Family Visiting & Grilled Summer Squash

      It's been hot and with the kids here last week, other than doing the touristy thing we have not been out much. Slaves to the jobs that help pay the mortgage, put food in our mouths and enjoy just being able to live here on Cape Cod. Also part of living here is being able to have your kids come and visit and share with them some of the things you love so much about this place. So although this week again is not much on the story telling or memory sharing but was making new memories for years on down the line. Funny thing is my son and his wife live in Florida and neither one of my kids are big beach people, but love the history and villages and shops off the Cape. Dad's cooking doesn't hurt either but that's another thing. We slept in a little, we went out to different places eating out at lunch time rather than dinner to cut on the costs then going light at dinner at the house. Ice Cream at Sundae Schools in Dennis Port and Cape Cod Creamery in Hyannis. One place that we did not get to this year was the Brazilian Grill, what a wonderful buffet and the different meats all cooked to perfection is just simply out of this world. If you have never been you need to. But anyway, we hit up a few new places and just basically took it easy. Sometimes that is what is needed and time to enjoy each others company. I hope this year you too have a chance to visit with or have visits from family and that they are memory makers in a good way and a time to grow in each others love. Now until next time have a great and wonderful the rest of this summer especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      Business report we went to Chatham this past weekend and found a couple new places that are worth the mentioning. First FatFace British Clothing they are 470 Main Street, just down the street from the Candy Manor. Let me tel you, they have some of the best priced clothing in all Chatham and for quality stuff. You can also check them out online at I have always felt that Chatham has been on the bit snobbish side of things, but this just proved me wrong. Stop in the folks are real, helpful, and do a wonderful job helping. I can not say enough. I know they are part of a chain, but these are locals working there and running it so we are supporting money coming back into the community. 
      Next up is The Break Room located at 435 Main Street where Gustare Oil & Vinegars used to be across from the bookstore. This is a locally owne business also find online at The nice thing is they are open through December then take a winter break and reopen late Spring, so a three season shop. Fun swim and surf clothing shop, hot with todays happenings. So stop on in and check them out. 
      Don't think we lost Gustares' they just moved more towards the center of town at 461 Main street. also on the web at ttps:// Since I plugged them within the last month this is all I will say for now, with only the add off, they have added some new flavors and WOW are they wonderful. Buy local and take with you and save shipping or buy online and send as gifts, whoever gets will thank you for a long time. 
      Last call will be for Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters has a new show in Chatham called the Snowy Owl Coffee Espresso Bar, located at down the ally located at 483 Main Street. Yaa,, I love their coffee. 
      And a last mention goes o Struna Art gallery located at 458 Main Street. If you have not taken the time to check out his work, you are missing something. His daughter runs the Chatham gallery while the main gallery is on the Brewster/Orleans line on 6A. They have sizes and prices to fit just about anyone and everyone. Take a piece of Cape Cod home with you to enjoy all year long.  
      Howdy folks hope you are surviving this wonderful summer weather. I personally like summer over the winter months but let's face it, at this level even at the beach hot, is just hot. We have several reports of transformers around the Cape just giving way, so we have had to keep the generator fueled up and ready to go, as we must have power at all times. Never really thought I would have to be worrying about that this time of year. But so far all is good. The other thing that these hot summer days do is warm the waters sooner than later, and you know who likes those warmer waters, thats right Great Whites. So my word to those of you who are looking to hit those beaches, keep an eye out as you swim and be aware of those life guards and please do not swim alone, have a buddy or partner to go with you. As far as boating report, the sailing has been fantastic, fishing eversions are happening at all times of the day and night. And there has been some wonderful viewing from the lamp room of world traveling cargo ships passing off to the east on their way both north and south as well was heading across the Atlantic to Europe and Africa. It is a sight to see them. We have had many reports of folks seeing whales from the lamp room and even a few sharks. With the clear days we have also had great viewing from Race Point all the way to the Canal. Yup it's small but with a good pair of binoculars it's a grand sight. So if you have not been here yet please buy all means get out here and come visit us, and if you can't get to us please check out the times and go to one of the other great lighthouses on the Cape. Get a map and go visit every one that is accessible to the public. Please remember there are a couple that are not open to the public so please be respectful of those privately owned. Well that's about it for this round. If you see this young reporter guy out there, please give make sure you support him, he does a wonderful job and really is trying to get his way around the Cape. I think he might make it some day on a much bigger scale. Ok until next time have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      Now I have said in the past I take credit for not much in this recipe section, but when I do I will let you now. I will say I love to grill as I know a lot of the men out there like to show off there stuff this time of year. More men than women I believe do the grilling, although I have know a couple excellent lady grill masters, just has I know some guys out there that are wicked in the kitchen. And from that I like to jump all over the men when it comes to winter and many of these grillers tell me they can't cook. Hogwash, if you can grill you can use the broiler as an upside down grill. And ladies you broil just fine so don't be afraid of the grill. And this is a great side veggie so you don't have to heat up the kitchen when then heat index is 105 outside. So regardless of your skills on the grill this is one for you. With all that I am sure I have seen an adaptation of this somewhere, but honestly I did not go to any cookbook or website to get. So give it a try and hope you enjoy and please come up with your own. Now on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Grilled Summer Squash
      First I am going to do it for 2 people, but just double, triple or whatever for more people.
      2      medium      zucchinis
      2      medium      yellow summer squash
              Old Bay Seasoning
              Lemon Pepper
   1/2      cup              Kraft Zesty Lime Vinaigrette Dressing
      Trim the tops and bottoms off the squash, then slice them lengthwise into quarters. Over a medium+ heat place your squash spires. Brush with the dressing first, then sprinkle with Old Bay Seasoning and Lemon Pepper. (remember Old Bay can get spicy the more you use so be careful how heavy you go) Allow to cook for 2-3 minutes or until grill marks start to show then turn and repeat. After you turn once you will need to then watch as you want them done by not falling apart, you also need to watch the thinner ends that they don't burn before your thicker parts get done. Just keep them moving around the grill. After first two turns you can bast again or call it quits. 
      I just tried the Zesty Lime, but chose your favorite dressing, I would say an oil & vinegar base would be best and brand does not matter. Use what you enjoy and what you have in the house. And for seasoning and spices experiment, basil, Italian blend, garlic blend, lavender salt, citrus salt, the idea here is start simple then have fun. Hope you enjoy.   
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