Boating Memories & A Blizzard Cocktail

      I have loved boating for as long as I can remember, it didn't matter if it was power boat or sail boat. As we are dreaming of past memories to keep warm and trying to plan for the coming season my mind continues to come back to my boating experiences here on the Cape. My Father being a pastor was never a rich man monetarily speaking. We always had enough to eat, Mom kept us clothed well and the churches my Dad pastored always had decent parsonages. A lot of folks think that most pastors, get this castle from the church to live in, and make bucket loads of money. I've got news for you, there may be a few like that, but the majority are living from pay check to pay check and put in over 80 hrs a week between sermon preparations, visitations, counseling meetings, ect, ect, ect. It is not a 40 and under hour job if you are a fairly decent and concerned man of the cloth. Anyway, we never had the money to own a boat, but in our years up here on the Cape we had several friends, both from Campers Haven Campers grounds to the church we attended that would either offer for Dad to come and take there boat our or offer to take us out. Or in the case of our friends from the camp grounds, come get it and take it out whenever you want. John D. first taught my father to sail, it was an older Sunfish that he bought in the early '70s for his son to use, but in those days after the kids graduated they moved and did not come back to the Cape much. So John had this boat just sitting. He would give sailing lessons to parents and there teens that wanted to learn. But John and Dad struck up a rather close relationship and John took to Dad. When he taught Dad to sail he told him to be sure to teach me and we could come to their trailer get the boat anytime we wanted. So by age 14 I was sailing up and down the Nantucket sound from Bass River to Herring River at the Harwich line. By the time I was 16 I was sailing just about everyday. Dad at first would help me put the boat in and take out and help me clean it after every use. By 16 and after I was doing it all by myself and Dad made sure we took care of that boat as if it were ours. On the other end of things one of our friends had a power boat they anchored in the Bass River. From time to time we would take us out and we would go water skiing up in the river across from Grand Cove entrance up to Highbank's Bridge when you use to be able to do that. And then I had a couple of the youth group kids had a boat and we would get 5 or 6 of us together and go make a day of it skiing. I have alway felt comfortable in the water and would try just about anything when it came to boating. Today, I look forward to the day I can maybe get a boat, not a big one, but something that I can take the adult kids out on when they come up and do some tubing and skiing or just going out and enjoying the water, and on occasion do a little boat fishing as well. That is not for today, but it will come in time and I look forward to being able to teach grandkids someday how to boat as my father was able to teach me. If you have a boat and bring it up here or have one up here, this is the time to start thinking what equipment needs to be replaced or you toys you want to add to this years fun. New skies, wake board, new tubber, or water rafter. but as I mentioned a week ago, a little spent at a time is much easier on the pocket than a big lay out all at once. Well I hope you are looking forward to this spring and summer and having safe good boating fun, especially if you can do it while right here on wonderful old Cape Cod.    

