Fishing Saga Continues & Pea Salad

      I have said it before I am not what you would call a master fisherman, not even a knowledgeable fisherman, about the best description that could be labeled on me when it comes to fishing is a bad novice. I really don't understand test line poundage, I don't really understand the differences between pole lengths and material they are made from. I can tell the difference between a jig and a lure or a bobber vs a weight. I also know the difference between salt water, brackish waters, and fresh water. I have in the past gone perch fishing here on the Cape as a kid with my father rowing a mid size row boat on Swan Pond in DennisPort. And as I have noted in past blogs, We were taken flounder fishing in Pleasant Bay and down off Monomoy now Island. And off Cape I have done some bass fishing with my father-in-law. But other than that, I have not done much other fishing. Now I have two tackle boxes, one for fresh water and one for salt water fishing. I have sought out a couple friends who are schooling me on on what to get and what not to. We have gone through my old stuff and have dumped a good bit of rusted hooks and lures. The next thing on my list is to get the new reels lined and get my licenses and then go find some place to throw a line. I am trying to relax a little more and learn to enjoy some of the slower things in life and I do enjoy catching the fish, it's just been the in between times that drive me a little stir crazy. I'm an artist and a musician that doesn't stand still long in anyone place and needs to be kept entertained when one is sitting for a while. So I may have to take a sketch book with me if I am going fresh water fishing and make sure I have music with me if salt water fishing. This is going to be interesting is all I can say, but just as interestingly I am looking forward to catching a Sea Bass or Striper, maybe some large summer Fluke or would even love to get a BlueFish, then there is the Tuna, but I would have to get the extra endorsement for that. So as I get out there I will keep you posted on how things are going and if and when I caught anything. I love fish, it's just whether or not I have the stick-toativeness to really wait it out to get something.worth eating. We have plenty of places here on the Cape and as many in just an hour or two from the house off Cape if I ever can get the hand of this. Well I hope you having a grand spring now that it has arrived and may you have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.      

      Well we know that spring has sprung when Brewster in Bloom happens as it did this past weekend and the Arts and Craft show they put on at the camp grounds where Millstone Rd dead ends into 6A. This years artisans were a great mix of old and new, and as usual the quality of work was outstanding. A good majority were crafters and artists from right here on the Cape and it is some of those I would like to highlight today to keep an eye out for and go visit their sights, their shops and follow them to the shows they are going to be participating in and get something really cool and totally Cape Cod. 
      First up is E & T Farms, find them online at and go to the tab Where To Find. They do the summer and winter Orleans Farmers Market and Truro Summer Farmers Market. You can see them at the farm and at several organic markets. Folks if you want to know were your food is coming from, you like it organic or just want good farm fresh items then E & T Farms is there to meet your needs. Very nice folk as well and they are willing to help you find what you need. Check them out.
      Next is Wash Ashore Soaps & Sundries, find at or on facebook Again if you like to support locally made items these are Handmade locally sourced in and around Cape Cod. They have handmade soaps, lip balm, sugar scrubs, body butters, shaving soaps and now shower fizzies. Check out her events page, it is 2018 listing even though it still says 2017. 
      Another fun vendor is called Washershore a Cape Cod Washer Jewelry shop or on facebook. Yes it says washers, but don't judge until you see them and especially in person. These are some of the most creative items I have seen in a while and I go to a lot of shows and am an artist myself. The website is still being developed but check out the facebook page for some fun. She has pendents and earrings and unique golf ball markers and more. It is so difficult to explain their work and go them justice. They will be at the Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market from 3-6 on May 25th, and they will be at upcoming craft and artists shows this summer. Check them out for something new and fun for you, the spouse and hard to buy for Aunt Margie. Way to much fun.
      Now i like to stay with mostly Cape based vendors but I have got to give honorable mentions to one that started on the Cape but is now out of Amenia, NY. Great Cape Baking company. She had apple cider donuts they were making fresh, Just stop right there. First I don't mind donuts but I am picky and I don't normally crave them. But the smell coming from this booth was ridiculously wonderful. We did the rest of the show and as we were leaving we went back and got a 1/2 doz to bring home. Oh my goodness!!! Find her on Facebook and go to events, she is working to get this updated so we can follow where she will be. She will be coming back to the Cape again, but will be all over Massachusetts and New England in general. So keep your eyes open and give this ole Cape Codder a try, even if she did go the wrong way on the bridges. LOL    
      Well I guess I am on my own today as the young guy called me and said he was not going to make it due to the fog and inability to see. He apologized for doing this long distance, but I reminded him that although I'm a New England old fart I do keep up with this Internet thing. But my computer still has a tube type monitor. Anyway, I understand what that boy is talking about, the last several nights, pea soup would have been preferred to navigate through than the fog that has been wafting over the waters and dunes. Even the beacon has been having issues being seen through this stuff and the fog horn, well that horn has not blown that much since about 1857 when Henry Thoreau wrote about it. This is stuff that makes captain's wives widows and children fatherless. This is the stuff that stories are told of ships coming in contact with other worlds of the dark and watery graves claim their own. This kind of fog will even confuse the loons and gulls, and other non sea fowl to the point of getting so disoriented they fall to their fate of exhaustion. About the only air creature to make it is the Albatross that circle ships as a haunting image summoning the ghosts of ships past gone looking for a mate to claim. Oh the ships of the Cape that have met such a fate, it is thus the reason I still keep watch and pray that no one else comes to a fate that was gone before with others. That is why I still man this station and see to it that the light stays strong and the horn blasts loudly and pray for the safety of any who must sail the seas in stuff like this. Well may the fog burn off quickly where ever you may be and when you must travel through it may you be take it slow and safely and reach your destination as you left. Now until then have a great and wonderful and enjoy whatever comes your way and we pray to see you soon in this place we call Old Cape Cod. 
      Now before you completely turn your nose up at this and totally head to the trash can, give this one a a look over and reconsider it. I can not stand canned peas,I am a fresh peas or frozen peas kind of guy and since this does not use canned peas that's a plus right there. Second this has bacon in it, and as we all know bacon makes everything taste better for most people. However if you are one of those unique folk that does not eat bacon or like bacon (however I have been told there is non-piggy bacon so there are options here) you can omit it. And last there are a lot of other goodies in this salad. So please don't condemn it until you give it a try and then add it to your summer picnic or back yard BBQ event. This is one yummy salad and easy to make. Now on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Pea Salad
      1      head    cauliflower (med - lrg)
   1/2      cup      bacon bits (better use the real stuff)
      1      can      mushrooms 8 oz (better yet use fresh sliced)
      1      pkg      ranch dressing mix
      1      cup      cheddar cheese, grated (or shredded)
   1/2      cup      pimento
      2      each    eggs, hard boiled
      1      lb         peas, frozen
      1      each    purple or red onion, thinly sliced
      Drain pimentos, mushrooms (if using canned), and peas (any excess water melt off). Doe not cook peas. Cut cauliflower into biter sized pieces. Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate before serving. 
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