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        Life is a beach sometimes and others it's a real beach. As may of you know the beach can be a beautiful and wonderful place filled with warm sunshiny feelings and experiences. Sometimes you find you way to the beach only to find it cold, dark and unforgiving. You wonder sometimes what brought you out into this awful stuff as the winds howl across baron dunes and deems to whip sand in your face as if you laugh at such a fool. Other times even when it is cold it can be an interesting place with ice bergs being pushed up onto the sand and being left to create their own islands where non existed before, then just a few days later like a silent mystery they are all gone. Likewise the summer in all it's glory of warm sun and warm waters be a place of mystery with deep sea creatures coming near the shore line, or staying there too long only to get burned in many unwanted ways. I love to go to the beach and the waters edge in both the summer and the winter and ponder the things of the universe, the things of life, the things that have been, the things that could be. Conversations with the one who I call my creator, my maker, my inspiration asking the questions that many of us have. Seeing the vastness of all that is and asking so many whys, and most of the responses have to do with the choices I have made in life. What about? have you looked down and counted the number of grains of sand under your feet, or looked up as you stood on the beach in the evening and counted the number of stars. What about looked out over the waters and wondered how many drops of water fill the oceans or fish fill it's depths. I do not regret moving the Cape at all, I would not want to call any other place home more than this place as long as I am able to. But sometimes you wonder and ponder while feeling the sand under your toes, or feeling the howling icy winds in your face. The beach can be a beautiful place, it can also be your worst enemy. The Cape is one of those wonders that has allowed poets and philosophers write of love and tragedy, and the depth of space to the vastness of the oceans. Artists have tried to convey the beauty and the emptiness of lonely dunes and street filled villages. Of cottages filled with laughter and frivolity to empty boxes lining the horizon with specked colors wondering what tomorrow brings. Life is a beach, changing landscapes with shifting sands, exposing hidden treasures and wrecked ambitions. There is beauty in her and there is are the not so pretty aspects of her. Living life on the Cape can have it's pluses and minuses, it's beauties and it's questions, its warming sands under the feet or its cold howling winds slapping you in the face. Sometimes it's great to be lying on the beach soaking in the sun, while others when you think all is good and right end up burned in too many wrong places. Life on the Cape I would not change it for much else, but sometimes when pondering gets deep, well, the ocean seems so shallow at times. The Cape a mysterious lady, do we really understand her, do we really appreciate her, do we really,,,,,    Do you? Are you? Live life to its fullest, and may the beaches of your like not end up being the beaches of your life. And may the beaches of Cape Cod find more warm sunshine under your toes than ice covered jetties with howling winds pelting icy salt water pellets in your face. You wonder at times what some of us who live thing and do and wonder. Does everyone think this way, Heck no and we are thankful for that cause nothing would ever get done, that need done, like transfer station workers, road repair crews, nurses and doctors and more. But from time to time I am sure we all ponder some of these those, as we stand on Cape beaches at different times of the year. Well have a great and wonderful and may your thoughts and ponderings be soothing of the Cape and not keep you up all night. Until we see you again, right here on old Cape Cod.           

Instead of a pure business report this week I am going to do a few reminders of things that are still open and happening that families and couples or singles can do around the Cape this time of year. First up are the whale watching trips out of Provincetown. These boats have the shortest trip to Georges Bank area and whale watching areas and always are a wonderful experience for all ages. Check local guide books for coupons to help fray the cost, but it is well worth the time and money. It has been a few years since we went on one but the last time we went out it was one of the most memorable times we had gone. While you are up that way, take the time after your excursion to go gallery and shop hopping. there is much to see and good eats all over P'town. Something else that is still open are several of the miniature golf courses. Again check your guides for coupons. There are barely any lines, at least during the week and a great time to get out and just enjoy being outdoors having fun. Next would be the rail trails, whether you take your bikes, or walk or blade, these are wonderful trails that allow you to get out and about and enjoy the outdoors and to see some of the Cape's natural settings. There are also nature trails from one end of the Cape to the other along with the National Park system that you can explore the Cape's landscapes and all that it has to offer in the fall. Also we are coming up on cranberry harvest season, so keep you eyes open and stayed in tune with different farms to when they will be doing harvesting if you have never seen one it is something to watch. Also the weekend of the 15-16 of September is the Harwich Cranberry Festival so done miss it, as this is the big, big, big one. On the restaurant scene, go check out those that are season only and still open through Columbus Day, cause once they close, you wont see them till about Memorial Day, but then again, we have so many good year round places to eat at, and without the lines you will have to pace yourself not to go broke or put on 100 extra pounds, and many of them start off season specials that are wonderful. Well happy naturing, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
      Welcome back folks, I hope you are enjoying this fall unpredictable weather, cool one day and hot the next. Sunshine one minute and rain showers the next, but it is still Cape Cod and it is still beautiful no matter what the weather might be. Now the week visits have diminished greatly of tourists and as of this coming weekend we will shut down the week day open house. However we will continue to accept special by appointment tours from tour buses and specialty groups, as well as seeing our school kids of all ages. We love having the kids here and getting to talk about the history of the life saving station and the light tower. Showing them how the lamp room and the beacon has changed from the original lens and wick and whale oil lamps to the widely used Fresnel lens, until the modernization movement to update to the digital age and the current beacon system we have in place today. Did anyone realize that at one time there was a thought that lighthouses would no longer be needed? How silly a thinking was that? Sure many if not all the large seagoing vessels today have satellite and digital navigation systems but many of our smaller crafts do not and need that visual landmarks to help guide them along the shores and into safe harbors. We get to tell them of all the ship wrecks up and down the coast of the outer Cape and those that made it and sadly those that did not. And of course there is always some kind of treat going on that the Mrs has been baking. Well that's about another wrap to it, we will be open starting this weekend only on the weekends through Columbus Day weekend. So if you live here, great time to come out and see us and if you are visiting please make a point to stop in and see all that is going on. Until then, have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
      I love fruit salads and this is one of the old time classics that just doesn't stop. However unless you really know what the name is trying to find a recipe sometimes is rather difficult. So if you already know this old time favorite great just chalk it up it as a confirmation that it is still around. If you don't have it well here it is, it is simple it is old school simple, tasty and fairly healthy. As always, take this recipe and add, take away, change up. Try using different varieties of apples to suit your taste, make it your own and enjoy this classic fall apple salad. Now before I start drooling all over the keyboard let's get this show on the road. 
      This week's recipe: Waldorf Salad
      2      cups      diced apples
      1      cup        diced celery
   1/2      cup        raisins 
   1/2      cup        diced walnuts
   1/4      cup        mayonnaise
      1      tsp         lemon juice
                            salt and pepper to taste.   
      Combine all ingredients and mix then salt and pepper to taste. The amount of mayo can be altered to ones taste just do it in small increments. You may also want to substitute grapes for raisins and some recipes use grated carrot in theirs. 
      So have fun with this one and enjoy. 
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