Last Brews, Vines & Spirits Report 2018 & Incredibly Edible Cheesecake

So this is may be the last of the Brews, Vines and Distillery reports as we have known them for the past two years. Writing a blog like this takes a team, and when I don't get paid to do this and I don't ask for any favors from any group or persons that I write about, Free information is always a risky thing as when one or a couple decide they either don't have the time to offer you or do not see the worth in it, the information stops flowing and thus my abilities to offer you insider or at least a personal touch ends. I had a funny feeling this run was coming to an end when I dropped to only 3 real participants through half this year and now I am now down to 1 and 1/2, I have to laugh at that. So with that we will most likely the first of they year If I am still doing any of this, which I most likely will, we will take the Brews, Vineyards and Distilleries in a new direction. So stay tuned. 

      For the last of the year thanks to Amanda from Cape Cod Beer for all her help. You can find Cape Cod Beer online at where else but, or on Phinneys Lane just east of Rt 132. Please go to the website and go to the events page. You will find all that is going on with Cape Cod Beer, Paddles & Pints, Crafts & Drafts, Homebrew Club, Race to Hope, Yappy Hours, Cape Cod Brew Fest, Hops & Hops, Octoberrfest, A Very Merry Market and December still to come. Then there is the beer release calendar, and I am definitely looking forward to the Cranberry Harvest Brew. They are open Monday - Fridays 10-6 Saturdays 11-4 and closed on Sundays. Closed during private events. Please check out all they do for the community, it seems to be endless and they are always looking for new ways to be engaged in all things Cape Cod. 
      Next up is Cape Cod Winery, Thats to Erika for taking the time to provide me with updates and happenings on their journey of resorting and rebuilding Cape Cod Winery in East Falmouth at 4 Oxbow Rd just off RT 28, or find them online at www./ From now through 10-8 they closed Mondays-Tuesday, but have a full schedule Wednesday through Sundays. Then after 10-8 they are open Thursday - Sunday through October with October 20 the Fall Festival being the cap to the season.  Then come November -December Friday - Sunday open for all regular business activities. They have really revived the selection of wines that available and are also purchasable online and can be shipped to many areas. Tastings are still happening and what a great way to get aquatinted with what they are producing and have to offer. So please keep them in mind for everyday wines as well as gifts for all occasions and speaking of occasions they can do all kinds of events. They are really making a come back with what they are doing. 
      Last up is Truro Vineyards in Truro, find them at or of 6A in North Truro just past Atlantic Spice Company. My thanks to Delaney, and the others who have helped me over the last several year, and my special thanks to the Roberts family Kristen and David especially. They have helped make this segment what it has been, feeding me with information on a regular basis and taking an interest in this once mid-western who is just trying to support our local businesses here on Cape Cod get a little more exposure so they make it and in turn support the community through hiring year round employees and supporting the community left and right. They are Open Mondays - Saturdays 11-5 and Sundays 12-5. Last year they made the decision to stay open year round and I have not heard anything different for this year. The VineGrass Festival that is happening this coming weekend Sunday September 30th is the last huge event for the year. I know that the weekday tastings will soon be ending but weekend tastings will still be going on. Please if you have questions give them a call and go, as the shop will still be happening, and we still have a harvest that needs to happen. So stay tuned, and go support a great business that gives back to the community and loves to help spread the word of Cape Cod opportunities partners. 
      Well,, now don't think that I am dropping the ball completely on this,, I will just be changing the format and doing things a little differently, hoping that I can still be of aid to each of these and to those others who only threw a bone every once in awhile but are still here helping Cape Cod to be a real Brews, Vines and Spirits destination. Stay tuned for the next chapter coming in January 2019,   
       Well I went to Kelly's on 134 this week to check out the updated menu and all that is going on there. I am still impressed with what had checked since the old owners sold the place. It is so open and almost homey feeling but with a nice sports bar flavor, yet the bar does not interfere with the dinning area as in it not overpowering that you cannot go and enjoy an evening with family and friends and not be heard. And you can go and be part of the bar and still feel like your in a nice place. I had the Kelly Burger and it was tasty, along with the sweet potato fries. They were seasoned nicely and could be eaten plain or as I requested a little whipped cream and maple syrup mix to dip in and a local beer to finish it all. It was well work going. I will be back for another round soon. Give them a try you will not be disappointed. 
