Baby it's Cold OutSide & Champagne Salad

       I don't mind cooler weather, I don't even min colder weather, but add the wind to cold weather and I go from blah, blah to get me to somewhere warm. Over the past years I have not minded the winter months, and in fact I didn't even mind snow. Yep you either love the stuff or you hate it. I think I got this love from my mother who would have been a snow bunny in another life if she had one. I used to love it, then came surgery, and right now the body is starting to reject the cold and especially the cutting windy cold. Not sure what happened or why, but those things that once did not bother me are now screaming at me. And to think we are not even into the heart of winter yet, yikes what am I to do. Can't go south for winter, don't make that much an can't afford to just go. One mortgage is enough let alone two or three. And I can't hibernate inside all winter long as I have a puppy that likes to go for walks, yes 4 times a day (he is nearly 10 but loves the snow, where is my mother when you need her). And since I still have to pay the bills, throw on another log in the wood burner and keep the fire burning bright and long. I love living here on the Cape, and the best time for shellfish is in the colder weather. Only thing is that we can't go if it is below freezing so we want it cold but not too cold, you ain't gonna find that in Florida, and we do have some of the best seafood and shellfish in the country. So it we will see what comes of these coming months. Maybe I need to stock up on some local libations to keep my fire going. Hum, but medicine and science tells me that, that actually lowers the body temperature not raises it. Oh well so much for that happy thought. Well, I'm not giving up my Cape Cod life, so I either find a way to stay warm here or find a way to get extra wealthy and take an extra vacation or two south during the winter months. I guess with all this, it's time to suck it, put an extra blanket on the bed, an extra log on the fire and snuggle a little closer with your loved one. And oh heck with it, port myself some great tasting firewater. Now I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and are getting around to the town strolls. Hope you don't overspend and have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      The first business report is a newer place that took over where Pleasant Hill Gifts used to be in Dennis on Rt 6A across from the gazebo. The new name is call Elburne and they are open during the off season Thursday through Sunday 10am - 5pm. Check them out online at also on facebook and instagram. They specialize in sustainable furniture & home decor. But I will say they also have a lot of local artist and you can find more than just the traditional decor goods and there is a lot of things that would make great gifts. They have opened the shop up and have done a wonderful job to show what they have to offer. Really cool place, check it out. 
      Another place we need to remember is the Underground Bakery. This is located behind the Dennis Post office on Rt 6A. Find them online at (or just also on facebook, twitter and instagram. If you haven't been in a while they have a new Ramen Menu, wow. The soup is always good, especially this time of year and so are their lunch sandwiches. But come on what do you get at a bakery, baked goods dah. This is a hidden gem that you should not overlook or just drive past. If you go to the website and under contact you can sign up for their news letter to keep up with all the latest and specials. This is a wonderful place to enjoy all year round.  
     Ho-there boys and girl, sailors & mates, captains and maidens, come round the fire as I tell you tale of a sail for a whale with a tail as big as moon. This year the weather has been in our favor for the most part so we have been able to have many a weekend night around the fire telling stories of fish and fisherman, sails and sailors, a few pirates thrown in and defiantly a ship or two or three that never made it home and souls that roam the winter winds cross cold waters looking to bring closure to unfinished business of years gone by. The stories are endless, like the howls in the midst of the star filled moonlit skies as wisps of frigid airs whistles through the trees and up into the tower where their illuminations can be seen glowing in the lamp room from time to time. This season tens to bring out more then normal as the spirits seek their loved ones and always trying to find yesterday that has long since pasted. Siping on some hot chocolate or even an occasional adult hot beverage while enjoying the cracking fire and a bright moon. And over the fire from time to time you can hear the waves lapping up onto the beach down below the cliffs as the pulse of the beacons cadence. I home that someone through this season you get a chance to come and visit us on one of these special nights or even for the big one New Years eve, it will be hauntingly special. Well thats enough yammering for now from me. You all have a wonderful weekend and week and hope you see you soon here at grounds to view our seasonal decorations before we put them to rest for another year. Until then have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.           
      Well we come to the end of another year of side dishes, the no leafy subject has been fun, looking for different salads that do not high-light some type of leafy greens. I can think of so many with, but although we think we know tons, when it comes down to it, thinking of them or not repeating something done before is not the easies. I hope you have enjoyed and have found something new for you and your family. Now on with the show for this week,
      This week's recipe: Champagne Salad,
      8       oz pkg   cream cheese
   1/4       cup        sugar
      1       lg can    pineapple, crushed & drain
    10      oz pkg    frozen strawberries with juice
      2      med       bananas sliced
      1      cup        chopped nuts
      1      lg tub     Cool Whip
      Soften cream cheese to room temperature. Blend cheese with sugar. Separately, mix together the pineapple and strawberries with juice, bananas, nuts and Cool Whip. Combine the two mixtures. 
      Put muffin paper cus in muffin tines. Put the salad in the muffin cups and freeze salad. Bananas no dot darken. Remove from freeze about 30 minutes before serving. Makes about 24 servings.
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