Life on Cape Cod May '17 & Los Alamos Salad

       So whats the poop on the scoop for this week? Life on the Cape, just as we did not expect it to be. Five years ago come August I will have made Cape Cod my home. But was there anything in there about going through 3 back surgeries in under a year. Was there anything about getting stuck in a house repair gone remodel and having to put all that on hold while first your contractor goes through open heart surgery, then my back issues. Not to mention replacing every major appliance, washer and dryer and water heater in that same time period. Somewhere, something has to give, and the budget is not very forgiving. So the breakfast nook/pantry area stays in disarray for now until I can get enough money saved back up to get my contractor back and finish up the work. Bless his heart he was doing my work for near nothing, and right now he is back to work but he needs to be doing work that pays him enough to help cover some of his bills. Poor people working for poor people does not product much flowing cash (LOL). Hey if we don't laugh we would cry a river. But at least his health is doing much better, I am on the mends, and slowly life is returning. There is still a long road to travel but we will get there. My point to all this is, life has a funny way of changing the plans we try to make. Some of us still believe in a God that cares and is part of our everyday lives. And I am sure, He gets a kick out of some of us trying to make plans on our own then watching them take a left hand turn as His plans were for a right hand turn. Hum something don't seem right here, and I think I know who is to blame and it ain't Him. Oh well, time to get back on the path and keep my eyes focus up and on Him who I claim to follow. To think if I would have just listened in the beginning, or maybe He is just saying do you trust Me, do you really believe that I can get you through all this. I know this sounds kind of preachy, but it is who I am, and I make no apologies. So life will goes on, the roof is sturdy, and the inside is dry. I had wood for the wood burner and I have food in my refrigerator and in the pantry. Guess I don't have much complaining to do. Life will always be a challenge, but maybe I can get back to enjoying why I moved here in the beginning. To be a part of this place we Cape Cod, all four seasons (ok 3 seasons this year, not seeing a spring this year LOL). The beaches, nature, the sand, the salt air, and lots more. So I hope you are doing well and I hope that if you live here you can enjoy what we have here. And if you don't may you come and join us for a bit and see what all the fuss is about. Well that's enough for now, I am sure I lost a few of you, this place is more than a home it is a passion and regardless of the circumstances I will give thanks for everyday I am given here. Have a great one and look forward to seeing you soon, right here on old Cape Cod.   

      Ok, time for the Cape business report, well this past weekend was Brewster in Bloom, and they started off the craft show weekend with a major bang. Most of the crafters were from somewhere on the Cape, and most of the rest where from somewhere in New England. Over the next couple weeks I will giving shout outs to some of the crafters that I know I will be following and watching. Some do have brick and mortar places, most do not, so get our your guide books, crank up the Internet and start marking your calendar for those craft shows coming to a town near you, Ok so what town on the Cape is not near, the only ones I will buy the excuse from is P'town to Falmouth or back. But still it makes for a great day trip with lots of good eats in between. Anyway first crafter I love is Cranberry Collective, find them and what shows they will be at on their website, you can also find their goodies on They also have a season shop in Popponesset Marketplace, 259 Shore Dr, Mashpee. They have some really cool things that are useful. Painted shells that can be used as coin or jewelry holders, walk mounted bottle opener with catch jar, coat or hat racks, all made by the owners. Please check them out as they could solve a few gift giving issues you might have, or house warming gifts. You won't go wrong with Cranberry Collective.
      The second business I want you to check out is called Rein's Real Baking, Stone Hearth-Classic Artisan Breads, right down and out of Falmouth. But you won't find them in any store, instead, well, how do I, Ok straight from the owners words that I took from Rein says: I bake year round, selling at the farmer's markets, special events, craft shows and my Roadstand at Oyster's Too and Mahoney's Garden Center, Rt. 28 E. Falmouth, Saturdays 9-1 during the Summer. I ship and can deliver locally. I have no storefront and do not wholesale (preferring instead to sell directly to the customer), i.e. not sold in any stores. Contact me to sign up for my weekly eList - listing products offered, preordering and shipping options and where you can find me. So how do you get on the list, Email Rein at [email protected] They are a cash and carry or check, no plastic. You can also find information at This is more than just bread here, there are pasties, and pies and cookies and, oh my just too many good things to mention. Prices are average for artisan bread, if you have ever bought from Great Harvest or a good local bakery you know what to expect. If all you buy is store bought prepackaged stuff then it will be a surprise to you. But it is worth every penny and nickel you spend, and it is healthier and best part it tastes better. Find them, try it, you will be hooked. Yumm.   
      Welcome back folks, and if the last one in would please close the door behind you, as someone forgot to turn the page on the calendar, and someone (we won't mention who, but He is a lot Bigger and higher up then me), forgot to turn the sun up a bit to allow us to warm up. Anyway, the one good thing is that it has quiet around here, I'm almost afraid they are going to think I am not needed any more. Anyway, Mothers Day is this coming weekend and I hope all you who still have your mothers with you will be sure to honor them appropriately and those who you who do not, well find a mother who needs a hug and give her some attention, too many today have heavy hearts and we need to be that beacon of hope and caring in their lives this weekend. We are having a house cleaning in two weeks in preparation of opening on Memorial Day weekend. If anyone can lend a hand that would be great. Well folks this is about it for this week. Just be sure you always have your eyes open for that flashing light in the sky and an ear for the fog horn. May we always be here to be your guide when you need it and light of hope when you are down. I am so looking forward to seeing y'all, it's been a long winter and I am ready to see everyone back again and a lot of new faces. Until then stay safe and live life to the fullest, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      I love my collection of cookbooks, especially the ones that are put together by church groups, social groups and other fund raiser programs. All of these that I have are at least 25-30 plus years old and most I have some connection to or the family has known people directly associated with these groups. So all of these are time tested and most are blessed, (oh that was a funny, church groups, blessed, ya ya ya I get it). Moving on, anyway I love to see what folks have chosen to clip and save or share that which was passed down from grandma Sherman to second cousin twice removed Ms Becky. Many of these can tell a wonderful story of time and history that was going on at the time the book was published. Hey eat, drink and get learned, what better way. Anyway we are still on that quest for no leafy green in the salad, salad recipes. I open you enjoy this one, way to easy to make and way tasty, no excuse for not having something for the party, pot luck or to take to the family summer get together. So read through it, pick up the few extra things not in the house then enjoy, and please save some for the others. Now on with the show,,,,
      This weeks recipe: Los Alamos Salad
      1      can      French style green beans, drained
      1      can      whole kernel corn, drained
      1      can      pimento, drained
      1      can      peas, small can, drained  (I prefer fresh peas on this as I don't do canned peas or frozen)
      1      lrg        mango, peeled and chopped
      4      sticks   celery, chopped
      1      med     sweet onion, chopped
      1      cup      vinegar
   1/2      cup      oil
   1/2      tsp       paprika
      1      oz        sugar
      1      tsp       salt
            Mix all ingredients and refrigerate several hours or overnight. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on