Welcome Winter 2018 & A Cranberry Moscow Mule

      Snow I don't mind, cold I could do without now that I am getting older and after surgeries my body is starting to not like it. But what I really can not stand is windy cold, this stuff wants to cut to your bones, it will find any way into every nook and cranny of your home. It will make the rawest night seem ten times worse than on a clear calm night, windy cold is just the absolute pits. And I don't care if you are in Massachusetts, Ohio, Wyoming or Alaska, windy cold, is just pain miserable. It's kind of like over 100 degrees heat, I don't care if it's dry heat or damp heat, hot is still hot in any language like windy cold is. So we have the draft cat out, I have the wood burner going full max, (side bar a moment, my biggest fear with my wood burner is waking up in the morning to find that I did not wake up to put an extra log on the fire and it has gone out. My first notice is, I awake in bed and I don't hear it, you know (those of you who have one know what I'm talking about) the blower on the fan. It is no longer blowing that warm air out, then you craw out of bed looking for your slippers, trying not to let your feet hit that cold wood floor, even that runner beside the bed is cold. But you find them, and head out of the bedroom down the hall, peering all the way into the living room trying to see if it completely went dead or if there is some life in it that you can just feed and get going quickly or if it is going to be one of those mornings you end up having to start from the beginning and you know it aint going to be fun, ya that is my biggest fear with my wood burner.) Back on track now, my thermostat I am cheap so I keep it as low as I can without putting the pipes at jeopardy, and were most people leave the house and can turn it down durning the day, We eat, sleep, live, and work right in the house. So we do not have the abilities to turn the temps down durning the day like most. I have the TV room now in Cave mode with the heavy insulated curtains up to help keep the draft and cold out and a small space heater as this room is not in direct shot of the wood burner. I am dealing with it, the cold that is, but I will be happy to see spring come and the warmth that the sun has to offer. At least the days are getting long, and it does help that I have been able to get quahogs already. Now if we can just get the temps up so I can get some steamers that would help. Well I hope you are coping with this weather and that you are grinning and bearing what you can through it. We will all be out and about the first 45 degree day treating it as if it were a 75 degree Florida day. LOL. As much as it might bear you a burden, don't forget to get out and go so nature, we have many snowy owls around that are not here during the warmer months and some of the other four legged animals are much more noticeable. So get out and about, even if you do your viewing from the warmth of your car. Now stay warm and have a great week, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      First up on the business hit parade, is Little Miss CupCape, I know I have had her in here before, but this is winter, really off season and our year rounders need all the supporting we can give them. Anywho, were to find her, Miss Taylor and company can found at 388 Main St in Hyannis or on the web at www.littlemisscupcape.com, also on Twitter, Facebook and instagram. First no lines, second what better way to beat the winter blues then with some simply wicked good cup cakes. Third, if you have a birthday event, wedding (yup cupcake wedding tiers are the biggest hit right now and then  individual bit sizers for all, totally yum. What about a baptism or christening, or even some other kind of ceremony. And the birthday parties she can do right there at the shop as well. What better way to bring smiles to the office then a dozen or so mixed cup cakes or a way to say I love you to your sweetie, trust me guys will love these lots better than flowers. So whatever the occasion give her call and make an order, go over to the shop and see what else she has and enjoy a wicked good cup cake today from Little Miss Cup Cape. 
      What better to go with cupcakes then coffee. I have come to love Cape Cod Coffee, and my son who lives in Florida ( i know how rude this time of year ) has come to love it as well. If he hears we are heading to Mashpee the question is: "are you stopping at Cape Cod Coffee? Can you pick me up some.?" And what good parent wouldn't. They have everything you could want in coffee, from regular to light roast to dark roast to flavors. From decaf (don't know why?) to regular, whole bean to ground as you like it. They also have coffee club in that you buy so many and get the next one free. They are also on line and if you cant get there shop on line they will be happy to ship it to you. Unless you can get Mommy & Daddy to send it to you. The main shop in at 384 Main St in Mashpee, they have a coffee shop in Mashpee Commons and now at the Cape Cod Airport. What better way to wash down your cup cakes then with good coffee. 
      Last for this week, I got a hot off the press update from Cape Cod Beer. I'm just gonna post it as she gave it to me. This looks like it is fun, fun, fun. This is a special release for a special cause and support if you can. 
   We’re excited to team up with the Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Foundation Fund on a new Black Ale Project beer from Cape Cod Beer. Formal press release with images attached for your use. Please share as you see fit!
   Nox Atra – Latin for “dark as night” – is an Imperial Stout that will be available at the brewery and select locations on draught and in 750 ml. bottles. A portion of all the proceeds from Nox Atra will be donated to the Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Foundation Fund (NGXFF).
   Cape Cod Beer & the NGXMFF are hosting a release party on Friday, January 26th at 6pm at the brewery. It will feature live music from Reckless Abandon with Dick Fiscus. Cost of admission will be a donation to the NGXMFF. (Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1970188373197942/)
   Additionally, Cape Cod Beer will be offering a Nox Atra t-shirt. A portion of the proceeds from the t-shirt will also go to the NGXMFF.

