Farmers Markets and Stands & My Macaroni Salad

 So with summer in full swing so are the farmers markets around the Cape. If you can lay your hands on a "Guide to Local Farms & Foods" put out by Cape Cod Buy Fresh Buy Local is a great little guide to places that support locally grown foods and place to buy locally made goods. Farmers Markets are the bomb to get to know the locals, what they are growing, what is available and eat a lot healthier. There are so many around the Cape I am not even going to attempt to begin a list as I will either offend someone as I did not include them or forgot them. Got to and on the right hand side of the home page is a link to Farmers Markets. They occur on different days of the week at different times and all over the Cape. Some are town supported, Others are local vendor supported like Cape Cod Beer, Others are pop ups and stands. My Mother would prefer to do her vegetable and fruit purchases at farmers markets and stands. There is one on lower county road in Dennis Port that we used to go to quite a bit. I like the Brewster and Orleans Markets and from what I have heard the Wellfleet and Truro Markets are very good. I have to watch for those that go on after 4:30 or happen on the weekends as I like most year rounders on the Cape have a job we have to work at during normal hours. So this summer if you are living here, or spending extended time here. or if you are able to make the Cape happen only because you don't go out to lunch or dinner every day you are here, then farmers markets and stands are the way to go. Get out, meet the people, buy fresh, eat local and help support and sustain the Cape. We, I know this is more like part of the business report section, but on the other hand when were stop and thing about it it's so much more than just that. Make memories going to different Markets then stay to check out that areas history and other shops. It's a wonderful way to get to know the real Cape. Now I wish you a most happy, happy especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.  

      Time for another small business support, this time it's Wisemans Creations custom wood creations. Find them at the arts and crafts shows this summer and on Etsy at I have to say I love their wood ornaments. In our family, we are not allowed to have glass ornaments as my father-in-law is a retired podiatrist and ornament glass shraps are very difficult to get out of feet. So only non-glass ornaments are allowed. But have to say when you have these ornaments that really cool and add that extra touch of Cape Cod to any tree. Also they have coasters, the great thing about these are they are a bit rough so your glass does not go sliding off lit is does on tile or marble coasters. They also have great gift ideas from mugs to signs to bathroom step stools. Check them out, right out of Hyannis, they are the genuine thing. 
      Next is is a newer company called Jammed With Love out of West Bridgewater, Ma, Now I met the husband to the company cook (his wife) at the Eastham Craft Show as he and his mother go drafted to man the booth as his wife double booked the weekend. Although they live off Cape, presently he is working on Nantucket so I have to be kind as at least he is helping support the Cape. Find them at, on facebook at and on Instagram. They have a Bacon Bourbon Jam that is ridiculously good. Put that on an English Muffin then top with an egg, OMG are you kidding me. They Blueberry Lemon and Apple are not far behind. They can ship anywhere and are available at some stores around Bridgewater and at craft festivals and farmers markets. I am quite aware that we have many great and outstanding Jelly and Jam makers here on the Cape, but I will say I have never seen these flavors at any of our local shops and vendors. 
      Last, but not least, We finally went to Columbo's Cafe and Pastry shop located at 544 Main St, Hyannis or online at, on facebook and instagram. We went for lunch and my wife got the meatball sandwich and I got the Shrimp Diavolo. They start you off with that fresh bread and olive oil, that go straight to the main course for lunch. My wife who is a relatively light eater took half of her's home, and she states that it was definitely as tasty the second time as it was the first. My dish was to die for, the shrimp was done nicely our waitress came with the extra freshly grated cheese and I can eat and still took home a little under a half bowl. Now they do have a full bar but there are no beers on tap. Just interesting but you at least get the 16 oz can of the Cape Cod Blond with glass. My entry was big enough to have shared, but as many places here on the Cape there is a 2.00 splitting fee. The pastries looked wonderful but we will need to go back and try those as we were too full to put anything more down. And to put it together this is part of the group that also owns The Black Cat and Roadhouse Cafe, I have eaten at all of these, and they are all great eats but each one is different from the other so you are not duplicating menus. So give Columbo's a try and I think you will be pleasantly pleased.  
      Good gracious has it been another week already? This place has been hoping and with the weather being as summery as any we have had in a while we sure have been busy. The Mrs has been doing the usual cookie baking and boy has she been busy. Yesterday she made a batch of Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies, and yup she was using real Cape Cod Cranberries she got last fall and froze. Yikers have those things been delicious, I'm just glad I am not having my sugar checked within the next week, as I am having enough issues with that. Doc is telling me I need to drop a few pounds to get my sugar levels down. Problem is, the Mrs puts most out for sale and doesn't keep any around for me. I don't know how my sugar levels could be that high, oh well. Speaking of exercise you would think that climbing the stairs of that tower as much as I do that I would be as fit as a fiddle. Well, apparently the fiddle is old and has a few parts of needing repaired. Oh well. Speaking of the tower, the highlight of the tour of the property continues to be the Lamp Room itself. Even though the Fresnel 4th Order Lens has been gone to a museum a while a ago, it is still a wonderful view from us there. And some of these past days the visitors have had wicked awesome views. Just the other day we got reports they are starting to see the return of the Great Whites to the south of us. So I am expecting in the next couple weeks to see them up as far as I am and then by mid-August around and into the Cape Cod Bay. So as you folks come visit bring your binoculars and monoculars and maybe you will see some of our summer visitor along with some of the other beauties our friends the whales. Fortunately we have not had any major boating issues going on so we have not had to be put into action yet. A couple a rip tide issues that our beach staff have had to deal with but that is it. In fact this weekend there is another chance for rip tides on the south and outer shores so please be careful while swimming out there. Ok folks they gangs are starting to back up so I better be going, Have a great and wonderful day and especially if you can do it on old Cape Cod. See you soon.    
      Summertime is one of the best times for picnic salads. You know them, 3 or 4 bean salad, potato salad, slaws, and the list goes on. However one of my favorites is Macaroni Salad, one reason why is it is so easy to dress up, dress down, add to and just have fun with. What you got in the veggie drawer that needs used up is pretty much far game here. You can have it just as a side dish or you can make a meal out of it. Have it for lunch, or have it for dinner or better as part of your midnight snack. But anyway I can make it I love my Macaroni Salad. I will give you the simplest of simple recipes then give you some ideas on what I have exchanged or added too. Now on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Macaroni Salad
      1      lb         elbow macaroni, cooked according to package instructions
   1/2      cup      Miracle Whip, ( I use Light, you can use your favorite)
   3/4      cup      celery chopped
      1      small    sweet onion, minced
              sea salt & fresh black pepper to taste
      Easy as it gets here: cook macaroni and as soon as done rinse under cold water to stop cooking. Drain well. While pasta is cooking chop your celery and mince your onion and put in larger bowl. When pasta is cooked, cooled and drained toss into bowl and add Miracle Whip (or mayo) and mix. Lightly salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate until ready to serve. 
      Now comes the fun, I have added chopped Jicama, chopped sweet pepper, minced red onion vs sweet onion. chopped green onion, shredded carrot. Just about any fun crunchy vegetable. Then of course there is Shrimp or Cooked Calamari, or Crab, or even Lobster. 
      Some folks like to add mustard, sour cream, and or relish. Some will add sugar (usually this is when using realMayonnaise as it is not as sweet as Miracle Whip, some use parsley and I like to add some Old Bay Seasoning. All of these are to taste, you can add a little or a lot it is up to you. But a lot of base recipes do not even use onion, here again I do and that's just the way I like it. But you have so many different combinations that you could enjoy a different blend one a week all year and not repeat a recipe. So have fun, start with the base and go to it.    
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