Enjoying Fall 2018 & Stuffed Clams

   Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend, we fall back and get that extra hour of sleep. 
      Ever since I was a youngster, it was my dream to live on Cape Cod. We would come every summer for the month of August and put our toes down into the sand and just chill. I thought this is what everyone must do that live here all year round. As I got older I came to realize that, that was not the situation, but life was not different than any other place. Yet my love for the Cape continued to grow. I had not had to the abilities over the years to experience the winters here, I had not had the chance to see the leaves of New England, or the feel the winds of a NorEaster. Sure I have grown up with mid-western seasonal changes and they can be beautiful, and lived through the bitterness of blizzards coming our of Canada across soybean and corn fields. I attended a small farm community elementary school, that endured the lovely aroma from the cow barn across the street to the sulfur water rotting egg smell that was there year round at the water cooler. But the Cape is something different, New England's fall season is something like no other, and being able to experience walking the paths with all the turning leaves and experiencing cranberry harvests. Going clamming for the freshest clam chowder or sweetest soft shell steamers. Going fishing for Strippers and Blues or even Tuna. You can not do that just anyplace. I will say however that after have multiple back surgeries that I feel the barometer changes and humidity changes much more than when I first moved here. But for now as long as I can handle it, I will continue to live on the Cape year round, fulfilling my childhood dreams of calling Cape Cod my home. Oh we will talk about winter later on more in depth, I actually have a couple funny stories on those. But this is enough, for now. If you ever had a desire to live here, and have not experienced a fall season on the Cape, take the time to come visit us, we do not roll up all the carpets and there is still lots to do. The pace slows way down and it is a place to take deep breaths and enjoy what is around you, one day at a time, doing what needs done and just learning to enjoy life. I you have a great and wonderful, in all you do, but if you can do it right here on Cape Cod, and the more to you.   
      Business report: Ok, we still have a couple of our faithful seafood restaurants open and serving. One is Cook's Seafood on RT 132 in Hyannis. Cook's has some of the best fried clams on the Cape and has a wonderful clam chowder. They have daily specials and their regular menu of seafood and some things for those of you that done do seafood. Sometimes I forget that  not everyone either likes or can do seafood. So they keep this in mind so that the rest of the family has to do without just because of you. For more information and their hours through Thanksgiving weekend (cause after that you will need to wait till next season) check out their website at /cookesseafood.com or on facebook, twitter and instagram. 
      Another wonderful place I have heard is The Brewster Fish House located on 6A or 2208 Main Street, Brewster. I normally do not do a lot of promoting of restaurants I have not eaten at, at least once. But I have had many reports on this place from peers that I respect that I am confident that what they say is so. Check out their hours and menu on their website at /brewsterfishhouse.com. They are open for both Lunch and Dinner Wednesday through Mondays. I have heard outstanding reviews on their holiday offerings and as soon as they open the schedule to make reservations one should do so early. So if you are in for a special nice upper scale dinner this is the place you want to consider. Hope you enjoy. 
      Last but not least we leave the food world to one of my favorite all around shops, Just Picked Gifts, located at 13 Willow Street, Yarmouthport which is at the corner of Willow and 6A. They are an eclectic shop of gifts and house goods. They have a wonderful selection of holiday novelties for the cottage or home. And the thing I like best is that they do not charge and arm and a leg for their products. So you can afford to go in and shop for everyone off the Cape including Aunt Harriet who expects something from Cape Cod every year. The owner and his staff are friendly and wonderful to help find what you are in need of. One of the other things I like is they try to carry a nice selection of local goods as we. So as you start looking to finalize your holiday gift giving list check them out and be pleasantly surprised which all you can get at Just Picked Gifts.   
      Well I hope all of you are making it through this change in seasons. Halloween is officially now behind us and Thanksgiving is forthcoming. Now before anyone has a tizzy, the decorations and maze and all will be up through this weekend as I previously mentioned, since we lost part of last weekend. But come Monday we will be on full turnover to get this place picked up and turned around for Thanksgiving. No not Christmas yet, and although I know some of our sister light houses will be starting their December displays at Thanksgiving but we will stay with the season. So as far as the what we are all about here, you know, lighthouse stuff, I think it has been more exciting on land than on the high seas. Just remember this time of year that weather can turn quickly and seas can change without notice. Please stay in turn with the local Coast Guard and NOAA radio channels for the latest sea conditions. Our light is always lit and there to help guide you back into the harbor safely. I am hearing reports of Tuna strikes happening and several good size fish being taken. So if you're going be sure you are well prepared and have the right equipment and please be sure your radio is in working condition, I have had a few reports lately that folks got out and discovered their radios were not working. This is frightening to me and just a disaster waiting to happen. That's my guard stations PSA for the month, now back to our regularly scheduled programing. If any of our volunteers are available to help in clean up and change over on Monday please come on out as many hands make light. Well I know that this has been a real exciting report this week. But sometimes I like quiet as that allows me to get some rest. Have a great and wonderful, especially if you can did it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      Now if you are a lover of seafood you will love these hot specialties. Whether you call them Stuffed Clams or call them Stuffies they are some of the best things you can make with Quahogs. There are some different ways to make them, without sausage and with or with other spiced meat along with the clams. The bread in some is specialty crafted bread to others that just use breadcrumbs. No matter how you serve them up they are usually a great big hit. So if you are up for it, this recipe is not that difficult and the fresher the Quahogs you can use the better. And these make a fantastic appetizers. Now before I get to hungry, let get on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Stuffed Clams
      1      doz      large quahogs
   3/4      cup      chopped onion
      1      can      mushrooms, small, drained and chopped
   1/4      cup      fat (best if bacon based)
      3      Tbsp    flour
      1      tsp       salt
                          pepper to taste
      2      Tbsp    butter, melted
   1/2      cup      dry bread crumbs
      Shuck clams. Chop or grind into small pieces. Save shells and wash thoroughly. Cook onion and mushrooms in fat on low heat; do not brown. Blend flour and seasonings. Add clams and cup or more of clam juice. Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Fill greased shells (use a non-stick spray). Combine butter and crumbs; sprinkle over top of each shell. Broil for 10 minutes or until brown. If you have garnish with a small piece (or large) of bacon. Yum.

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