Cape Travel Memories & a Cranberry-Lime Mojito

         Over the canal and through the towns to grandma's cottage we. The kids know the way and can't wait to stay through dunes and past the pi-nes. And on it could go but I will spare you the rest. It was funny driving from Ohio for so many years to the Cape, first with my parents then by myself and finally with my own family. I always found it interesting that we could tell now close we were getting just by the change in the smell of the air. First there was that smell of pines, it just is different from Pennsylvania or even New York. And do you I dare tell you the joke that one time the wife asked if we really drove through New York to get to the Cape from Ohio. Unless your going by boat, plan or Catapult I think by my last recall, yup you do. So that is the joke now. But as you get closer to the the Cape the air smells change and somewhere around 495 where you get onto 25 or past Providence if your coming through Rhode Island there is that ocean smell that starts and only gets stronger as you cross the bridge. Then its the exit count down right to exit 9. We had it down pat and could almost count off the minutes. We learned over the years to adjust out time of arrival so that we would not get stuck in traffic. I remember those early years sitting in traffic for hours, seeing calls pulled off to the side overheating and more. Those were the days prior to the widening of the road and and major improvements. But still, even afterwards you do not want to arrive on Saturday morning or have to leave between 10am and 3pm on Sundays cause you would waste more gas sitting in traffic that the rest of the first leg of actual driving. More years than not we would drive over night, as we did not have the extra money to stay at a hotel half way through and the couple times we did no one really slept well so it was a waste of money that we could have used for fun and eats on the Cape. The drive for us from central Ohio was only 12.5 - 13 hrs so it was not bad at all, just depends how many stops was needed and the rule was you could only request a stop after crossing a state line LOL yes that is a joke, on a bad trip it would take 14 or so hours. But I love to drive and so does my daughter who now comes and visits often. I am sure many of you ready have much shorter drives and during the day so you get much more: "Are we there yets" and I have to go potty comments. But for us, it was the only way we could semi-afford it, an so we did it. And for that I a so grateful to my family for, first my parents for giving me a vacation to remember for eternity and to my family for putting up with me and my love to come to the Cape. I hope you have wonderful memories of your travels to and from the Cape and hope you get to experience them for as long as wish. Well that's it for now, have a great and wonderful and see you soon.   

      Time for the small business report, It has been awhile since I have been able to walk from one end of Hyannis Main St and back and over the past weekend I got a chance to do that. So first up, is Red Fish Blue Fish, located at 374 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601 or on the web at They are always updating and refreshing their stock and the layout of the shop. It is a nice eclectic show with things from novelty socks to butterfly wing jewelry to gifts to local crafty stuff to, eco-friendly, to the list goes on and on. Just don't walk on by thinking there's nothing there for you. There is plenty for everyone. 
      Just a couple doors down is a fun place we got to know the owner a couple years ago. She is a wonderful person and loves all animals, thus the name of the shop is Pupcakes Dog Boutique, find her at 366 Main St,Hyannis, MA 02601 or on the web at on facebook, twitter and instagram and more on the instagram than anything else. If you have a pouch friend, she has got it going for you, Food, treats, harnesses, leashes, toys and more. Stop in and take your well behaved 4 legged friend and everyone in the shop will be happy, Trust me this is a fun shop to shop for your pouch. 
      New to Main street is bran new shop that went in where Mrs Mugs Summer shop used to be by the name of Smith Family Popcorn located at  545 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601 or on the web or on facebook. As they just opened last weekend I feel the best thing to share is straight from their website home page. Smith Family Popcorn is Cape Cod's gourmet popcorn shop located right on Main Street in scenic Hyannis, Massachusetts. From Sea Salt Caramel to Taco, there's a flavor for everyone. If you think the popcorn is great, hold on! We haven't even told you the best part yet. We donate at least 5% of each in-store sale to a deserving local cause of your choosing. Donations from on-line orders will be evenly distributed to all charities. Check out our current charities below!  Go to their website and see who they are supporting, they are locals helping locals, now this is a store we can get behind and support. Chains have their places but not on Main Street, this is our home, our friends and neighbors, let's be sure to support them, and it helps it is a wicked good product. 