      This weeks business report is going to highlight a few pottery shops. Now, I have a love for good pottery and although I follow more than just the 3 I am going to highlight please note that the Cape is extremely blessed with an excellent offering of clay throwers. So if this I can perk your curiosity get out on the web and to the towns business directories and find a host of different pottery shops from canal to P'town. So off we go, First up is Mill Stone Pottery at 766 Route 6A, Dennis, Ma between Nancy's Candies and the Gelato shop and Sapori d'Italia Italian foods and wine shop. Find her on the web at Her winter hours, weather permitting is Thurs - Satur 10:30am - 5pm. She is a master thrower with many years experience. She is as Cape oriented as you are going to get and her work is well known. She does both functional and ornamental works, she does general pottery to customer orders. 
      When you get done there trip on down the road just past Scargo Lake to Scargo Pottery & Art Gallery located at 30 Dr Lord's Rd in South Dennis, which is just off of 6A on the north side, and on the web at They are open, weather permitting daily from 10am - 5pm. This potty shop is not just a single artist, rather several different throwers work out of this studio. To appreciate all that goes on here check out the website and go to the history tab. The studio has been around since 1952 and is home of many budding artists of different mediums and pottery. I don't even know were to start to explain all they do there. You just need to take the plunge some day and go see what they are up to. 
      Last is a potter our of E. Falmouth at 494 Boxberry HIll of RT151. They are open everyday weather permitting 10am - 5pm. But check his facebook page to be sure. In general The potter Hollis Engley makes high-fired functional stoneware pottery. Vases, cups, bowls, platters, teapots, tea bowls and other forms. Influenced by Asian, 20th century English and American studio pottery. I love his stuff and the functional pieces are once you would not be afraid to use every day. Check this potter out if you are over in the E. Falmouth direction. 
      Ok today's food business is the Centerville Pie Company located at 1671 Falmouth Rd, Centerville, open Monday - Saturday 8am - 6 pm and Sundays 8am - 4pm, or on the web at The Cape is very blessed to have several excellent, no, down right sinfully delicious pie shops. So this is no slight to the others, just pointing this one out, if you have never been you need to get and go. So when we think of pies we think of standard pies, well lets just go over a some of the highlights of the menu, Savory pies (ya dinner pies YUM), Fruit pies (yup what you think of), Cream pies (if you have not tied your missing something here), plus Specialty pies, (you just got to see for yourself). They also do Quiches and have a Vegetarian pie available. These folks now how to do it and as a pie connoisseur let me tell you, you can not go wrong for any kind of event or just for a treat for yourself in getting one of these pies. Folks they are some of the best around, so get and give them a try.  
      Greetings friends, well you are not going to believe this but the old guy called me yesterday. I wasn't sure he had a phone or not or even knew my number. But anyway I guess he tells me there are 30 some lighthouses down there and they are making the loop checking them all out. He said at the rate he is going they might not get back till closer to March 1st now. He said he could not be gone any longer than that as there was to much that he needed to start getting ready for the spring. I assured him that they were checking in on the place for him and that the kid did his job in informing me what was going on. Anyway he tells me they started out on the east coast side at the start line and have been working there way down as far as the Keys. Then will work their way back up the west coast then finish with the panhandle lights. He told me they actually asked him to make the rounds as an ambassador type from the north to the south. He said the only sad part about the trip is most of them are all automated and not much there but a plaque and maybe a small hand full of folks that keep the grounds. He said it is nothing like what we have up here and he is now more appreciative of all the hands that come and help year round keep our lighthouse going. He told me to wish you all a good warm and healthy and that he would try to check in next week and let us know where he was. I really like this old guy, someone that could call grandpa or uncle, he is just family thats all. Kind of miss him, but hope he has a funtastic time. Well, until we meet again, have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      Ok, I get it this is February and having lived in central Ohio and now on Cape Cod that this is winter and you should expect snow and most probably a few blizzards during the winter season. But I have got to tell you the older I get, the further out from surgery I get, the less I like this kind of weather, let alone lets not even begin with the weather below freezing. But I have to admit when I saw the name of this cocktail I looked it up and went, "now this is a blizzard I can enjoy." So even if you are stuck in the midst of a weather snowstorm or a deep freeze or if you are one of the lucky ones to be a snowbird and are in a warmer state or climate at this time, I hope you can mix one of the yummy concoctions up and have a little bit of sunshine flow through. Now as I am compelled to say, Please be a responsible drinker and please be even a more responsible host. So, I have to remind us all, if you go looking for this recipe online, you will find it several places but also you will find different recipes by the same name. So here we go again that the blizzard you know may not be the same as I am presenting. Remember the theme for this year is cocktails with Cranberry Juice being used in them. With all that: Now on with the show and hope you enjoy:
      This week's recipe: A Blizzard Cocktail

   1 1/2       oz       bourbon whiskey
   1 1/2       oz       cranberry juice
      1/2       oz       lime juice (some call for lemon juice)
      1/2       oz       grenadine syrup (some omit this)
         1       tsp      sugar (some call for simple syrup)  
      Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker half-filled with cracked ice. Shake well, and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a half-slice of orange, and serve. 
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