A Winter Get Away & Butter Beans w/Zesty Flavor

      Normally I would give you a past memory, a travel tip, or even living life on the Cape. I have pretty much kept my stories to the Cape and have not wondered off, mostly because this blog and the group that got me into this thing CapeCodToday.com asked that we keep it as much as possible to the Cape, cause that is what we are about. But every once in a while even our former owner and his sweet spouse would wonder outside that venue as they traveled and shared their adventures. Today is my turn. Man and/or Women needs to escape over the canal from time to time, and this was ours. Last year my family allowed me a week with my son down in Sarasota and he was gracious enough to take me over to Walt Disney World for two days, one in the park and one at Disney Springs. This year now about a year out from my last back surgery and 3 back surgeries in under 2 years and more than 4 years from my last vacation with the wife. So as our 35th wedding anniversary is coming up in March of this year, we decided that this was a good time to take a trip back to Florida Mouse House, Walt Disney World. We watch the fares closely and after New Years till about the first week in March is one of the less expensive times to go and you get a better bang for your buck, especially as adults with no children to worry about. I subscribe to several Disney Facebook groups and pages and our daughter got started years ago when her grandmother started taking her. So we use her help a lot in making dinning reservations and fastpass reservations and we are appreciative of her help. Over 35 years we have been blessed to go about 7 times together, and other than Cape Cod is the first place we prefer to go when getting off Cape for an extended vacation. 

      Once you stay at one of the deluxe resort you tend to get spoiled, so I looked for the best deal I could for the time we went and I have wanted to stay a this resort as I had not done so before, so the call went out to Wilderness Lodge. We took the standard room and picked out dates and on 1-27-18 we arrived. Since we get in before 9 we just check in leave any carry-ons and head to the parks and this time was no different. When we finally to back to the Lodge we got our room assignment, it was on the 5th floor. We entered and immediately noticed the view from the sliding doors to our balcony was overlooking the river that connects between the Contemporary and the lagoon. Nice view, not thinking much about it we unpacked and headed out again. Dinner at Art Smith's Homecoming in Disney Springs. They treated us like royalty after running behind schedule and turned out to be one of the best meals all week. After wondering around we headed back to the room, both of us dead tired and quickly dozed off. Im not sure what time it was but all of a sudden we started hearing these booms going off. My wife looked out the window and there before us were the fireworks going off in Magic Kingdom, the park was open late that night and so the fireworks were later. Both of us got up quickly and open the sliders to sit on our bed and watched the fireworks, and each night after we had the opportunity to see them from our room. Way cool is you ask me. After talking to our daughter the next day come to find out, the dear folks at Disney unknowing to us upgraded our room to help us celebrate 35 years. Wow what an experience. I could go on and on, yes I am a 57 year old male who still love Walt Disney World and all it has to offer. Epcot I could live in permanently, the food was fantastic, (we do the sit down dinner plan with quick serve and snack plan - not the deluxe that is way to much food for us and I have added up the costs and it does pay for itself.) We did 2 character breakfasts at Garden Grill and at 1900 Park Ave. We did a special lunch at Be Our Guest which was fun, and did dinners at Senaa over in Animal Kingdom, Nine Dragons - Epcot, and California Grill - atop the Contemporary Resort and finished with Raglan Road in Disney Springs.  When it comes to the Resort itself with only Monday being in the low 60s most other days I was able to get to the hot tub and pool almost every day. There was plenty of room for all and the views out the back of the lodge across the lagoon was just spectacular. The only thing that I would warn about is the restaurant just off the lobby Whispering Canyon Cafe can get a little ruckus and noisy but that is the way they like it. If you want perfect peace and quiet stay at Animal Kingdom, we have and that is very quiet. But Wilderness Lodge you can take the buses to anyplace you need to get to in WDW, or you can take a boat over to the Magic Kingdom or to the Contemporary. So the Lodge is a wonderful place for both adults and kids. 
      If someone tries to tell you that Walt Disney World is only for kids or there is nothing for adults, either they have not been at all or have not been in years and only went to take their kids. All parks have something to offer adults, from rides to shows to shopping to just relaxing and enjoying. If you have an anniversary, a birthday, honeymoon, 2nd honeymoon, first timer, or a host of any other events. You will get your button, WEAR IT, that is your time there, let them spoil you, allow them to help you celebrate, if you don't let them know they can't read minds. Watch for specials going on, and make the most of your fly times. If you can leave as early as possible to get there, and coming home leave as late as you can. And if they have a free dinning plan program, take it, it is worth every penny, although they are getting fewer and farther apart. Also you don't have to stay at the deluxe resorts, the Moderate and Value Resorts are just as much fun to stay at for a whole lot less money. So if you want to beat the cold, and have fun, give that house with the mouse a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 
      Next week I will return to our regularly scheduled programing, this was not a paid for commercial, its all me, all us, but there is life off the Cape and sometimes we just need to get away from the 24/7 of the house and all that goes on around us and just have fun and be free for a bit. Hope you are surviving the winter, stay warm and let the snow stay off Cape in the sky areas and may we not hit the bitter colds again this season. Have a great a wonderful especially if you can do it,, yes right here on old Cape Cod.   
      So, I made another trip out to the lighthouse to see if our favorite keeper had returned from Florida yet. Amazing, still no life at the keepers quarters, but there were signs of someone being around, I suspect it's one of those cadets coming up and keeping and eye on the place and making a check on the equipment and taking the readings and sending up the weather balloons. Other than that, I hope he is having a good time away as he is trying to get in as many Florida lighthouse visits he can. Nothing left to do but head back to the office.
      Update I got back to the office and low and behold I got a letter from the old guy. Says: weather has been great, have to admit don't miss the cold, but having great time meeting a lot of folks. I do miss being there for all the school kids, and miss our own fresh shellfish. There's down here is not bad, and they have some different things than we do, but I would not want to give up our oysters or clams to any other part of the country. Stone Crab however is a bit tastier than our crabs, but that's it, all else give, we win hands down. He finishes by saying, tell the folks I will be back soon, and we will be ready for springtime to get the placed opened up for weekends then fully open come Memorial Day. Tell them I do miss them and live each day to the fullest, especially if they can do it on old Cape Cod. See you all soon. 
      Just when I think I have him figured off, he goes and does something like this, that's why I keep coming back. Till next time.  
      I am always on the lookout for recipes with different names and something different than I am used to. When I saw this recipe my mind went directly to hum, this could be interesting. After looking it over, there is one ingredient that may not be in every spice cabinet and that would be liquid smoke. But if you like barbecues, stews and smoked fishes you may have this in there or should. Anyway I thought this is unique enough that not many would have tried this one, and easy enough that most can make. This is an interesting recipe and ended up a little sweeter than I was expecting which for me made it much more enjoyable than expected. So let's stop talking and get cooking:
      This weeks recipe: Butter Beans w/Zesty Flavor
      3/4      cup      light brown sugar
      1/2      cup      catsup
      1/3      cup      dark corn syrup
      2 to 3  tsp       liquid smoke
      1         med     onion, diced
      Mix all ingredients together in bowl. 
      Add: 3 cans (1pd, 4oz) large lima beans (sometimes called butter beans), drained. 
      Turn into 1 1/2 Qt casserole. Arrange 4 strips raw bacon (or kosher beef frye) on top. Refrigerate.
      To serve, return to room temperature, then bake at 235 for 1 hour.    

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