      Just a note for now as there is too much good stuff happening and I want to wait till she is updated on some fun updates but is Little Miss CupCape. Taylor (the owner) has some of these best cup cakes on the Cape if not in all of New England. She is located at 388 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601 or on the web at also on Facebook. She has big cup cakes, mini cup cakes, cookies, ice cream, coffee, sometimes baked donuts and some new fun surprises to come. Stay tuned here, but better yet stay tuned to her website for exciting addition offerings. She can also do weddings, graduations, celebrations, birthday parties, office events and more. So don't think this is only a once in a while place this is a year round all they time goodies shop. You can't loose with this one. 
      So how do you do my friends. Well this past weekend was not that bad for weather, we did a 50/50 split so I guess this time of year with all the screwball weather stuff going on we really can't complain. Than again any day on the Cape is better than, for many of us, better than than most anyplace else. Now as I have told some folks, what is one man's paradise is another man's purgatory, it just happens that I am very happy here and enjoy being here so I can not complain. Now I was watching that there sucker screen ( you know the screen in your house that suckers you in to being a couch potato and keeps you glued to that thing instead of getting out and coming and visiting me? Ya that screen, in the old days we called it the boob tube, LOL) Anyway I as watchin the other night that nice young guy call Eric Fisher, up from the big city news station, he made a trip out to our neck of the woods to do nice story on all the erosion that's been going on ever the years. Real nice feller I recon. He cornered one of Park people talking about how the storms may be taking the dunes away from one place and moving to another. Kind of sounds like what I was talking about a couple weeks ago. When you come bring your camera cause next time you come the more things change the more they stay the same or is that backwards. Anyway they are right, there will be major shifts in the sand but that's just it it moves from where it was last year to down south around Monomoy, or to other places. There be new breaks and cut throughs but never fear it will change again. So, besides the weather taking its time to warm up, so has the water. From what I am hearing the Stripers are about a week or so behind as well. I know many of the shellfish beds are closed around the Cape and it is Piping Plover season. Now for any of you out there that don't know about these things, it means it's the time of year that some dumb cut little bird causes you to not take your big old ORV onto the beaches. These little things make their nests in the beach grasses and dune grasses and someone thinks they need to help protect their nesting area. Now I'm not going to say anything one way or another, just beware of what beaches are open to ORV and what beaches are closed and be sure to have that sticker posted properly cause if I catch you without one, I will have to see you off the beach and give you a nasty gram ticket, and neither one of us will be happy campers. So please just obey the laws and you won't have to worry about it. So other than those few things, stores are open, restaurants are open and the trees are slowly becoming green. Oh ya and if you come to visit please be sure to bring the tick and bug repellent. We have the field grass in the meadow out front and the woods to the sides and they are bad all over, not just here on the Cape. Well that's about enough for this week. I still have a couple school groups coming, then we start with the summer camp groups, along with city folks coming in on those whale of a tour bus. And on the weekend when you come, please just be patient we have plenty for all to see and do. Until then have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      Now everyone knows that Mojitos come in every size, shape and flavor, there is a Mojito for every holiday and every season. But sometimes we get pigeon holed and loose sight that really some of these recipes are great any time of the year and we should not give up on them just because it turns a little warmer or a little cooler. One of these is the recipe I am sharing today. Many want call it a Christmas Mojito or Holiday Mojito. But lets face it, Cranberry juice is a summer thing, and limes are thought of as a citrusy thing which is a,, summer thing, and Mojitos,, you guessed it, it's all about summer. With that urge you, if you are a Mojito lover, then give this one a try for a drink that will just give you that tasty summer refreshment you are looking for. Now as I feel I am compelled to say, please drink responsibly and don't be a poor host and allow your guests to drink and drive, let along get drunk and drive. Remember it might be their place to host the next party. 
      This week's recipe: Cranberry-Lime Mojito
      4      Tbsp     fresh cranberries
   1/3      cup       fresh mint leaves
      4      tsp        agave, (remember agave is not for everyone)
      1      cup       fresh cranberry juice
   3/4      cup       fresh lime juice
      1      cup       White Rum
      2      cups      club soda
      Add fresh cranberries, mint and agave (if you need you can substitute Honey for Agave), to the bottom of a large pitcher. Using a muddler (or the back of a spoon) muddle the fruit and herbs together. (or as some just plainly say, smashing them). Next add in the lime juice, cranberry juice and rum. Stir around to mix everything. Finish off with the club soda. Garnish with more mint and fresh whole cranberries. This recipe will make 4 servings. 
      Last note, this is not my recipe I take no credit in it, even with an update or two I put in general it is not mine. However I have found enough of these that are close, to say, if you find it on social media great, but not necessarily were I got mine. So take it and just enjoy it. 
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