Spruce Up Spring '17 & Dilled Lamb Ragout

       Tis the season for making ready, the wife and I were out a couple days ago and made note of seeing more folks around then normal this time of year, and we are not talking locals, these are out of state license plates, and folks of all ages. I know of several of my snow bird friends that are either already back or will be back in the next 2 weeks. So time to get to the summer home, the cottage, that place you call home in the summer and open it up. So this week is suppose to be a little cooler now but hey the calendar is not going backwards and May is nearly here. And if you are a local, well, we have already had the windows and doors open, gotta let the dark winter out and let the bright light of Spring in. The wife has been gracious enough help with cleaning this year as my back is still on the mend after wicked major back surgery in February. No easy stuff this round, this was old school high up thoracic, no graphics just to say, the healing of the actual surgery is more painful then the healing of the actual disc they had to deal with. But the wife likes to fight with the dust mights and her allergies but as I said bless her heart and we have a couple of rooms down and a couple more to go. Now that I can stand and move about better, the hutch and dry sink and dinning room tables and book shelf holders tops are all mine. So we are getting there as well. Over the next couple weeks we will check in so see how we are all doing and hoping that by the end of May we are ready to go. Until next week, hang in there, keep your flip flops close by and windows and doors open and much as possible. See you soon, or sooner if your here on old Cape Cod.  

      Business report: First up Cathy's Place 525 Route 28, West Yarmouth. Their statement is: We are a Discount Ladies Apparel Resort Store. We specialize in Resort Clothing for the active summer lifestyle. Come see what all the talk is about! Ok what is means is Ladies you are going to get some great clothing at some great prices. Guys what this means is less money out of pocket then driving off Cape to the Outlet, also there is a liquor store close by if they too long. (Ha Ha just kidding - really guys there is and it's a good one too). Anyway the wife and daughter love this place, and per their words they are sure you will love it also. Oh if you need more help in finding this place it is next to the Christmas Tree Shop in West Yarmouth. Oh be sure to check out their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cathysplacecapecod for more details. 
      Next up; I know I have mentioned them before, but I can't help it. Guapo's in Orleans, Tuesday nights two for one tacos. Now first these ain't your fast food tacos, second if you enjoy Tequila this is one of the best Tequila top shelf bars on the Cape. They take pride in having the best Tequila available for those special cocktails we all love. Locals? really you have not been out to Orleans and checked this place out? Shame on you, ok I will give you a break if you live in Falmouth or Woods Hole, but east of Hyannis, it really is not that far to exit 12, turn right at the bottom then take it to Staples plaza just a couple miles down the road on the left. If you get to the second light after getting on 6A you went to far, turn around and go back. check them out on facebook at www.facebook.com/guaposcapecod. You will fall in love with this place.   
      Well howdy all, I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter. We had several groups up and down the beach on the coast line having sunrise services and others just out there to watch the sun rise and give praise to the maker of that wonderful sight. So, I wanted to go, but the wife had other ideas, says I ain't stable on land let alone going down onto the sandy beach yet. Says I need be stayin' right up here on high ground, hogwash, but whatever, however I did make sure we were in church for service. Then came home and got ready for all the kiddies from around for the yearly Easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful day and I think everyone had a wonderful time. It was even better that I had not one call to put out and go fetch someone or reel in some wayward fishing group that got lost or had boat problems. Well, spring is moving along and we got to start thinking about doing the spring cleaning and getting this gal ready for the summer group. I will let you know when it will be and if you can give us hand that would be great. Well, that's about it for now. The back? Oh it's there, trust me it's still there, but we are making progress, some days more than others. Still a long road to go but hoping that by opening day we will be pretty much back to normal. But for now y'all have a great time, whether on the Cape or off, but I know if you's here, you's having a much better time, hehe, sorry had to add that. So until then have a great and wonderful, but especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      Now this would have been great if I had really been thinking and put this in last month so those of you who like to do Lamb at Easter could have had this ready to go. But things are as they are and this gives you something new for in a couple weeks when you are ready for another Lamb dinner. And those of you that don't find Lamb to your liking, well all I will say is give it a try again, Lamb is not for all but that just means more for the rest of us. Sorry but I realize it is what it is. So for those of you ready who do, let's get this ball rolling and get cooking. Now on with the show.
      This week's recipe: Dilled Lamb Ragout
  •       1/4      cup      flour
  •    1 1/2      tsp       salt
  •    1/2-1      tsp       dill weed, dried
  •          1      dash    pepper
  •       1-2      pnds    lamb stew cubes
  •       3/4      cup      oil
  •          2      cups     water
  •          1      pkg      peas (10 oz)
  •          1      cup      celery, sliced
  •          1      cup      sour cream
      Combine flour, salt, dill weed, and pepper. Shake the in this mixture. Brown meat in oil in a a pan that can be used for on stove and in oven or move meat to casserole dish and be sure to scrape all the goodness from your fry pan to the casserole.  Add water and bake uncovered for 1 hour at 375 degrees. Add peas and celery and bake 30 minutes more or until celery is tender. Add sour cream to taste.       

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