Are you ready for Summer 17 & Orange Poppy Seed Pound Cake

      Well season is just about upon us. Some will tell you that Memorial is the start of summer others will tell you that season really starts the middle of June when most of the schools are out. For myself, I have always circled Memorial Day as the start, as by then most of us have our grills out and started to use them. The deck and lawn furniture have been precariously placed, and for most of us NewEnglanders the outdoor showers have been reinstalled and readied for use. For those who call themselves the real Cape Coders they are ready to take that first swim, not on the Sound side but on the Bay side. Ok I like swimming, but that there water is still a bit too nippy for my liking. I will go sit on the beach and sunbath while reading a book or listening to music, but I will be darn sure that the water temps have gone up before I go headlong into the Sound. I am hoping that this year I can make up for missing all of last year do to surgery recovery, and although I am still post surgery #3, I will have had 4 to 5 months in between. I am also hoping to put the new inflatable kayak to use this summer and fall and getting out to enjoy our ponds, lakes and streams. I can already smell the coconut oil and lotion, and hear the kids playing on the beach and imagine the sail boats gliding back and forth along the beaches. Summer on Cape Cod, are you ready for it, are you anticipating it, are you so ready that you are irritating everyone around you cause that is all you can talk about is your summer vacation to Cape Cod? Well get it together, get ready cause the wait is nearly over and summer is just about here. I hope your ready, cause it's coming ready or not. No matter when it officially comes I hope you are looking forward to it, and are planning your trip to Cape Cod. Be sure to bring enough lotion so that you and the family don't burn. And bring your appetites for all the good food both seafood and otherwise that we have to offer. Plan your days wisely not to overdo, and leave plenty of time for the beach. Yes it is here, and I hope you and yours has a most happy and safe time, no matter where you are at or doing. But we all here east of the canal hope you choose to do it right here on old Cape Cod.     

      Now for the small business report. These small businesses come from my visit to a craft show earlier this year. All are local Cape Cod artisans and make and sell there goodies based right here on the Cape. Some have local shops but most of these folks do either direct sales on line or through craft shows and festivals from April through November/December. And if you need each one would be happy to hear from you if you need to make an appointment to go purchase something from them. First up is a guy who was my space neighbor at a couple of the shows I was able to do last year. He is out of Brewster and loves working with glass making Marbles and pendants and well other art pieces made out of glass. His name is Keith Allen, and you can find him on facebook at or Istagram at and on Pictagram He has an array of products that would find interesting to people of all ages. His eye marbles are unbelievably realistic, some scary but most are just beautiful. Check him out and add to your collection. 
      Next is Bass River Pottery. Find them at or on facebook at They have a studio at 50 Pearl Street in Hyannis but as they say, "We do not keep set hours, but rather work according to projects. When the red doors are open we are open." Some things you may recognize they are home of the original Mermaid Mug, Sea Shell Earing bowls and Cape Cod town bowls. Check out the website and facebook for a better look at what they have to offer. 
      Last for this week is Treasure by the Sea Jam and Jellies, She calls East Falmouth her home and can be found on facebook at She will do some craft shows but loves to do the farmers markets, whether in Falmouth, Sandwich, Bourne and she will do a few others around Hyannis and east. Watch here facebook page for where she is going to be or use the message button to inbox her and ask where she is going to be. Her Jams and Jellies are just downright scrumptious. She uses fruits that she can get right here on the Cape. She notes: We wild pick all of the fruits to make very pure jams and jelly. Third and fourth generation English family recipies are used to make the products. Spread this stuff on a good english muffins, toast, with cottage cheese (ok I know some of you like salt with your cottage cheese but I like it sweet.) or whatever you might put jams and jellies on, or us in your cooking. Can't go wrong here, as they are over the top good. 
      Greetings, from ye old Lighthouse. Now I would normally rub it in to just how wonderful and great it is here and how perfect the weather is, but frankly I would be lying through the seat of my thread bare pants. Honestly the week before last was beautiful, this week, someone forgot to leave the heater turned up and left the shower on and might just be referred to as raw. But the Cape is the Cape and no matter if the weather is perfect or not, I still would not trade it for many other places in the world. The weather has also put a real damper on getting the outside of the lighthouse finished up and the grounds all beautified. But I assure you we will have it all done and be ready for this coming weekend when we are going full speed open. We will be ready no matter if the sun is shinning or if it is cloudy, if it is 86 or 56, if we only have a handful of folks show up or we get them by the bus loads. The glass in the lamp room will be crystal clear the lens will be spotless, the brass all shinned, and the fog horn will be operational. So if you get the chance to grace us with your presence that would be a wonderful thing, but no matter when you make we ask you take the time to come visit us. Learn the our history and the men and women that have gone before. And if so inclined, how you can be a part of preserving this history. We love to have fun here, but the business is a serious one and we do take our jobs and tasks seriously. I hope that you never need our services but if you do may we be here shinning brightly and boldly leading the way from danger to safety or here as an encourager to those who need hope. Well that's my sales pitch for today. Hope to see you real soon, right here on old Cape Cod.  
      Here we are again coming close to the end of the month and what comes at the end of every meal, Ok almost every meal, that's correct dessert. And as you have heard already I am not a big cake person, unless it is a pound cake and then that is a whole nother thing. Now I don't want pound cake every day for dessert, from time to time or on those special occasions when you need a great pot luck, impress the co-workers, take in, that works either as a breakfast cake or a nice finisher to compliment all the other foods brought in. This recipe needless to say can be found in any dessert cookbook, internet search, or most grandma hand down recipe, or old time newspaper clipped collection. So with so many similar I give no full credit to anyone for this recipe, either use this one or do a search that finds the small differences to your liking and enjoy it. Now without any further delays, let's get this show on the road.
      This week's recipe: Orange Poppy Seed Pound Cake
  •    1 ½       cups      whole wheat flour (pastry, white or regular)
  •       ⅓       cup       poppy seeds
  •    2           tsp        baking powder
  •       ¼       tsp        fine grain sea salt
  •    1           med      orange, used for about 2 tsp of zest and ¼ cup juice
  •    1           cup       sugar
  •       ¾       cup       plain whole-milk yogurt
  •    3                        eggs
  •       ½       tsp        pure vanilla extract
  •       ½       cup       extra-virgin olive oil
      Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Butter or grease a 8 ½ X 4 ¼ X 2 ½-inch loaf pan. (there is a suggestion to line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper cut to fit. This is not required but can help to keep from sticking)
      In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, poppy seeds, baking powder, and salt.
      Pour sugar into a medium-sized mixing bowl. Grate all the zest from the orange (you should get about 2 tsp). Rub the zest into the sugar until the sugar is orange and fragrant.
Slice the orange in half for juicing. Squeeze out about ¼ cup orange juice and mix with ¾ cup yogurt to get 1 cup of liquid. Whisk the yogurt and orange juice, eggs and vanilla into the sugar mixture.
     When the mixture is well blended, gently whisk in the dry ingredients, till just lightly mixed. Switch to a spatula and fold in the oil, making sure it’s well mixed together. The batter will be shiny. Pour the batter into the prepared loaf pan and smooth the top.
     Bake for 50 to 55 minutes, or until the top is golden and the sides start to pull away from the sides of the pan; a toothpick inserted into the center should come out clean.
      Let the cake cool in the pan for 10 minutes, then run a knife between the cake and the sides of the pan to loosen. Unmold the cake by placing a large plate upside down over the loaf pan and carefully turning them over. Let the cake cool to room temperature right-side up. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on