​   For information on the NGXMFF, the Black Ale Project, the release party, Nox Atra Imperial Stout and more pictures of Nick Xiarhos you can visit www.CapeCodBeer.com/NoxAtra.
      Happy New year to you all, and I hope you have had a wonderful first couple days of the new year. But now that, that is past us, I do say we are sure getting walloped with a cold spell that is starting to take it's toll even on some of the hardiest of New Englanders and Cape Codders that I have seen in a long time. The ponds are completely frozen and now the harbors are starting to get socked in. And now a Nor'Easter is upon us, high winds, snow and right behind it falling temperatures. If you don't like season arctic weather than Cape Cod is not the place to be. We have many a tales of those ships carrying their cargo around the outskirts of the Cape trying to outrun one of these Nor'Easters and finding they are not match. And then if you do make it to a harbor finding out that it is nothing more than a death trap for your ship as the ice closes in and crushes the wooden hulls of their vessels. Oh the winters are not half as been or half as long as they used to be, or so it seems. These next several weeks, couple months, few new super moons, however you count it we have no idea what the old captains, sailors and their loved ones went through. Wondering if they would ever see their loved ones again, or if they would make it to their next destination. The lighthouses were there warning of the shoals and dangers that were looming about around the Cape. They aided many but some the winds of the Nor'Easter were not so kind and ignored any beams the old gal would send out or blasts from the old mans fog horn. But as long as the winds blow we will continue to push for these old gals to stay in place, if not for the big ships but for the smaller fishing boats that need us so badly. I hope as the winter winds and cold intrenches itself for the longer hall you remember those who went before us and keep in mind those that are still going out today to earn a living and support their families and the few of us who are left to tends these lights and horns to hopefully get them home safely. Well folks thats about it for now, I need to get back and monitor the weather equipment and the radio frequencies for anyone who might need our help. Have a warm and safe week, especially if you staying right here on old Cape Cod. 
      This year I am returning to something that is so Cape Cod I don't know where anyone else could claim a work in it, and that is cocktails made with Cranberry Juice. Over the past 12 years I have only done cranberry based cocktails 2 other times, the very first year and then 7 years ago. But since then I have not touched cocktails made with cranberry juice, so I thing it is about time we get back at it. I think you will see this in another of our recipe themes as well. These are all new or different recipes then last time I did this kind of a theme so if you save these you will not find any of there recipes from before. All new, every time, even if same name it will be a different variation on the original, but nope not even that this year, all new. So have fun and enjoy, and please be a responsible host and a responsible driver, don't drink and drive, it's not worth someone else's life or your family's headache taking care of your vegetative state because of not thinking before driving. Now on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Cranberry Moscow Mule
        2      oz       vodka
   4-6      oz       ginger beer
      2      oz       cranberry juice
              splash of lime juice
              frozen cranberries for garnish
              rosemary sprig for garnish
      1      Solid Copper Mug w/ice
      Squeeze the lime into the copper mug. Fill mug with ice and pour 2 oz vodka over ice. Pour 4-6 oz ginger beer over ice. Pour 2 oz cranberry juice over ice. You can also garnish with a rosemary sprig and add a couple of frozen cranberries.

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