4th Quarter Brews & Vines Report & Chocolate Pound Cake

      Welcome one and all to a slight change to the standard formate. I have been waiting till the first of the month to post about out Brews, Vines and Distilleries, but like many places on the Cape things change on the off season and thus I am doing with our reports. First, from now until May of next year I will be doing either Quarterly or multi-month reports. Second I will be posting on the last week of the month so things that happen on the first of the next month make it into the blog. And last if there is an extra event or something happening I can add that at any time I wish. Everyone who I have posted about for the most part has sent me there stuff willingly. I have twisted a few arms but, I have not been paid to write about them, they have not paid to put anything in my blog. I do this because I believe in out local businesses and they have gotten to know me well enough that I do this out of a love for Cape Cod and just want to support our local community in any way I can. I will say the two organizations that have been with me from the beginning and continue to support my cause have been Cape Cod Beer and Truro Vineyards/South Hollow Spirits. I can not thank Amanda and Amanda enough for all they have done to help me out, as well as the owners Todd & Beth Marcus from Cape Cod Beer and the Robert's family (clan is more like it) of Truro Vineyards. I just wanted to call these folks out for allowing their staff to help me do this and give you decent reports. While other smaller groups around the Cape come and go and I appreciate every one, and even a few that for some reason don't wish to participate (never understood not wanting free advertising but some don't) and I still try to mention them as all local business benefits from it these two have been my faithful mainstays. Please if you are in either one of these establishments, tell them you have read about them in this blog and in CapeCodToday.com it will just help let them know that what they are doing for me is having an impact. Now on with the reports for posting. 

