Generational Changes ? & Fish Chowder

      This round I am going to stray a bit from my usual memory, story or trip, see my business report below for that. Instead I ran across a word today used on a food recipe site that I will no mention by name. They used the word "Hacked" to describe altered, changed, updated, or whatever Cinnamon Rolls. Now I have to say when I read this the first thing that came to mind was why would I want Cinnamon Rolls that someone had "hacked" up a hair ball on. Seriously? I get what the "new" generation means when they "hack" something. But when using it to describe recipes? I don't thing so, there are so many things wrong with this picture. Trust me I don't want anyone hacking at my food, sounds like they are getting sick on it or are chocking to death, and I don't want that to happen at all. Have I finally become my father and the generational gap has finally set in? Tell it isn't so! I know each generation has it's own words, phrases, and sayings, most of which we made up on the run with a couple friends and soon everyone around us was using it. And our parents, thought we were crazy, rad, way out, far out, what? Did I just digress to my sisters era or worse? Spending summers up here on the Cape saw it's own fair share of catch phrases and words with it bring a summer hippie center and cultural art center, looking for ways to catch the next trick or trip along the way to hanging out. And on top of it, there was a surf scene that was happening with everything else. So the Cape was part of that culture shift and generational pop of our older siblings and which drove our parents nuts and crazy. My folks were born in the late 20's early 30's my sisters in the late 40's early 50's, I came along in 60. So maybe it is just a shift in the paradigm of culture again. And I need to get with it and accept that Hacked is to be used in a new way,,, but with food?  Really? Not sure I'm ready for this. Let the new wave hippie movement reemerge here on the Cape, and may I be able to survive it through the next generational change. Whoo hoo, have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      Business report time, first up is one of my favorite places, Atlantic Spice Company up in North Truro at 2 Shore Rd, right before you get to Truro Winery or on the web at If you want some of the best and freshest spices and teas check them out. They are wholesalers and prices are excellent. You can also order and have shipped both larger quantities and smaller. If you go to their shop they also have other kitchen utensils, cook books, grinders, and more. It's not a huge store but they pack a lot in there. So when up that direction you have got to check in with them. 
      The Spice & Tea Merchants that used to be in Mashpee Commons has moved to Falmouth at 245 Main St or on facebook Spice & Tea Merchants of Falmouth. This is a gourmet spice and tea shop that you can get just about any spice you want in any quantity you need, from just an once to a pound. They also have just recently posted they have 25 different kinds of sea salts and they have a wonderful variety of flavored sugars. If you are down in Falmouth doing the Main Street boogie, boogie woogie right on in and check them out. 
      Last up for this week is Just Picked gifts of Cape Cod located at 13 Willow St, Yarmouth Port, or online at / They have two buildings and two levels of shopping. This locally owned business has all the gifts you could think of and some, It has what the locals want and what the tourist long for to take home. So get off exit 7 and go north till just before 6A, parking is on the side and back. I love this place as they have all kinds of fun things that can be used year round or given as gift for all seasons and occasions. Get on over to Just Picked and Pick a peck of Cape Cod gifts to take home with you.  
      Well hello there, I hope the summer has been good to you so far? We have been having one of the best summers I can remember in a long time. Lot's of people, lot's of kids and lot's of cookies, ( but don't tell my wife but I think I have eaten more than half of the ones she has baked, just can't keep my fingers out of them. Especially the Oatmeal Cranberry ones, double yum, I have had the beacon light shinning on those the entire summer LOL, a little lighthouse humor there.) Anyway I will say our job here at the light guard station has really picked up with all the shark sightings. With the water getting warmer sooner and the increased number of grayseals that buffet is just calling out to the sharks. We have also had an increase in swimmers straying a bit further than they should, please folks watch the posted signs and stay within the boundaries, it's for your own safety. The observation deck overlooking the cliffs has been another favorite spot for visitors, they have had some great views up and down the coast line and taking pictures of the changing scenery. This past weekend we had the Perseid Meteor Showers happening and we split the time on good viewing and not so good. But when it was good it was very good. The volunteers we have had this summer have been outstanding as usual and we have had almost perfect attendance with smiles that reach from ear to ear. And they are all giving glowing reports of how nice it has been to have well behaved children and we greatly appreciate that. So I guess that is another rap on the report. I lost that young reporter just after he got here to the wife's kitchen and those cookies. She enjoys spoiling him as she tells me he need fattened up some. Anyway since I see him coming I better wrap this up and get back to my real job with the visitors. Hope you'll have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
      I love chowder and a good fish chowder is a great way to enjoy a good summer's evening. This recipe is another good Baptist cookbook collection recipe, so you know it's been prayed over so it's gotta be good. LOL. Anyway, this is an easy recipe, not a lot of ingredients, even a few you could cut back on or out and a few things you could add. So look it over try it out and make it your own, this what cooking is all about. And during a hot summer you want it easy and good, and this is it. So without further ado: 
      This week's recipe: Fish Chowder
   1/2      lb       salt pork (or think bacon)
      2      each    carrots, sliced 
      1      med     onion, thinly sliced
      3      med     potatoes, diced (or as much as you want)
      1      lb         white fish, cut in pieces
      1      pt         scalded milk (yup scalded)
                          salt & pepper
                          Old Bay Seasoning (to taste 1 tsp usually)
      Fry the salt pork or bacon in bottom of pan. Add sliced carrots and onion. Cover with water and cook 15 minutes. Add the potatoes, fish, salt and pepper and Old Bay Seasoning. Cook 1/2 hour, Add the scalded milk (I looked this up and yes its a legitimate). Serve with chowder crackers.    
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