Making Plans 2018 & a Cranberry Kiss Cocktail x 2

      So we are finally here in April and Season begins in 8 weeks or 10 depending if you start on Memorial Day or the middle of June. But now is the time to really start pushing on the reservations if you have not made them yet. And if you are staying at the relatives place or better yet going to visit the parents or grandparents, if you got siblings, you may be slim pickings already, so get the call in now. You do know that if you have stayed right next to the water, depending on what part of the Cape you better be calling and make sure they are still there or that repairs will be done by the time you want to go. I remember by this time Mom and Dad had already been contacted by Mrs. Lawson and confirmed back in March that we were going to be taking the cottage again the month of August. She would always give them till the end of April to respond but that was never necessary in the 30 years we rented from her then her daughter. Even once I got married we did not stop going to the Cape, and the first several years, mind you I started working in the real world and was rudely awakened to the fact that hardly anyone got any time the first year, you were lucky to get a week the second and by fifth you might get 2 weeks. I was like month of August time to head to the Cape, they said when you get back don't expect to have a job waiting. IT was a real bummer. so first couple of years we ended up going up over a long weekend an get 5 days all together. Dad and Mom would entertain us and take care of our daughter so we could get out for a night on our own. After Mom passed away, an Dad got remarried, we would schedule a week up there and they would stay a day then head to Maine for a couple days then come back for the last 2 days we were there and help with the kids so we could get out a for dinner just the two fo us. We did miss a couple years in the early years but after I started with the company I am still with I was blessed with decent time off and I was always able to get a week off in August. After Dad and his second moved to Michigan and decided not to do the Cape any long for the full month (cant blame them as they lived right on an 800 acre lake, I mean the dock out the back of the house was grandfathered at 65 feet out, he was blessed to have a 24 foot sundancer pontoon boat and a sunfish. He was blessed to be there 14 years before his wife passed away. But for us we still came to the Cape and first rented cottages from a couple friends then move up to a motel from a gentleman that we gladly call him our friend. We ended up renting from him for nearly 10 years till I bought and moved here permanently. The whole point to this is, seasons will come and go, you may be in flux, and in need of changing accommodations. These are some suggestions to look for, check with friends, maybe instead of a cottage you can do a motel or hotel, if your family has grown, maybe it's time to start looking for a cottage or a house to rent. but ask around, shop around and make sure you get someplace that is good for you and your family. Do you really need to be on the beach or is central location more important. And please remember if you rent a house that is more towards the center of the Cape be sure if the area is more year rounders be mindful of their work hours. So have I got you thinking? Have I giving you any food for thought? I hope so, we are getting close to season and want to be sure you have a place to stay when you want to come. I sure hope that you can get the right place for the right price at the right time you want to be here. We are so looking forward to having you here with your family, your friends and with all the in-laws and out-laws. I hope that the time between now and then comes quickly and that all your hops and dreams are realized. Until then where ever you are I hope you have a most great and wonderful, but double that if you can be right here on old Cape Cod.   

      This week's business report is going to start with a new business just now open on the Cape and that would be Naukabout Beer Co. Find them online at or facebook and twitter. Per their website they have brewery hours from Thursday to Sunday 2pm - 9pm and is located in Mashpee. Something is telling me I need to make a run to Mashpee here very soon and when I do, I am hoping I can get them to participate in the brews, vines and distillery updates I do. So stay tuned as this now make 5 breweries 3 vineyards, and at least 3 distilleries maybe 4 located on the Cape and the Islands. Yes we are a destination, woo-hoo folks. 
      Next up, I want to you check out Castleberry Fairs website, what for? Although they themselves are not based out of Cape Cod, they are scheduling many art fairs for the upcoming season and will be giving many of our local home grown artists and crafters a place to show and sell their wares and goodies. I can not get enough of these fairs and this is were I pick up an many new locals just getting out there besides the established artist. I was able to be apart of their fairs a couple years ago, but with 3 back surgeries over the last 2 years I have not been able to return yet. So check them out and make a list of the fairs you want to attend and support our local artists. 
      And last but not least, a shout out to all the local businesses that are opening back up and/or extending hours now that the great ball of fire in the sky is starting to be visible for longer hours. If you don't know what I am talking about, take a stroll down main street Hyannis, of Chatham, or Orleans (although most of them are open all year round even if with abbreviated hours). Then there are the shops in P'town, I love to make the trek up there between now and Memorial day as the crowds have not come back yet and I can get in and out of the shops easily. And many of the restaurants are actually accessible, can we say it any louder woo hoo. So check out all the towns, that includes Falmouth and Woods Hole, Sandwich, and all the rest. We are so happy to have you back.     
      Well, as I came up the long driveway the old guy came out of the station quarters quietly, He motioned for us to move to the other side of the light tower to talk. He said the wife was sleeping finally, they had averted the cold and flue bug all season, but with the screwy weather it finally got them both, but the wife got the worst of it. But he said he wanted to be sure to get out and talk to me so he could give his thanks for all the help that came in over the weekend for the egg hunts and just plan old fashioned good Easter fun. He is telling me they had somewhere in the area of 200 grade school and under and about 50 teens and 75 or so adult participants. He said it was great afterwards to be able to share a couple stories of ship wrecks that have happened around the Easter season. One a rum runner another a schooner, both on the south side that had untimely demises around the Easter season. He went on to several other early spring near misses and a couple recuses that would put the test to any station guard and volunteer. He is so excited for the coming weeks when hopefully the weather will start to warm up and the visitors still start to return and he can really get back into the swing of things. He also advised that the week day tours with the kids from the local schools were starting back up again and that was so good. Well he did not want to leave the wife alone to long, so he said to give his best to all and hopes ya'll have a great and wonderful, especially if you could do it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      I am always on the lookout for fun recipes and why I have not found this one before I am not sure but I am all into it. However this is more of a party punch or a summer deck party drink. Then again the wife and daughter might be able to put this one away by themselves. However if you start googling Cranberry Kiss  Cocktails, you are going to end up with a smattering of recipes, all different. Most use Amaretto or an almond liquor, a most use cranberry juice and some orange juice, however the liquor is what varies and not even close. So I will give you the three season punch and then a more wintry version. So this month you are getting a two-fer month, besides since the weather can't make up its mind we need something to cover just about anything that shows up. Now let's get this show going and get us some,,, wait a minute, gotta do the disclaimer, Please don't drink and drive and friends don't let friends drink and drive, in other words just be a responsible drinker and host. Now on with the show,,
      This week's recipe: Cranberry Kiss Cocktail, Punch version
      2      cups    cranberry juice (either 100% or cocktail)
      1      cup      vodka
   1/2      cup      amaretto
      3      Tbsp    orange juice
                          ice cubes
                          clementine wedges for garnish 
      Mix cranberry juice, vodka, amaretto, and orange juice in pitcher. Cover and chill until ready to serve. All recipe note this can be made up to a day ahead of time. Just save the ice till when you are ready to serve and then put a clementine wedge on the rim of the glass or drop into the glass to add color. But super yum.
      This week's recipe: Cranberry Kiss Cocktail: a winter version
   3/4      oz      rum (use a good top shelf rum)
   1/2      oz      peppermint schnapps
      2      oz      collins mix
      2      oz      cranberry juice
      Combine ingredients in a small highball glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with a slice of lime, and serve.
      Ok have to admit the wife did not go for this one, but than again, I like all the ingredients here so mix em up and pour em down is what the doctor ordered for me. Yum. 
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