Living on Cape Cod 6-17 & Lamb on the Grill

      Well to thing that this time last year I was just being released from inpatient rehab after my first back surgery and spending 5 days in the hospital post op then an additional 10 day in-patient in the rehab facility. My first art show in years was to have happened but needless to say that ended up being a wash out. So were are we at? Well no shows this year either as I have had 2 more surgeries, one less evasive that we had to try even though the percentages were not in my favor, but whenever you are dealing with backs the old saying less is more is the way to go. So we had to take the chance, unfortunately the spot my surgeon was trying to get to was just not made for the less evasive move. So in the middle of February we went for surgery number 3 and after twice the expected length of time was expected in surgery, my doctor hit a home run and was able to get the repairs done. Now I have the pleasure of housing a nice titanium rod and a couple screws and plate and a fashionable fusion to go with. The only part of this that I wish I could do differently is the healing time from how they had to get to my spot in my back. There is still more PT to endure and I have been blessed to have the same therapist I had when I was inpatient as he moved to outpatient. The learning curve was much shorter for both of us and although I think or wish I was further on, many have reminded me this was not a small time surgery and I am much further along than I think. So are things perfect, no not a nearly, but we continue to work hard and look forward by end of summer being able to do most of the things I was doing three summers ago before all this started. To those going through trying times, keep plugging away and be pursuant of what you need to do. If you have been through and are on the other side, congratulations and give hope those that still have a long road ahead. And if you are just starting on your long journey, have faith, stay positive, and work hard and you will be rewarded. For me, well hoping that by next year I can be back on the vendor side of the shows with my paintings, and I can start bring in money instead of financing doctors kids college funds or their retirement funds. Have to laugh or would get really depressed really fast. Well that's it for this weeks life on the Cape. Have a great summer and hope to see your soon, right here on old Cape Cod.        

      Small business report this week: The summer time is one of my favorites to report on as many our local business crafters get out of there shops and get to show what they have been doing on the off season. There are some that have physical store fronts or shops that can be visited, but many make there living either through these shows or through their online presents. So check out these folks, their web page or facebook pages (several made note to me that they only keep up their facebook during show season as it is just too much to do both, so if you find the website and there is not much, please check facebook.) I group my crafters into four regions, Cape Crafters, Mass Crafters, New England Crafters, and All Other Crafters. I will admit that I am more partial to those on the Cape, but if I find something I like and feel it is extra special I will pass it along as well. 
      Ok first up for this week: is Cape Natural Soap Co. the owner calls South Yarmouth home, check her out on facebook or instagram. She has all natural soaps and bath bombs (and these smell incredible). She posts all of her craft show and farmers market evens right on facebook. If you enjoy all natural bath products check her out. I am sure you will not be disappointed. 
      Second is Cape Cod Cutlery, from right over in Marston Mills. You can find these guys on facebook on their web page. Find their products at craft & artisan shows and farmers markets. They have knives of all kinds from kitchen to hunting as well as oyster and claim knives. They hand make them from blade to grips and put out a quality product. For a unique gift for your fisherman or hunter, or the special someone who loves to do a lot of shellfishing check these guys out. 
      Now my third and last vendor is not on the Cape, then again I have not found a Maple Syrup maker yet on the Cape so where is the next best, well some may argue with this but Vermont is what a majority of people will say. I have to tell you they put out a product that is 100% Vermont, nothing from across the boarder, just pure 100% all natural Vermont Maple syrup. The name of the is Moose Mountain Maple, I ended up buying a 1/2 gallon along with some of their maple cream. Ok this stuff is like wicked good on toast, english muffins, and a few other goodies that you might otherwise spread other butters and creams on. So check out their web site or if you are in the area of Underhill, Vt give these folks try, why mess with the rest when you can have the best. YUM. Ok that's it for this round, Come back next week for another 2 or 3. 
      Well hello friends and welcome to the first lady of the Cape. She's a beauty if I don't say so myself, but then again I may be a little partial seeing I'm the keeper of this old gal. Now for some on you I know this is old stuff but I am hoping there are some new readers over the past couple weeks that are wondering who the heck I am, and what we are so excited to talk about here in this segment. So, what can I say, this old gal has been standing tall on this high-up ridge overlooking the Atlantic side of the OuterCape for many a year or so. She's a grand old girl with a good size lamp room that used to house a beautiful first-order Fresnel lens. Well as time passes and technology advances so the same has to move on with lighthouses. So today after about 2 or 3 updates we are pretty much automated upstairs but the beacon is stronger and needs a lot less care and upkeep by us old timers. Now don't think we have nothing to do around here, we still need to keep the grounds up, and we still man a small regiment of volunteer lifesaving folks. These good people are mostly through the high season when we need extra eyes and first responders to lend a helping hand to the lifeguards and coast guard folks. Now we do not get involved in the big issues or far out, but our eyes have been a help to those young men and women who serve our country coast line on many occasions. But we also take weather readings and still man the fog horn when needed and make sure all you fine folk visiting us have access to this wonderful history here at the station. So now that you all know who and what this part is about, I hope when your visitin' this neck of the sand dunes you take the time and come see us. And you year round folk please don't forget us, and may even check out doing some volunteer work, it takes many to make the load light around here. I hope none of you ever need our services, but if you do may we be ready for the call of duty and be diligent in whatever aid you need. Until we meet again ya'll come see us have a great and wonderful, especially if your doin' it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      Now I know not everyone is a fan of Lamb, but for those of you who are this is a wicked yum recipe. To those of you who have not tried lamb in a while this is a good one to try when you are around others that love it. This recipe is for a small gathering of about 6 so if you are on the fence about Lamb please wait and give it try later on or with one of my other Lamb recipes. Stay in touch I may do a Kabob main event year and that would be a better way to try it. But for those whos chops just start to water at the sound of a good Lamb recipe this one is definitely for you. So fire up the grill and let's get this party grilling with Lamb.
      Our recipe this week: Lamb on the Grill
  •    6 1/2      lbs       lamb
  •    1 1/4      cup      olive oil
  •       3/4      cup      soy sauce
  •       1/4      cup      Worcestershire Sauce
  •    2            Tbsp    dry mustard
  •    2 1/4      tsp       salt
  •    1            Tbsp    ground pepper
  •       1/4      cup      red wine vinegar
  •    1 1/2      tsp       dried parsley flakes
  •       1/3      cup      fresh lemon juice
  •    2            cloves  garlic, crushed
      Either buy a lamb roast that has been butterflied open or if you ask your butcher, most the time they would be happy to do this for you, or if you feel comfortable enough you do it. I don't mind doing it so it is no big deal to me. Mix all other ingredients together. Marinate the lamb in the mixture overnight in a roasting pan. Cook the lamb on the grill at medium heat for gas or indirect medium heat with wood or coals. covered for about 1 hour or until internal temperature is about 145 to 150,  basting occasionally. Pull off the grill and allow to rest for 15-20 minutes then slice and service. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on