Summer Begins & Basic Carrot Salad

      Well are your kids out of school yet? Has the summer vacation season begun for you yet? Have the kids been shuttled off to camp for a week or more? Wow a lot of questions bur all ones that used to wait for. I did most of my schooling in Central Ohio and we were done with school the week of Memorial day at the latest. I just talked to one of my neighbors and around here this year is super late in that they will go till about June 23rd, who in the world dreamt that one up. Talk about messing with vacations and camps. I know some of you our there reading this are advocates of year round school but come on, what I would have missed by not going to summer camp and definitely would have missed out on my time here at the Cape. The lessons I was able to learn coming to the Cape, to the beach, the history that the Cape has to offer. (Ok so my Dad was a history buff and so I benefited from that and not all parents are. But still come-on). This time some 45 years ago I was off to church camp, not for a week, not two but four weeks. I loved it, (the younger of my two sisters hated camps, while my other sister loved them, I really don't think the younger of my two sister was really from my parents. Anyway then Mom and Dad would drive by on the way to the Cape, pick me up and off we would go for a month out here on Cape Cod. That happened from about age 11 till I was 21. The later years I worked at the camp for most the summer then either flew or drove myself to the Cape. I knew Memorial Day was the magical date that the grind stopped and the fun began. And I really did not look forward to Labor Day coming as that meant all came to an end and back to the grind of school. This was my exciting time of life every year, this is what I looked forward to.In these days when parents are so busy that we barely get to see our kids during the week let along on the weekend and we barely set time aside for a vacation let along a family vacation. Give some thought to specifically setting some time aside to slow down, hug your kids and take them on a family vacation, even if it is for a couple days over the weekend. Put the golf clubs down, put the martini glass down from the girls social club. Discover what really is important, take some time away together, do it sensibly, and reasonably and let the hair down a bit. Your kids will not forget you for it. And if the kids are grown and gone, take time with our significant  other before you are looking at the other in the hospital room or in the casket wondering were it all went to. Make this summer a thing to remember. Go back to your childhood days and remember what it was like to get away and take that trip to Cape Cod either for just a get away or better yet if you can take a week or more. Well that's my pitch for this week. In whatever you do I hope you can visit us here, and if you do I hope you have a wicked awesome time here on Cape Cod. 

      This time of year is difficult to list all the places that are fun places to check out or things to do. First you might want to check out one of our sister sites Next would be find one of the books you see in the stands in restaurants and stores. There are some wonderful helps and guides. Next check out the local Chamber of Commerces or the Cape Cod Chamber o Commerce, you can fine one of there satellites right inside Little Miss Cup Cape on Main St in Hyannis. Sit down and figure out your next couple days while enjoying some of thee best cupcakes you will find. In Chatham again it is right on Main Street next to Yankee Ingenuity. In Orleans it is on Main St right near Main Street Wine & Gourmet shop. In Dennis it is located at the corner of RT 28 and Swan River Rd right behind the Kream N Cone. And in HarwichPort it is located just off the north side of RT 28 on School House Rd it is catercorner to Bonatt's Bakery & Restaurant that is located on the south side of Main St at the corner of Sea St. Please google to find where the other towns Chambers are located. These that I am mentioned I know where are at, these are my backyard towns. But there is so much to do across the Cape that is either free or very little cost. A couple years ago I did a report on what was voted the top 10 ice cream parlors from ditch to tip. To the best of my knowledge all are still open for business, but I will say each to their own and I am glad we have so many choices. The Cape is so blessed with some of the best ice cream in the entire country. Well that should keep you busy for a while, I hope this gives you some ideas and please don't forget the arts and craft shows and the farmers markets all other the Cape on different days at different times. See if you can find them all and make a visit, but in all you do, have fun and be happy, cause if nothing else you are right here on old Cape Cod.   
      Greetings from the Capes most favorite attraction, ye old lighthouse. Can you believe this last past weekend and now.We have gone form winter to summer to winter and who knows were next week. But for those who got the summer part, holy smokes were they having some fun down on the old coast guard beach. Well I have to say we were a little busy as well. With good weather comes more folks on and in the water and some folks just get to havin' a bit more fun then they should. And well, there are those should have stayed in the boat that found themselves unexpectedly out of that said boat. And a few the were drifting about on their flotations devices and not watchin' the wind and tide and ended up on a near 3 hours tour and a dessert island. And there was no professor or Maryann to help out. So a word to the wise, please mind your P's and Q's while in the boat and if one of your loved ones enjoys floating about, keep an eye on em that they down drift out to sea, believe me, do don't life having to go fetch anymore than they like having to be fetched. As for the lighthouse, we are open for business and the tours and trips up to the lamp room are on everyday starting this next weekend. So come on down and walk right up, and up, and up and if its a clear day, who knows just how far you will see or what you might see out in the ocean. And if you can make a small donation, that would just be wicked awesome as that is our main means of keeping this old gal looking as good as she does. Well It's gettin' late and need to be sure all is going on at the right times and take the readings. I'll be looking for you and I sure hope you have a wonderful time when your visiting right here on old Cape Cod. 
      This weeks side dish recipe takes me back to my childhood with my mother in the kitchen on a warm summer evening. Dad would have been out back grilling something like chicken, pork chops or hamburgers. (Ok I did not put the hamburgers first cause Mom would have done either potato salad or macaroni salad with that. But chicken it would be carrot salad, celery salad or a savory jello salad.) Anyway, then along with that if she had gotten any type of fresh veggies, beans, summer or zucchini squash or even asparagus. But I loved Mom's carrot salad, she would always use raisins, and from time to time pineapple, but not always, and i rarely ever remember her using apples. But if you look up recipes you will see carrot salad with one or more of these or even with cranberries and more. So if you just want the basic, that is what I am going to do here. But play with it and make it your own, and own it. Carrot salad, made with fresh carrots just out of the ground less then 24 hours ago, is out of this world. Now enough talking and time to get it on and make it. 
      This weeks recipe: Basic Carrot Salad
  •       1      pound      carrots
  •       1      cup          raisins
  •       1      cup          warm water or apple juice
  •       ½     cup          mayonnaise
  •       1      tbsp .       granulated sugar
      Put raisins in a cup of very warm water (or warmed up apple juice) so they plump back up. Once they plump up, drain water or juice. Peel carrots and then grate them. If making a double batch of this salad, it may be faster to use the grater on your food processor. In a medium bowl, toss grated carrots with mayo and sugar. Then add in raisins and stir until combined. Cover and put in the fridge to chill thoroughly. (if putting other fruit in, add at same time as raisins.) welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on