Fall on Cape Cod & Crab Bisque

      Well, as the weather begins to change the visitors start to tale off and fallish things start to pop up. The nights are finally stating to get a tad crisp. The time of year when a dram of whisky with a nice cigar out by the campfire is just what is ordered to relax. The cooler weather makes perfect sleeping weather and and during the day with the lower humidity taking those walks on the rail trails or natural trails viewing changing leaves and and cranberry bogs either about to be or actually flooded just waiting for the harvest to happen. The end of summer by the calendar is just about to happen, and fall is now here with football, sweaters, and love. Yes, everyone things that Valentines Day and spring is the season of love, but I clam fall is when snuggling and cuddling is the name of the game and although most men would deny it,, I'm not sure I don't know of a single one that does not crave the attention that is give by his significant other this time of year. Walks in a vineyard sipping wine, or an apple orchard enjoying cider. Walks on the beach with a cool breeze blowing in off the water and enjoying shellfish on the half shell while sitting on the outdoor deck watching the yachts come in and out of the harbor. Fall on the Cape to many seems desolate and abandon, places closed up and nothing to do. Really? This is second season with festivals and craft shows, fishing in lakes and ponds and surf casting of the flats or along the canal. The Cape in the fall, is one of the best times of the year and one of those times that most who live here will tell you this is why we moved here. The only problem is I have neither time enough or funds enough to do all I want or take off from work to just go do. Life is so short and what the good Lord has blessed us with there just is not time to do it all. This is not so much family time but couples time, or maybe family making time. The colors, the smells of leaves burning or those camp fires, cold sand between the toes at the top of a dune looking out over the vastness of the national park and preserves there to just enjoy. This fall, if you don't live here, find time to get here and see what the Cape really has to offer this time of year. If you live here get out and enjoy all we have to offer and be reminded of the reasons we either moved here or stay here. To often we get so caught up in doing everyday life we miss out on what is around us, don't let that happen this fall and be adventurous, do thing wild and crazy with your significant other and just relearn what it is and all that we have to offer right here during the fall on old Cape Cod.     
      Business report time, I have been looking to put this business in the blog for sometime but catching with them to get information has been interesting so this past weekend when I went to the Harwich Cranberry Festival and ran into them I was able to take the time to stop and get updated. The Cape Cod Bear Factory, this business is called fun, fun, fun ready to help your kids and celebrations become a Bear-able event. First find them at www.facebook.com/CCBearFactory/ Cape Cod Bear Factory has everything you need to create your own personalized stuffed animals. You can choose from over 60 different animals, 50 different outfits, and many shoes and accessories to customize your new friend. Yes this bear bus can barely be overlooked for those wonderful kids evens. And for the off-season party she has a special running, use the word WECOMETOYOU and get 15% off your off-season party. Check them out let her come to you, no dragging the kids around in multiple vehicles, getting lost or worse losing someone in the mayhem of whatever. You will be pleased, your wallet will be pleased and your kids will be ecstatic with this very beary party bus. You can also call her to set your party at 508-815-9735.
      Now remember as we are well into the off season that breakfast is now an option even on the weekends. This past Saturday I was up at an ungodly hour in the morning and decided instead of fighting to try to get another hour of restless sleep to get up and go to breakfast. So after avoiding it during the season I ventured back into Grumpy's in East Dennis on Rt 6A just east of Rt 134. I had the 2 eggs, toast and hash with coffee. The eggs were done to perfection and just right for dipping my toast in and the hash was done all the way through. Remember if you like yours extra crispy to tell them otherwise it is just well done and very tasty. There is so much in the menu, but don't forget to check out the black boards for the extras that are always something special. The other two things I love there are the Belgium Waffles and their Breakfast Burrito this thing is big enough to satisfy a hungry horse or front linesman in the NFL. So if you too have been avoiding them for the summer crowds the wait is over and time to get back there and love every bit. Oh ya they are also open for lunch but I am so full after breakfast I don't think I could do lunch, LOL. 
