To Early to Dream? & a Poinsettia Cocktail (or Cranberry Mimosa)

     So is it too early to start dreaming of a warm summer, with lazy sunny days laying on the beach and swimming in the Sound? Is it too early to start dreaming of sailing up and down the coast line, or kayaking a kettle pond. Fishing out in the Bay, along the Canal or even some shore casting off Nauset Beach. There is kite flying and frizbee golf, and throwing the ball with my Dad, and bike riding, and hiking and dune exploring (without layers of clothing on) and the list goes on and on. No it is not too early, cause that is one way that we keep warm in our hearts to this place we love to call home. I know there are those that just love the cooler, no colder weather, but after surgeries and getting older with joints and muscles that beg for anything above 50 with sun. But for now, we begin our dreaming for those warmer months to come quickly while snuggled in front of our fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. For now we decorate our holiday, Christmas trees with remembrances of our past visits and all good things on Cape Cod and wish each other that their days be merry and bright and may all their wishes come true, especially if they involve being on old Cape Cod. I know it's stretching it a bit but really? Some of us really do love it that much. Hope you see you soon, even if it is in the middle of the off season.   
      Well we have a couple for the small business report and just in time for some of your Christmas shopping. I ran into these folks at LoveLocalFest this past weekend, watch fo these to occur and go shop our local small businesses 
      First up is Cape Camo, find them on line at, facebook, instagram, twitter and more. They are a new start up company but there stuff is very unique in design. They have yoga pants and tee shirts, caps, and hoodies and more coming.  Whats so unique about tis you ask? well the anchors are all upside down, the meaning of this is: Sailors turn their anchor upside down when the work day is over, meaning it's time to relax or go party with your friends. And they see their clothing a time to relax and just enjoy live especially if it can be done on Cape Cod. They do have a shop online and you can find them out and about. This is some really cool new stuff. 
      Second is Lissie Glass stained glass, fine and wearable art. She works out of, wait can you guess, Sandwich. Find her on Etsy at on facebook and instagram. My wife was totally taken in by the wearable art pieces. Being stained glass you might think that the earrings and necklaces would be heavy in weight, but they are not. They are light and guys would make a very special and wow factor gift for your special one. She has a design or shape that will suit just about anyones taste. She also does wall and window works as well and is always open for commissioned pieces. This would be a wonderful gift no matter what you are celebrating. 
      Last on the list is Golf Cape Cod est 1892, long name but for that golfer in the family or friend they have some super wonderful things. Find them on the web at, facebook and instagram. Remember the est 1892 or you will be going done rabbit trails trying to find them. Now what do they have, head covers, divot picks, ball markers, also coming are signs, hats and more. Some very fun stuff here and very practical for the golfers in your life. 
      That's it for this week, remember whenever possible get out there and shop local and keep our neighbors and and friends here on the Cape by supporting their businesses when at all possible.    
      Welcome my friends to the great month of December, the last of the year and host to several celebrations or holidays of many faiths. And just as if ordered the cold weather is coming in with a bite that is chilling us all. Ok I have to say, remembering last winter spending most of the cold months down south like most of our snow birds do was not all that bad. But in reality I do enjoy the changing of the seasons and the seafood can not get any better. So I will not be gone like I was last year, although I might still take a week or two along the way, you know I do need a break, just like all of you do. But any-who, we are not here to talk about next year but what is happening right now, right here in our corner of Cape Cod and what is happening at this grand old Light House and Coast Guard Station. The decoration have been holding up through all the wind we have been having this past week and the rain has stopped and the parking areas are drying out. The Mrs has been baking away so that in the evenings there are some baked goods and hot chocolate for a donation, remember these gatherings are the way we do our fundraising to keep this place open and going. Lighthouses are not the top priority on the government paycheck list. They keep the light going and the equipment to run it, and they would rather just close the place up, modernize everything and save the cost of the upkeep to all the extra stuff and then we would loose out on the history and significance of what this place has meant to many along these shore lines of Cape Cod. We have survived another drenching of rain through this past weekend, which always causes issues with erosion but the major storms have not been a direct hit so that has helped. The shipping lanes have been quiet and except for a few minor fishing incidences we have been blessed another week without tragedy. The light earlier this week has been working overtime as the changing weather creates a fog bank that has been as thick as pea soup and I even had to set off the fog horn. but now that the temperatures have dropped the fog has lifted so the folks who live around the station can sleep through the nights again. I feel bad, but safety is more important then a few sleepless nights. Well, for those who have groups and want to schedule a private tour I am still doing those, although most of those slots are taken up by the school kids and you know I will not give those up. Teaching our young ones about the history of all that has gone on here is so important. But please be sure to check our the weekends and the holiday decorations now through New Years weekend. Well we have come to the end of another gathering, so have yourself a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod and please be sure to stay warm.       
      Well it is December and you have to have a good cocktail for those holiday parties, family gatherings and Christmas morning. (Sorry to my folks in the midst of Hanukkah but I have not really researched my cocktails for the 8 days days of you celebration. But I am thinking if you were to start each day with a specialty cocktail by the time you got to the end, you might just be all snookered out and then how would you explain that on to your Rabbi on the next Temple day?)(Although it might be easier than explaining it to my father the Baptist preacher, LOL). Anyway, I will have to do some research on that for next year. But back on track, it's fun to have a little sparkle to accompany your Christmas morning Danish Kringle or a Swedish Pastry, or even a German Mohnstrudel. We all know about the standard morning cocktails, Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Bellinis, and host of many other fun Cocktails. Today you get one, but try googling Christmas Morning Cocktails and have some fun with some jolly concoctions. Just remember this is a time of remembers, of civility, and peace on earth, so be responsible, better to go light and have an enjoyable time then have one person ruin it for all. And please don't drink and drive, it's not worth the risk any day of the year. Now on with the show.
      This week's recipe: Poinsettia Cocktail
      In a Fluted or Champagne glass
      1/2 - 1   oz .     Triple Sec
      Then 50/50 Sparkling Wine of your choice and Cranberry Juice.
      (it is better to use 100% juice vs cocktail juice)
      Garnish with a couple cranberries in the bottom of the glass and float a mint leaf on top. Both optional.
      Some recipes use the Triple Sec others just do 50/50 with Cranberry Juice and Sparkling Wine. 
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