Nor'easter Season & Cabbage Souffle Salad

      Well another week and another Nor'easter under out belts. This time we made it through without loosing power again, however we lost internet for a day and a half, along with cell phone connection. So no emails, no texts, no surfing, no entertainment, and no work as I am a work-at-home person. So much for the loss of a vacation day and any overtime for this week, Yikes that bits big time. Now since we have a satellite TV we did not loose TV, however I did have to stick my head out the guest bedroom window several times with the broom in hand and sweep the dish clear of snow, but that was it. Until Wednesday as we go the internet back on mid-afternoon, then the electric went out as they were working on adjacent neighborhoods to restore their lines they have to shut down others to reconnect. But after 3 hours we were back on and going again. When most of our friends from Barnstable to Orleans were without power and 93% (from what I heard) were out in Dennis, we somehow again got passed over and were blessed to have power throughout the entire ordeal. Since 2012 when I made the Cape my permanent home I have never lost power for more than a couple hours after storms for clean up. So as of tomorrow we are back on schedule and life gets back to what it is, until next week when they are already calling for Nor'easter #4 in 3 weeks. I think we have had enough thank you very much just the same. But my snow blower lasted to the very end of the driveway and then went kaploowy again. Fortunately driveway clean enough that I did not have to shovel, my back surgeon would not have been happy with me for that. Well does this make us want and yearn for Spring even more, well hang on that is coming in just one week, I just hope the weather gods see the same calendar that we are looking at. With all that I hope all who are reading this made it through without much problems and if you are somewhere else in the world, just be happy with the weather you have and are not here dealing with this. But please start making your plans now for late spring and summer, cause if this is the end of winter, wow summer should be one spectacular season. Hope to see you all then and until, if you can make it here sooner and to all the local have a great and wonderful while we work and play here on old Cape Cod.      

      Restaurant recommendation time, one that we have come to like a lot is Yarmouth House in West Yarmouth on RT 28, you can also find them at or on facebook. They have a wonderful menu and are always doing some kind off special, especially during the off season for the local crowd. They are open for lunch and dinner. And if you enjoy a cocktail they have some wicked awesome offerings. The is nice casual, and the setting is perfect for that special evening out with the significant other. This is a wonderful place to just have a great mean and a nice night out. 
      As I have promoted in the past a good friend of mines hotel in DennisPort, get the pleasure of noting that he is moving on and up. Just this month our good friend David Maslin former owner of Old Landing Motel has purchased the Doryman Motel located at 73 Sea Street. David has always run a first class operation and would expect no less as he has acquired the Doryman. Now he can just accommodate more guests and put many more smiles on visiting guests faces. So if you are looking for a place to stay check them out at or on facebook.    
      I give credit to this young man for trekking out here like he has the past two weeks. He is really dedicated to his work. Ok folks what is going on here with the weather. I have lived through the perfect storm, I have been through a number hurricanes, Nor'easter too many to count but this stretch of 3 Nor'easter with the devastation I'm not sure I have seen before. I will say the lighthouse has gotten her workout beyond thinking and I have even been setting off the fog horn through some of the blizzard hours. I am hoping that none of our fishing boys were out there, but the shipping lanes rarely close and they have to navigate through whatever comes their way. So I just make sure that it is working right, at her brightest and make sure the weather gages stay working and reporting properly. And we all pray that we have nothing else to do, it is not good to have to do rescues in this kind of weather. Many a past decades have seen a schooner or two gone down off our shores in weather like this and our brave men and women that helped to save lives. It's been some time since we have seen that, but the stories and reminders that are all over the Cape can tell more tales than even I can. So if you get the chance this spring and summer come check these places out and lean the history of our waters that call home to watery graves of many a sailor and crew if not passengers as well. Some sad, sad times, but also some very heroic good endings as well. Well I hope you have survived and I hope that you get to celebrate St Patrick's day with style and a wearing of the green. And let's hope we get to see the green of the grass and the yellow of a bright warming sun real soon. Ya'll have a good one, be safe and come see us real soon here on Old Cape Cod.     
      This weeks I am doing a cabbage thing in light of it being St Patrick's Day. But the thing is that I will eat cabbage year round so I will make this recipe not just in March but in April, May June and September and even October. My point is, I enjoy cabbage so many different ways that I will eat it year round. The only problem is I don't get to eat it as much as I would like because of the effects it can have on ones internal workings. Pepe Le-Pew never smelled this good, but it is what it is and you just make plans around it when you eat certain foods. So if you are a cabbage lover this recipe is for you, it is a great change to a lot of the standard recipes and reminds me a little bit of something my mother would have made years ago. So let's get this show on the road and I hope you give this a try and that you can see making it more than just for St Patrick's Day week. 
      This week's recipe: Cabbage Souffle Salad
      1      pkg      lemon gelatin
      1      cup      boiling water
   1/2      cup      mayonnaise 
   1/2      cup      cold water
      2      Tbsp    vinegar
   1/4      tsp       salt
1 1/2      cup      finely shredded cabbage
   1/4      cup      diced celery
   1/4      cup      diced green pepper
      1      Tbsp    minced onion
      Dissolve Jell-o in boiling water. Blend in mayonnaise. Add cold water, vinegar and salt. Chill until partially set, beat until fluffy. Add remaining ingredients. Pour into Quart mold. Chill until set. 
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