More General Cape Life & Clam Balls

       Well, Im not sure if the weather if wonderful or not. I am just as happy that it has not been below freezing a lot, as my body after 3 back surgeries is not liking the cold that much. But it has almost been a bland fall so far and not much to talk about. So what are we hoping for, personally I would love to see a warmer than, till we get back to spring, except of course a little snow for Christmas than it can go away. To think I used to be a lover of that white stuff, and would love to love it again, but the older and I get and all that is going on, the body is overruling. In the meantime it has been good weather for my contractor to get the quirky stuff done that needs to be finished up. Then once the door gets here we can get that done and be on our way. It is amazing how much a storm door really does help keep the wind from blowing through and the cold from penetrating the old wood door. Life on the Cape is a wonderful thing, but I can easily see where some would not or could not put up with much of the quirkiness that comes with area and the rules and regulations of housing. It is certainly an interesting experience to say the least. I guess for now we pray for a little more bland weather so things can finish up ok, and that temps stay above freezing to I can get some claming in our season here in Dennis starts now. Yaa, been waiting for this since the end of May. Well, I hope you have been able to get your holiday decorations started so to enjoy them to their maximum. And I hope you can also find time to relax and enjoy all that the Cape has during this coming month. Please be sure to check out the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce web site to may of the towns listing and happenings. Well until next time be safe and have a great time doing whatever, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   

      Small business report, first up is a true home grown business from Eastham. If you are a bird lover this product is for you. They don't have a shop, but their product is now sold in over 150 different store across the country. The product is called You Do it Suet. Find their story at, then find where they can be purchased, sign up for their blog and get times and more. This is also a good use of recycling food that would normally be waste to putting to good use. You use products you already have in the house, pour into a You Do it Suet mold then help feed your local birds and end up with some wonderful views of birds you might only see at your neighbors down the street. Check it out and make it a family affair with You Do it Suet. 
      Second is a special owner/artist gallery called Faces Gallery right in the heart of Dennis Port, right across from Buckies Biscotti. You can also find her on line at Best way sometimes is just give it to you as they have it about themselves. So from her websight: Faces is an artist owned and operated gallery and studio space located in Dennis Port, MA. With a desire to integrate art into the everyday, we celebrate the versatility of creative expression by featuring an array of visual and functional art from emerging voices within the Cape Cod based creative community. Our gallery is an approachable setting in which artist and audience are afforded an intimate experience and the opportunity to cultivate authentic connections. Most importantly, we provide a platform for a contemporary arts based initiative on Cape Cod in the hopes of facilitating their personal and creative growth. Sophia is a wonderful artist that loves to work with stone and wood both for just beauty and for functional art. She also has brought in a couple other local artist in other mediums to give a well rounded gallery with something for everyone. Take the time to check her website out and go visit the gallery and see what you can take home to brighten up your space with her stuff. 
      Third and final call has got to be food: During this off season is our time to check out some really special places check out their websites for hours and specials. I know several of these places do off season stuff just for us. First in Hyannis, if you have never been give the Naked Oyster a try. This place is really quaint and they have unbelievable food. Next is Black Cat, some of the best clam chowder around and still a great view of Hyannis Harbor, and if Asian cuisine is what is calling you then check out Dragon Lite Restaurant, the food is outstanding and the portions are huge and the prices are reasonable. Next is the Dennis', There is ScargoCafe, elegant and special and the food is nothing short of spectacular. If you are looking for just good pub grub you have two outstanding options, either the Lost Dog Pub near to the corner of 134 & 6A, or Jason's Tavern in Patriot Square, Kelly's on 134 near Rt 28 or The Red Nun in Dennis Port. And in Orleans you have one of the better Mexican grub pub & tequila bars total yum, also there is Land Ho, and Jailhouse Tavern, with Hog Island Brewery in the back. 
      I know there are more places then these but this is a start to give you something. Next week, maybe I can give some additional places in other towns around. What I am trying to remind you is that there are plenty of places to find great food at for all ranges of prices during this time of year. Check them out as you most you wont find a line and the time is extra special. 
      Well folks, it's been a couple weeks since I have been able to take the time to talk to you personally. I am sure that young whipper snapper did a good job of telling you what the old man running around these Coast Guard grounds like a chicken with its head cut off was up to. But the the harvest decorations needed to come down and the fall festival decorations needed to go up. Yup a wreath for the general public to signify ever lasting peace and harmony, we have a nativity for those of the Christian faith, a really nice Menorah for Hanukkah, which by the way starts on December 2 this year, really early. And then we have something for Kwanzaa that always follows Christmas. And of course we could not leave out father time and that New Year Baby. And of course December 21 is the first day of winter. I do say I think we are prepared for just about everything, although I am sure there is someone out there who will find something we missed, like they just ate a bad mussel or clam. Anyway, speaking of bi-values for many around here, tis the season to get get busy and bringing in those bad boys. I hear it all the time from some of my coffee counter curmudgeons I commiserate with at the local caffein intake station, the only good bi-values are those taken from the colder waters of late fall, winter and early spring. Once those waters started to heat up it takes all the taste out of them things. Ha, what do they know, they cold I think has frozen their taste buds, these Cape waters never produce a bad clam. On well, I guess I should get off my soap box, ha, ha, sorry about that. Anyway, I hope you all get a chance to get and about during these holiday seasons and enjoy some of the local festivities and please be sure to stop by and see all that we have going on. Well. Ya'll have a great week, and just keep the wind to your back, and the sand out of your eyes, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.
      This weeks recipe comes from another one of those local small organizations cookbooks from has stood the time for more that 35 years. You know the ones that everyone in the organization pitches in and shares a recipe or two or three from grandma to Aunt Suzy twice removed. Anyway, I would bet that if we hunt enough on the Internet we could find a close if not exact recipe claimed by at least a half dozen. So I say at this point as I have at the beginning of every year I take no credit in a recipe unless I specifically say so, and that is very rarely and that I am slow to do as I am sure someone else thought of it first and it just has not found it's way out of Uncle Henry's lock box. 
      With that we come to the last 5th Wednesday/Thursday in the year, and what better way to end it with a tried and true recipe for a wonderful finger food / appetizer. If you like claims you will like these, the recipe say it was taken from an old Ham Balls recipe. So you see playing with your food does pay off sometimes. These thing are great. Hope you and your guests enjoy. Now on with the show.
      Recipe of the Week: Clam Balls
      6 .     chopped   hard boiled eggs
      1 .     Tbsp .       Minced chives or onions
   1/2 .     tsp .         salt
   1/2 .     cup .        drained canned minced clams 
   1/4 .     cup .        mayonnaise (not sweet dressing)
   2/3 .     cup .        chapped walnuts
      Combine all ingredients, except nuts. Shape into small balls. Roll balls in nuts. Refrigerate. They say makes about 40, then again depends on the size of the balls. ( a variation on this is to substitute one 16 oz minced ham for the minced ham.)  So you can have something for those who like clams and those who don't. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on