Cape Cod Christmas & Lobster Bisque

      Well Christmas on the Cape, have you been to P'town to see all the lights and the lobster pot tree and Pilgrim Monument lights. What about Falmouth Village Green lights and Noska Lighthouse in Woods Hole. There is the Mashpee Rotary or what about the light display at Gardens Aglow @ Heritage Museum in Sandwich. Then there are all types of town display with lighted trees and other holiday decorations. Then there are the neighborhood displays, from the Yarmouths to Dennises, Orleans, and let's not forget Chatham and Main Street. And I love to take the drive down 6A and see all that people have done to brighten the season with the decorations. I love my neighborhood, no one has overdone it to the point of annoyance but some very nicely decorated and lit homes. I just wish we could get a few more happening, but I am thinking we will as we get more younger families moving back into the area. We are a unique area in that we have about 80-85 percent year rounders and no I am not in Hyannis. But when this time of the year can start to become depressing and boring, being able to see all that is going on and the light that is still here on the Cape is exciting to see and be apart of. I just wish we had another good holiday that this all happened between now and St Patricks Day. 

      Well I hope that the season has more meaning to you then just company parties, friends and family gatherings and seeing what you are going to get under that tree. I hope that this season is more than eggnog and brandy, hot toddies or Mimosas and Poinsettias (same as a Mimosa only with Cranberry Juice). I hope that it has real meaning for you, or helps you stop and ponder the reason this holiday even exists. I hope that peace and good will is not just an old song for old people to sing but a something we take truly to heart, letting this year be the start of something new in your lives. Being here on Cape Cod we sometimes get lost from the real word and all that is going on and this time of year with so many snowbirds or folks that lock their doors and go back to another part of the world we can crawl into our caves and forget that there are others here on the Cape that need our help, need our hand, need our good will. Instead of closing the doors and pulling the curtains tight, let the goodwill begin with us to our own and maybe we start to see a difference one community at a time. Have a great and wonderful Christmas and holiday season and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.       
      First up on local business reports is Cape Cod Beer, please remember they are going to be closing then 23rd of December for their holiday break and will not open back up till the new year. So if you need to fill it up for Christmas dinner get there Friday or Saturday. Also if you need some last minute gifts they have them, just for that special beer lover in the family. 
      Also about our friends up north at Truro Vineyards, they are open this weekend and have lots of ideas to fill those wine lovers needs. From shirts to hats, to glasses and more, and let's not forget all the wine you could ever want to get you through both Christmas and New Years. Oh and if you have either a Gin lover or Rum lover they have that too under the South Hollow label. And if you are really looking for something special, why don't you get them something from the wine club. Woo hoo. 
      And then our friends at Cape Cod Winery have a sale going on through the end of the year with $10 off shipping plus percentages for multiple bottle purchases. This is a great deal and a wonderful way to stock up for the winter months when you sitting beside the fire and just want to be enjoying something nice to sip on and share with someone special. Check out their webpage for more details. 
       Don't forget to read your Edible Cape Cod to stay in tune to what is happening on the local food market through these next frosty few months, and as they will remind you to buy fresh buy local even through the winter months. And get out and visit your local business, there are many still open all year round and need our support whenever possible. 
      Well I guess this is the Christmas fly over letter, as the next time we talk it will be after Christmas. It was back in the 20s that there was this guy, Captain William Wincapaw who became known as the Flying Santa. He would fly over the lighthouses and deliver gifts, to lighthouse keepers and their families. Later his son joined him and eventually they were visiting over 90 lighthouses and lifeguard stations. What a service this man and his family had for so many keepers and guards. You can read more about the "Flying Santa" by googling it and there are several sites that tell his story. Today however there are so few of us left and the lighthouses that are in the middle of no-where, literally, are all automated, so the need is not as great and the few of us that still work the stations are for the most part on a main spit of land with other inhabitants. 
      Today the windings have been blowing crazy, and the waves have been kicking up. Although we have a few warmer days here on the Cape, that cold blast is not to far behind, but for anyone looking for a white Christmas will have to go to the interior of the state. For those going out fishing need to keep an eye on a pending rain maker that could really turn nasty and might be a good time to stay in and spend some holiday time with the family. I will be have the light shinning brightly both through any turns in weather and will definitely have it on Christmas Ever for Santa. We are one of the reporting stations that track his travels to the world tracking center and the North Pole. We will also have that fog horn ready just in case with that warmer air that if something crops up we want Santa to have a safe flight over and through the Cape. Well I know this is not much but I hope you've learned a little bit, the decorations are still up and we will be open through New Years Day then start to dismantle it all before we get socked in. To those who have already come out, thank you for your support and hope you enjoyed your time, and to those who are still coming we look forward to seeing you. Well best way to end this is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and wonderful Holiday season, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      As this is the last main dish recipe for this year and in the middle of holidays, I had to go out with a bang. I found this very simple, I did not say cheap, but simple lobster bisque recipe. There are others out there, lots of others but this one just spoke to me to share as it is very easy to make, to double, to have as an appetizer  or as a main dish. So if you like lobster, have some fun with this one. You could also do it with Crab meat and or Shrimp. Now on with the show,
      This week's recipe: Lobster Bisque
      12      oz        lobster meat
        1      can      cream of shrimp soup
     1/2      pt         heavy cream
     1/2      pt         white sauce (flour & milk)
                dash    Tabasco sauce
      Combine all ingredients in double boiler. Cook until thickened. Service with a little sherry and a sprinkle of paprika. 
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