      First up this week is Cape Cod Beer; Attention: the beer does not stop being brewed or poured just because it turns cooler outside or the roads are not packed getting from your house to the brewery. No no, in fact they are just as busy this time of year as any other time of the year and so much is going on. Remember all this and more can be found on their website at WWW.CapeCodBeer.com Got to Evens page, Got to the Bottom for their beer release dates. It's all there. 
 ****** First Fridays Concert Series 10-6-17, at the brewery from 5pm-8pm free admin, cash bar
 ****** 2nd Ann. Hey Jude Dana Farber Charity event, at the brewery, Saturday 10-7-17 5pm-8pm Fund Raiser Event.
 ****** Columbus DayNational Beer & Pizza Day Monday, October 9, Normal business hours.
 ****** Dont forger Cape Cod Brew Fest – 10/14 that they will be participating in
 ****** Wellfleet Oyster Fest 10-14 and 10-15 
 ****** Weekend tastings from Plymouth to Orleans (check their events calendar for when and where)
 ****** and beer releases in every month from here till the end of the year. (check the Beer release Calendar for dates)
If you sign up for Brewmaster Todd Marcus' news letter you can stay on top of new events being adding and what beers are about to be released and when. Can we say much more here. And watch for events around Thanksgiving and Christmas as they are involved in several charities that support our local community. Beer, it's not just for summer, there is a beer for every season and every occasion. For all seasons are for responsible consumption as we want all to enjoy not just today but for a long long time to come. Please stop by the brewery and see whats going on and while your there, pick up a growler to enjoy with friends and family during the big games. See you all soon. 
      Next up is Truro Vineyards / South Hollow Spirits. First a very happy note, the vines came through with flying colors and the harvest looks to be an outstanding one this year. While the grapes are to be harvested there is still plenty of wine to be bought and enjoyed for all. And if you have not figured this one out yet South Hollow Spirits is right there, part of the Winery family, with Rums and Gin offerings that quality made products that will give any brand name a run for their money and then some. 
 ****** First Sunday October 1st | Vinegrass Music Festival Rhythm & Roots by the vines. Starts at 11:30am, this is a ticked event so check website www.vinegrass.org/tickets for more information. 
 ****** Wellfleet Oyster Festival 10-14 and 10-15
 ****** This year although the season is slowing down, they will still be doing tours daily through Columbus Day weekend and still open 7 days a week throughout October. 
 ****** New this year starting in November they will be open weekends; Friday-Monday for November and December
 ****** Then  Friday to Sunday in January through March, can we say bring it on, yes we can !! 
 ****** There will be more events added for the holidays since they will be open year round now so stay tuned or check out their events calendar at /trurovineyardsofcapecod.com/events-calendar.
      One last thing, if you want to enjoy Truro wines all year round without having to travel to the winery become a member of the wine club. There are 4 shipments a year with plans of 3 or 6 bottles per shipment. They even have pick up available for those who live on the Cape and enjoy that drive up to the winery and visiting some of the other establishments around the area. Check out it out at trurovineyardsofcapecod.com/wine-club. Hope to see you soon and often, and now year round. As our beer friends have noted, please enjoy our products responsibly, we want to keep you as customers for may years to come. 
      Local business report time: First up is a guy who are just putting out some fantastic stuff. He is getting a little more focused on what shows he does now so he are not as frequent at the arts and craft shows as much. But please check him out he is well worth it if your looking for some new outdoor furniture. Right from here in West Yarmouth is the Adirondack Chair Co of Cape Cod or at http://www.adirondackchaircapecod.com/. The quality of work this guy is putting out is outstanding and if I was in need, this is one place I would be looking at. 
      Next up: if you like honey is Bee Boss Honey Co. Find them at www.beeboss.buzz. This couple splits their time between Harwich and Uxbridge, Mass. I meet this couple at the Harwich Cranberry Festival and come to find out their Cape Cod hives are the better producers right now. So when we are talking about supporting Cape Cod products you can't get much more Cape Cod than this. They have a good variety of products from your standard honey to lip balms and many others in between. I like honey and these folks are the real bees knees so don't be stung with the others products, But buzz onto their sight and get a real honey of a product.  
      Hello folks, I understand I was a little out of it last week and the salty one took over the show. All I know is when I got home I noticed that the report was all done and had been filed. He's a smarter than he wants to lead on and to be honest has a lot more compassion then I think anyone wants to give the man credit for. He wants to come across as this tough old sea weathered down eastern / cape codda fisherman, when in reality he is about the biggest soft in the book. He loves to help people, be that story teller that everyone is glued to at every word, and well he is. And finally be that one who, when critical times are at hand, leading the charge to respond to the calls for help and seeing that all come home safe and sound. He loves tending the light tower although he tells me it's not quite the same since they have automated it. He still gets to play with the fog horn and sends out the weather ballon on it's regularly scheduled lift offs. But the old lens and the gas flames are no longer and thus the lamp room does not need the attention as it used to. At least with all the summer activity and the fishing fleets that runs up and down the outer Cape they feel his eyes and knowledge are enough to keep him employed and allowing him to live in the old keepers house. Personally I hope they allow him to live out his life there, it just seems fitting a man like that belongs in such a place. Well, with all the fog and the weather issues it's been a strange week already. Hopefully I can get back out there next week and see how the old man is doing and get a few more stories. Remember they are still open on the weekends till Columbus day then only during the holidays so keep on coming as you can. Have a great day especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      Well the year of the pound cake continues, and for those of you who love chocolate this is your recipe. I am not a connoisseur of chocolate, or one that craves chocolate. There are many other things that I crave before chocolate but every once in a while I do enjoy a good slice of chocolate pound cake. So taken that I like pound cake mix in a little chocolate (although most want to then drench it with more chocolate as in a frosting) and this is what we come up with. If you want to add your own frosting, go for it, but this one actually did not come with one and that is fine in my book, service with a scoop of vanilla bean or coffee ice cream is all I need. Now this is a fairly simple recipe so even the newer of cooks or bakers can tackle this recipe. Hope you find this one a yummy one and enjoy. Now on with the show,
      This week's recipe: Chocolate Pound Cake
  •       1      cup      butter
  •    1/2      cup      shortening
  •       3      cups    sugar
  •       5      lge       eggs (or 6 sm eggs)
  •       3      cups     flour
  •  5 - 6      Tbsp    cocoa (heaping)
  •    1/2      tsp       baking powder
  •    1/8      tsp       salt 
  •       1      cup      milk
  •  1 - 2      tsp       vanilla (real stuff please)
      Cream butter, shortening and sugar. Add eggs one at a time, beating one minute after each addition. Add dry ingredients and milk alternately. Stir in vanilla. Pour into large greased tube pan (pound cake pan). Bake at 300-325 degrees for 75 to 90 minutes or until done. You can frost before serving with a chocolate frosting, a vanilla frosting, or a caramel frosting, or just leave naked and serve with ice cream.   

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