky and hold fast to the light. I hope you have a great and wonderful, and if you are able to do it here on Cape Cod, well it's a wonderful place to just enjoy the holiday spirit. Have a very merry and happy all day and week long. Talk to you next week.  
      Again I love to find easy recipes from old church or civic group cookbooks or newspaper clippings. The older ones seem to be so simple and and don't take a lot of effort to make. This is one of those types of recipes that someone shared for the company cookbook years ago, you remember when they used to do those fun kind of things, try to find a company that really cares enough of it's employees to do something like that, oh well, but at least I can find them and share a few recipe from the ones I have in my collection. Like I said this is a really simple recipe hope you enjoy this fun broccoli recipe. Now on with the show, 
      This week's recipe: Broccoli Blanco
  •       1      bunch    fresh broccoli florets
  •       1      can        sliced water chestnuts
  •    1/2      cup        Parmesan cheese, heaping
  •       1      cup        mayonnaise (not salad dressing)
  •                             green onion tops, sliced
  •                             butter, sauteed
  •                             mushrooms (as many or few as you like)
      First take mushrooms and trim them and slice or wedge them (wedging them makes them a little more meaty then just slicing and gives a different texture when eating.) Saute in butter, but don't over do. Once they are done place in a greased backing dish with all the rest of the ingredients and mix gently till all incorporated together, then back for 30 minutes in a preheated 350 degree oven. Serve hot. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on