       Welcome back my friends, as I dictate this to you a friend of mine is doing what I wish we had more of, volunteers, as he is helping in caring for the station and light house up at Race Point. They have a great program where you go up and spend a 3-5 days or a week and do whatever is needed. I really admire my friend Paul for doing this, although I think he is more like a kid in a candy store up there as he get's to get away from it all, and just spend some time meditating and contemplating all his maker has done for him or is doing for him and all he has created. He is an amazing person, both his maker and my friend. Part of the issue is they do not have a permanent keeper like we do down here. Well I hope you have been well since the last time we met, The decorations are going up this weekend and will be ready to go the first the last weekend in September. We will have the usual pumpkin patch, and a maze, the haunted woods, scarecrow, corn stalks, lights and a whole lot of other things. We are planning, not guaranteed to have a bobbing for apple station (we keep trying to invent ways to keep this more sanitary for all but still if you have a cold or early flu bug please pass this up. We may have cider donuts and cider and a few other things, Some of the food items we do have to charge, we would like to just give away but this is also a fund raiser for the lighthouse slush fund that helps keep these activities going for all to enjoy and looking nice. Anyway you got the picture so we hope to see you there Thursday evenings through Sunday evenings 5-9. As for the rest of what is going on, I am happily state that everything has been quiet this past week for the most part. We had one fishing boat incident but we will leave that to the regular news reporters, I don't want to go there, just a big thanks to the German Cruise Ship for going to the rescue. Other than that it's nice to report nothing. Yes the weather has been below normal, but that's not a bad thing, the seas have been quiet, no fish issues, and no beach issues. The light has been steadily blinking out her cadence and there has been no need for the fog horn. Sounds kind of boring, but really sometimes we need some quiet to see that the boats are getting taken in safely and see that the docks are starting to come out of the waters for the winter. I still see during the daytime some of our charter tour planes flying around the Cape making their way from lighthouse to lighthouse around the outline from canal to tip to canal. I've heard they are a blast to go on, although I have never been as I am usually working when they are flying. But check them out and if you've never been here before, maybe you will see us from the air. Well that's about it for this round, I hope you have a great week wherever you are at but especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.       
      As you know, I am not a standard cake lover, but I do love pound cakes, bundt cakes and cheesecakes, so I am always on the lookout for good and easy cheesecake recipes. Some I love and can not get enough of, some, well I'm not sure even a church mouse would take a bother to steal a morsel of. Anyway this one is a good one, it does use a springform pan, regular shape or heart shape, and it does come with a topping. So there is a little work to this but overall I thing it is a good one to try and make. Besides can it be that bad when it uses a chocolate crust, I don't think so. So let's get this show in the kitchen and let's get creating. P.S. look over the ingredients before you start to be sure you got it all, then go to it.
      This week's recipe: Incredibly Edible Cheesecake
      2      pkg      cream cheese (8 oz pkgs)
      8      oz        vanilla yogurt
      2      lg         eggs
      1      cup      sugar
   1/4      cup      Triple Sec Liqueur or (Orange flavored Liquor) 
    12      oz        chocolate cookies (1 pkg)
      1      stick     melted butter
      1      pkg      frozen berries (1 lb pkg)
   1/4      cup      tapioca
   1/2      cup      sugar
   1/2      cup      water
      Filling: Cream together, cream cheese and yogurt. Gradually beat in eggs one at a time, sugar and liqueur. 
      Crust: Crush cookies in blender or with rolling pin. Mix with melted butter and press into 9 or 10 inch springform pan. 
      Topping: Cook together frozen berries, tapioca, sugar and water until just thick.
      Pour filling into pie crust and bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees. Cool on a rack. Once cooled, carefully remove springform and pour topping into the center and gently evenly spread topping to the edges. For different holidays you can garnish with Chocolate covered strawberries, Mint, chocolate shavings, ect. You can use mixed berries, single berries like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, or any other kind. Cut into 1/16 slices as this is father rich.  
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