A Moment of Silence & Clam Bisque

       In light of all that has happed, especially today and over the last week, I am not going to say much but thank you to all of our own police men and women who serve our communities so well. Thank you to all those officers who came to pay their respects to our fallen hero. Thank you to all our public safety service employees who keep us safe every day. Yes they chose that line of work, but it is also a sacrifice of love that they do it. I am sure they could all have chosen a more safe job to do on a day in and day out bases.  Until next week say thanks to all you meet, and say a prayer for each and every one and a moment of silence for all those who have fallen in the line of duty. 

       Business Report: I have not mentioned much about Chatham lately and not for any big reasons. Just that I have been spending my time more in Hyannis and Orleans direction then down in Chatham. Most of the places I have visited are right on Main Street from one end to the other. So unless otherwise Of course my favorite candy place is Chatham Candy Manor, they have the best truffles in my humble opinion of anywhere. Their chocolate raisin clusters both dark and white are out of this world and their chocolate caramels are to die for. there are more than just chocolates available and enough that everyone in the family can find something. Oh and did I mention the home made fudge. If you are a fudge lover they have fudge, fudge and more fudge. So while in Chatham do the Candy Manor. If you are a cook, you need to check out Gustare Oils & Vinegars, they are located towards the eastern end of Main St. on the right hand side going towards the light house. If you have not tried Gustare's you have not had premium oils and vinegars. Once you have tried their products you will not want to go back to those store bought varieties at all. These are quality products that are worthy of being in the pickiest of cooks kitchens. Wonderful flavors, and more than you knew existed, and the things you can do with them will turn an ordinary kitchen and cook into an extraordinary home chief. You can also find them on line or in Mashpee Commons. Next for the fun of it is Ducks in the Window across from Wild Goose Tavern. If you like rubber duckies, they have them, in all sizes in all different kinds of outfits for anyone of any age for any occasion. And if you want something specially done for say a graduation, an anniversary party or even a wedding they can do it for you. Ducks are not just for kiddies they are for everyone. Last but not least if you want a good spot to eat for lunch or dinner the Chatham Squire is a wonderful, down home, reasonable place to get a good bit to eat. They have everything form local seafood to pub grub to good old New England specials. Good for a single at the bar to a family with all ages. Get to the Squire and enjoy a great lunch or dinner.  
      So I am on my way up to the light house, not sure what the weather is doing, warm yet damp and foggy and it's in the middle of the day, rather eery if you ask me. I can see the beacon from the light tower already cutting through the fog while I still about a mile out. But I made it and it is even thicker out here. The warming air over the cooler waters is an interesting mix. Took me a while but I found the old guy, he was out along the ridge with his monocular scanning the water level where the fog was separating from the water. I called out to him and he motioned for me to come on out. I asked him what he was doing? He told me he was out of whale watch. I asked him in this stuff? He said ya, trying to get an idea of where these "babies" were so he could call it in to the center to warn the ships in the traffic lanes on the high seas. Trying to spot these beauties is tricky enough let alone in this pea soup, and personally the only thing I was like that is the pea soup in my bowl with crackers and a little catsup, (yup I'm one of them folks). Anyway, he went on; when a whale and a ship collide it's not a good thing for either the whale or the ship but more so the whale and right now our numbers of Right Whales are dwindling quickly. So the more eyes the better chance these big ships can avoid them and we can save another whale. He went on, most people think the only thing I do around here is climb the tower occasionally to check on the light and check on the weather, and every once in a while take the rescue boat for a spin. They have not even scratched the surface of what we do around a light house and station. Sad but there aren't many of us left and most of the closings have been based on that thinking and they are missing so much of the bigger picture. Oh well I better get off my lobster box before I say something not nice and they decide to do away with my job here. Not that it hasn't been a topic over the years. I guess what I really want your readers to know this round is to become educated on the current state of the Atlantic Right Whales, and other whales in general. We are so blessed here on Cape Cod to be right off the Georges Bank which is a huge feeding ground for whales. And I am so blessed to be right off one of there travel lanes around the Cape. I get to see so many different kinds and just pray we can keep them around for our next generations to see and enjoy. So I need to get running my old friend, thank you for sharing something new for our readers. He shook my hand and reminded me that season is soon going to be upon us and they will be open every day, but from now till then they are open the weekends and there is a lot to see. And as usual he told me to tell you he hopes you all have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      This week I am picking a recipe that is a little different than the standard Chowder or Stew. The recipe is relatively easy and the only thing I would due different with it is tell you to use fresh clams whenever possible, just like your clam chowder and possibly my all time favorite Old Bay Seasoning. There is nothing out of the ordinary used when you are thinking of a clam based stew/chowder type dish. So if you like the clam chowders, seafood stews, and seafood gumbo, than this is the recipe for you. Now before I salivate all over the keyboard let's get cooking: 
      This week's recipe: Clam Bisque
         2      slices      diced bacon
   1 1/2      Tbsp       sliced onion
         6      Tbsp       butter
         6      Tbsp       flour
         3       cans      minced claims w/liquid
         3       cups      clam juice
                  paprika, salt, and pepper to taste
   1 1/2       cups      light cream
      Saute onions and bacon until golden. Stir in flour, Add liquid from clams. Add clam juice (you can do 2 -1 with white wine also) and seasonings and heat until slightly thickened. Add cream and clams. At this point chill if serving cold. Before serving, sprinkle with chopped parsley. If serving hot, add lump of butter. Sprinkle with paprika. 
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