      There are two other vendors that were there that I have come to love there goods. One is from Massachusetts the other from Vermont. The first The Crimson Lion out of Westfield, MA. Find them at www.thecrimsonlion or on facebook. They have some of the best Salsa around. I love the fruited ones the best, they have a bacon one out this round that I am eager to try. I had to be careful how many I got as I tend to hoard these instead of eating and using them as I hate to pay shipping. But they will ship anywhere and are well worth it. The other vendor out of Randolph, Vt or find them at www.woodssyrup.com. They are a small batch hand crafted maple syrup company. They produce things like Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, Smoked Maple Syrup, and the list goes on and on. This stuff is some of the best small crafted syrup I have ever allowed to touch my lips and tongue. Someone at the show asked him so where do you get the syrup from, His response: "my backyard." The lady said no seriously where do you get it from, (looking to trick him into saying from across the boarder) he look at the lady and said: "seriously, from my backyard, we tap our own trees and use our own sap to make our own syrup." I was dying laughing as she was taken back at his response. And his is serious, it is a family owned land they tap the trees so this is even cooler to me. So if you get a chance give them a try and have some wickedly wild and wonderful maple syrup from right here in New England.   Now that's it for this week, come back next week for some updates .        
      Greetings all, I hope you have had a great week. Out here on the forearm of the Cape we are still reeling over the events of this past week. It's been some time that anyone has had to report off our great shores of the Cape a person losing their life to a shark attack. I am not going to dwell on this but want to remind everyone, The signs are up for a reason, we have a plethora of seals up and down our coastline and what finds these oh so adorable creatures a delicacy? Sharks. That's right folks and apparently sharks do not have that great a sight to distinguish between humans and seals. So if you go in the waters were these creature occupy, keep your eyes open, stay aware and take precautions at all costs. Until the seal population is depleted we are going to have this issue, along with a shortage of fish for our fishermen, cause they are eating more of their fare share. 
      Now on with the rest of the story as someone used to say: As our primary season has passed and second season is starting to slow down we are starting to take stock in our grounds, buildings and display items as we have the holiday run from about the first of October through the New Year. We need to be sure all the lights are working and repair a few of the things that have just gotten ragged and worn and in some cases just need to replace some of the displays. We want to keep it fresh and exciting every year with something old, something new nothing blue especially not you. Oh wait that goes to something else doesn't it? Guess I need to stick to my day job. Anyway, we are in the process of giving the tower a good cleaning and making sure that over the summer anything that might have gotten handled a little more than expected is ready for the holiday traffic. The lamp room has had a major cleaning and is sparkling clean enough to see your reflection in all the brass that is still up there. And I personally cleaned all the windows so we can get a good gimps of what is left out there with our giant mammal friends and what is going on in the shipping lanes. The storm that tore up the Carolines passed on through and out of here without much todo, at least here on the Cape and we are grateful for that. The recreational boaters are pretty much done for the season and I know that a lot of the town slips will be closing between October 1st and Columbus Day so that is when we really get a break. Except that is when the weather season steps up and we need to keep a eye on those fishing boats and freighters that are out just a ways. We don't need them coming in to close or getting lost ending up in places they can not retreat from. So, stay tuned for when things will be up and ready for the fall harvest season and we can start having camp fires and gatherings and the all favorite haunted maze and trails. For now that's about it, hope you have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.        
      This is one of those weeks that I pulled out my recipes and looked at what I had on the list to share and went, nah, no way, ain't happening this week. Just was not hitting the spot. So I went digging and found something that would make either a great appetizer starter or a perfect lunch main course, or if dinner used as a coupler, cause this stuff can end up being really rich. When I went to switch out the recipes on my master schedule I did not realize how many recipes I have using Crab. I think the only thing I enjoy more than crab is lobster then seafood, or is that see-food. I always enjoy being on a see-food diet only problem is my waistline is allergic to that diet. LOL Anyway this is a really simple recipe, I did not say cheap necessarily but good and simple. Hope you can give it a try sometime, I think anyone who likes seafood will like this bisque. Now on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Crab Bisque
      1      can      cream of mushroom soup
      1      can      asparagus soup
 1 1/2     cans    milk ( either 2% or whole)
      1      cup      half & half
      1      cup      sliced fresh mushrooms
      1      cup      crab
   1/4      cup      white wine
                          Old Bay Season (optional)
                          Black or Gray ground Pepper (optional)
                          Parsley (optional)
      Mix first 6 ingredients and heat slowly until hot. Right before serving add wine. Garnish top of Bisque in bowl with a pinch of Old Bay Season, a 1/4 grind of fresh pepper and a sprig of parsley (all this is optional) Serve Hot. 

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