Work at Home on the Cape & Pumpkin Cheesecake

  I'm not sure if it is the weather change or if I am just run down physically or what but I have been having the toughest time getting motivated this week. On time of it all it has been a full moon this week which does not help with long hours in the office. Some say that working out of ones own house is the ultimate, while it does have it's advantages long hours in an office is still long hours in an office. Or my commute is like fifteen steps from my bed to my office chair and getting off the commute to the kitchen is about 20 steps. Usually when it is nice and I am working regular hours I have time after work to get out of the hours while there is still light shinning and I can enjoy seeing more than the 27 turkeys I had outside my office window the other day. I try to go out periodically and go meet the people that walk past the house everyday so I have more that just a passing face to identify with. I have several older folks (older than me that is) that do daily walks regardless of weather. I also have the dog walkers of all ages, and the funny thing is we know each others pets names than we do each others names. I know what time everyone leaves for work and what time they get home. I am the proverbial know it all of my neighborhood, but most don't mind as I am the first to know if something is no fitting or appropriate going on, or if there are issues happening and I make sure everyone on our streets knows everyone else and we keep an eye on each other. This is what makes living on the Cape such a joy is having folks around me that are fun to be around and that want to know each other. This is what I like so much about living on the Cape. Parts of New England, and the east coast can be very cold when it comes to people, but the Cape has different and open and caring people. So although I get stuck in my office sometimes I can wave to my neighbors, I can see what is going on around me and I can at least go raid my refrigerator when I am hungry without having to spend extra at the local shop or worse not get out of the office and just go hungry. LOL. So I will snuggle in my blanket, and relax in my office chair and type away at my work. Regardless of how I feel, what the weather is like outside, who is on the road, I can be comfy during my work times then get out of the house as soon as I'm done and enjoy whatever the Cape has to offer that day. 
      I hope you have a neighborhood and friends like I do, regardless of where you live, and I hope you are not fighting the changing weather or seasonal bugs. But if you are able and live here on the Cape take advantage of any down time and get out and enjoy this wonderful place, even with the changes happening. And if you live off Cape, give the weekend a try and come on out and get a relaxing weekend in, enjoying harvests, festivals, farmers markets or just wondering from town to town in and out of shops, or a rail trail or nature hike. The Cape has so much to offer, so have a great and wonderful wherever you are but especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      So is the time for local business reports. It's been a while since I have gone over some of the pie shops on the Cape. With the holidays quickly approaching I think it would be good to reiterate some of the great local pie shops and bake shops we have here on the Cape so if you are either not handy at making pies or you just don't have the time you will know there is someplace close by that can help you out. 
      First up is Pie in the Sky in Woods Hole, find them online at, on facebook and at 10 Water St. This shop is more than a pie shop, it's a breakfast place, a lunch place and a coffee shop. They also carry a lot of other baked goods. Totally fun place to check out. 
      Second up is Centerville, find them online at or on facebook or at 1671 Falmouth Rd. If you are anywhere from Hyannis to Mashpee this is the place you want to check out for your pies. They have fresh pies and frozen pies and take and bake pies. They have savory pies and well as standard fruit, cream and specialty pies. If you don't see something, you can call them on a special order but I can assure you there will be no slice or crumb left of these pies if they even make it home. Check them out they have won awards and are wicked awesome. 
      Third, Marion's Pie Shop in Chatham, find them online at or facebook or at 2022 Main St (also known as RT 28). They have outstanding savory pies as well as the standard fruit, cream, custard and specialty pies. Marion's does more than just pies they do breakfast items and treats as they say as well as soups and sides. if your between Hyannis and Chatham check Marion's Pie Shop out for all you holiday pie needs or any other time of the year pie needs. How can pass up a great piece of pie anytime, no one. Yumm.    
      Well have we seen the last of the warm weather? I know the winds have been howling round the tower the last few days and I have been feeling it in my bones and these old muscles. The Full Harvest Moon has been giving the skies an eerie look casting long shadows across the cliffs and shimmering off the water and waves. At times I have felt the presents of spirits long past wandering the shore lines looking for loved ones and to complete business unfinished. As a wisp of a cloud passes over the moon you can almost hear the creek of a ship silently slipping it's was across a windless ocean only to look out and see nothing there. Are these waters haunted with the spirits of ships wrecks past, I really can't say, I suppose anything is possible to those who have a vivid enough imagination and a willing mind. Just don't too many of those who have been through the haunting woods trail, I have heard some strange tales already. We have been having some fantastic attendances these past couple of weekend. And really only this weekend and next left. I have heard roomers of rain, but I am holding my breath not, so we can have a great time for all who come. Well the time has come and gone and so must I, to tell the tales of sailors old and ships that pass in the night. Well you will have to come to the bonfire story time for more. Have a great and wonderful Halloween especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.
      Ok I am not one of these gotta have pumpkin in everything I eat or drink this time of year. I like pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and an occasional piece of pumpkin cheesecake. Keep it out of my drinks, and I'm not one for pumpkin ice cream. pumpkin cookies I could take or leave but pumpkin custard can be enjoyed once or twice a season. So I do this recipe cause it's the season, and I know some people just crave pumpkin this time of year. So this comes from a reliable source, another one of them church group pot luck cookbooks and so if this is your thing and just have not found a good recipe, please give this one a try and hope you enjoy. Now on with the show.
      This week's recipe: Pumpkin Cheesecake
      1      cup      graham cracker crumbs
      1      cup      chopped walnuts
   1/4      cup      firmly packed dark brown sugar
   1/2      tsp       cinnamon
   1/2      cup      unsalted butter, melted
      3      8oz      cream cheese softened
      1      cup      sugar
      4      each    eggs
   1/2      cup      all-purpose flour
      1      tsp       cinnamon
   1/2      tsp       nutmeg
      1      cup      canned pumpkin
      1      tsp       vanilla (real)
      Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a medium bowl, combine crumbs, nuts, sugar and cinnamon, mix in butter. Pat mixture into bottom of a 9 inch springform pan
      In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy, gradually add sugar. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each. Mix in flour, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Add pumpkin and vanilla, blending well. Pour into a prepared crust; Bake 10 minutes. Lower temperature to 325 degrees and bake 1 hour longer or until a cake tester comes out clean. Turn off oven. 
      Let cake stand in oven with door closed 20 minutes. Remove to wire rack and cool. Chill at least 2 hours before serving. 
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