Foggy Nights on Cape Cod & Chicken Breasts in Wine

       I know I have talked about this, but it has been some time and with all the goofy weather going on it is worth mentioning again. The foggy evenings lately have been spectacular around here, especially being as far off the water as we are. As a kid and teenager growing up spending my Augusts down on Old Wharf Rd in DennisPort was a real treat. Many evening with the swing of temperatures and heavy humidity (shocking high humidity right next to the ocean) we would get some really eerie nights with the fog rolling in off the ocean, and walking down Old Wharf Rd with the old street lights it was like a cross between an old Humphrey Bogart movie and a Creatures from the Dark Lagoon. Images would mysteriously appear out of from nowhere then slip out of site as if they were just passing through a time continuum or a portal of time between times. (Through a little Celtic lore in there). But the same thing has been going on this past week, with warm fall days and cooler humid evenings and nights. I take my dog for his evening walks between 8-8:30 and it now dark out. But with the fog so thick I see an occasional neighbor out doing the same thing, you hear the dogs talking to each other before you actually see anyone. Then they appear, turn the corner and disappear 10-15 feet down the road. In the short distance a street light mysteriously sprays light particles into the passing clouds of mist as an object passes quickly from between homes and down a street out of sight. You know what it is but try not to think about it, bigger than a fox, but you know it is not a dog, and coyotes have been seen in the area the past couple of weeks. Its been a year or more since I have seen a coywolf and this is slightly smaller. So I am pretty sure just a coyote, but the thought of were did he go, where is he lurking, and my house is on the other side of where he is. Great, but you move on quietly and as I shine my power flashlight around, nothing, no sight, no sound, nothing. So you keep walking, just more alert. An occasional car comes around the corner and heads the other direction with only the tail lights showing like red eyes glowing as it too slips quietly into the unseen. As yeas ago I would walk down to the beach and listen to the ocean lap up on the beach and against the jetties, wondering if that door between times really did exist and if so were some of the sound I was hearing from that other side. Time would pass and back to the cottage, as today Whiskey and I head back to the house, only to pounder what years ago ship captains and explores would think as they sat in unknown worlds hearing unknown sounds, as foggy clouds of mist surrounded them, right here on Cape Cod. When the fog comes out again (and it will) step outside in the dark, and listen and wonder and be happy you have a place to retreat to. Have a wonderful fall season, especially if it can here on old Cape Cod.    

      Small business report come to you after attending the Yarmouth Seaside Festival Columbus Day weekend. First this festival continues to grow and grow and it is just wicked awesome. If you have never been or it has been a while since you have been you need to mark your calendar for next year. The only thing I with the organizer would do, is put up some Wi-Fi boosters so that all the vendor can be assured of good Internet connections. This has pledged this area not only this year but past years and not just the seaside festival. So whether the town of Yarmouth looks into this or the organizer of the festivals and craft shows do, that is the only thing that needs updated. It is a wonderful and great happening.
      Now the first small business to report on is Robin's Toffee by the sea, you can find her online at or now open at 572 Main Street (Route 28) West Yarmouth, MA with hours Open Wednesday - Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm. And yes she have more than just toffee there, she also has gifts, local products and more. But trust me if it's only for the toffee you need to check this stuff out. It is out of this world and is some of the best toffee I have had. And to think we can get it fresh right here on the Cape, and she is will and ready to ship it anywhere you want. So go and give your sugar fix and real kick in the seat of the pants with yumminess. 
      Next is a small jewelry business, she does not own a brick and mortar business and she works through the shows and facebook at She is also working on an Esty page as well and hopes to have that up soon. Her work is unique and very Cape Coddy (if that is a word or phrase) and all is hand made. I really fell in love with her work and her passion to bring something new to the shows that stands out from a lot of the others. Give you look see and if you see something, inbox her or email her to where she will be next so you can pick something out. 
      Last but not least is This wood carver is crazy wicked good. This is actually a couple that work together in this small business. The name is Fisher Wood Carvings by Randy & Elaine Fisher, find a full shop on Etsy at / or on facebook at What caught our eyes were their Christmas Ornaments. Hand carved birds that are just stunning and so very reasonable for a hand carved piece of artwork to hang on your tree or to give as a gift. But don't think that is all they do, they do wall art and table and mantel top works. Smaller works and larger in size and they will work with you if you have something in mind that they feel they can do for you. In box them, message then contact them, see where they will be next or just buy right off the Esty shop. What a wonderful gift they have.  
      So I hear that the leaves are charging something in this state, but out here around the lighthouse, I gotta tell ya, I'm still seeing a lot of green, then again there are a lot of pine trees and fir trees. So how ya'll doing, me, well, honestly I think I would like to be seeing a little more color in the wooded areas around here and a just a little cooler daytime temperatures. The rate things are going this year we are going to go straight from summer to winter, and I like 4 seasons. Anyway the pumpkins are out, the woods have some boo things in it, we have those corn things, what do you call them, corn stalks, and we even have a kiddy maze set up with hey bails. One of the farmers down the road has been kind enough to do some hey rides on the weekend. And of course you have got to have ghost stories and heaven knows I have plenty of them to tell. We have a few specialty groups that have asked to use the fire pit for a fall bond fire and I have agreed, so that is the only nightly activities that go on here. Everything else is still during daylight hours. So as your out and about looking at all the Halloween fixins stop on by and at least take in a good view. Unless of course we get some of that wicked fog we have been having. I am sure the neighbors have love me setting off the fog horn over the last week, but safety first, creature comforts second. And you live near a lighthouse life saving station you have to expect that, along with a bright light in the night shinning in your bedroom window. So with all that, I hope you have a safe and wonderful week and weekend and enjoy your time out and about, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      Well we all know this recipe did not come out of the ole time church cookbook collection. Cause we would not want to lead anyone down the slippery slope to the tarnished gates of your know where with doing anything that contains liquor in it and wine counts as liquor. But then again, there are some faiths out there that can hold their liquor better than a bar stool occupant, and I will just leave it at that. LOL. I love poking fun at my brothers and sisters of faith, if we can't laugh at ourselves we should give up living. Anyway, as Justin Wilson (and I am sure he was a wonderful human being, but my mother could not stand to watch his show back in the day) if you can't drink then wine then what are you doing putting in your food. So unless you have issues with alcohol please give this recipe a try and I think you will find it is a great one to add for that occasional "special" evening. Now before I start drooling let's get on with the show:
      Recipe of the week: Chicken Breast in Wine
      2      whole     chicken breasts
   1/4      cup         cooking oil
   1/3      cup         flour
1 1/2      tsp          salt
1 1/2      tsp          garlic salt (I prefer granulated w/o salt)
1 1/2      tsp          paprika
      1      can         black pitted cherries (reserve 1/2 cup of the syrup)
      1      cup         Sauterne wine (or similar sweet white wine)
      Cut each breast in half. Mix flour and seasonings. Coat chicken with mixture and brown in oil. Drain Cherries and reserve 1/2 cup of syrup. Add syrup this with the wine and cherries to chicken. Cover and simmer until chicken is tender, or about 1 hour. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on