A Dream & a Bitter Bikini Cocktail

Life can be a dream sometimes, especially for an early teenager falling in love with a place that he only know during the summer. But the lure and the love of the land mesmerized that young man and the fantasies and dreams became entrenched in all he did and thought. Cape Cod became his life nearly 24/7. Over the years as I grew older I knew that someday I would live on Cape Cod. I knew that it would be my home, it was just when and how. School came and went, as did the vacations with the parents and life with a family began. Life was rude when one has to realize vacation time does not happen a month at a time when you are new to working. Year after year though, afford it or not I would pack up the family and make the pilgrimage to the Cape for that one, too short, week that I had. Over the next 25+ year we made it just about every year with the exception of a few. But the dream never ended. Finally the opportunity came and the move was made, As in all things there were some issues that were not the best mixed in with the sweetness of coming to the place I have always dreamed of to call home. Over the last 6 years I have enjoyed my home while learning to deal with back surgeries, right in the middle of house repairs turned remodel. All appliances having to be replace and water heater, roof and more. Today I am 2 year out from the last surgery, praise the Lord a solid roof and a dry house. But my poor kitchen still is in the midst of the start of a redo. There are still another 47 to 63 projects that need done as most year round older homes on the Cape. Although I am glad not to be living in one that's over a 100 years old as that would have put me over the edge by this time. As a kid all we see is the glitter, the glam, the fun in the sun on the beach. But reality is, life still goes on with all the studs of life showing, the roof and appliances that need dealt with and unexpected health issues that come our way. Do those things tarnish a little boys dreams and hopes of a life on the Cape, Nope and I will cherish ever day and moment I am allowed to call this place we call old Cape Cod home. If that is your dream I hope your dream comes true some day, and if not, may your visits fulfill the dreams you have and bring you happiness all the rest of the year. Well until we meet a came, have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.     
      Local business report, why I have not done this soon I am not sure, but during the winter these should be at the top of our lists during the cold months.
      First up is Hot Chocolate Sparrows, located at 5 Old Colony Way in Orleans, https://www.hotchocolatesparrow.comand on facebook is just the place to get that Hot Chocolate, Hot Coffee, Hot Tea, and for that Valentine sweethearts they have pastries, sandwiches & soups and then there is the chocolate shop. The Shop does have free Wi-Fi so you can sit, drink your coffee, do that report, study for that midterm or just read an online paper. So please check them out and enjoy a wonderful hot beverage. 
      Next up is the Cafe Chew at 4 Merchants Rd, Sandwich, online at www.cafechew.com and on facebook. The have Hot Tea, Coffees and Espressos. They also specialize in breakfast and lunch goodies. So if you are in the Sandwich area and need a warm me up, check out Cafe Chew.
      What about Pie in the Sky located at 10 Water St, Woods Hole, on line at piecoffee.com, facebook, instagram and more. Top of the list for me right now is the have the Hot Coffee, Hot Tea, and Hot Chocolates, they do breakfasts and lunch items. So you don't have to drive all the way to Sandwich or Orleans to get a good cup of Joe, Tea or HC, You folks in down in the Falmouth/ Woods Hole corner of the Cape have a hot little spot to serve your needs. 
      Now for the additions and other places as you travel the Cape need to check out. These are some of my tops spots as well, 
      Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters located 6A in Brewster, some of the best cafe coffee on the Cape in my opinion.
      Cape Cod Coffee Roasters, Mashpee & Cafe at Mashpee Commons. I love this coffee in my house every morning.
      Nirvana Coffee Company in Barnstable across from the Courthouse on 6A 
      Three Finns is the new player and a great place in West Dennis on RT 28 at the curve, GREAT coffee.
      And Chatham Perk  is a hot spot for your hot beverage. 
   So have a wonderful time at all these plus more that I am not even aware of and enjoy to your hearts delight.  
      Welcome my friends, I hope the warmer weather has been good to you and for you. It's been interesting for us here at the lighthouse as we don't get a lot of opportunities to crank up ye old fog horn this time of year. But the other night it was thicker than Ma's winter bean 'n maple bacon soup. and that's pretty darn think, you know the stick to your ribs kind. Then with a side of corn bread and butter drizzled with maple syrup and green beans and ham hocks. Now look whatcha all did, went and got me off track thinking about food and we all know where that leads too, me in trouble. Anyway, one of these times I have got to talk about the cookins and eatins of a lighthouse kitchen. But we will leave that for another day. But the fog was pretty bad for this time of year, but with the temperatures so high and the waters and ground still so cold it is a perfect combination for fog. We even had the wattage on the light turned up a bit to be sure it cut through that stuff. It's nights like this that you can get that feeling of what some of those Whalers to Frigates to Clippers to you name it had to go through, and then hope they don't find one of the shoals or pop up sand bars along the coast lines. The bigger they came the more they wanted to stay out further until the last moments of turning into the harbors. Even the smaller ones that did not draft as deep wanted to stay out as channels changed often and the currents off the Cape can be mighty dangerous and push an unsuspecting captain through the thickened fog into shore before he could have a chance to react. So when these nights come about this time of year, and the air gets eerily quiet and the fog roles in, at times you can almost hear the cries and clammer of crews on ships passing by praying that this night is not the one they meet a watery grave. Yup we have a role here on the shores not only on the Cape but along every coast line around the globe to help protect those who travel the seas to make it home safely to sail another day. Well folks I need to get back up and tend the lamp again tonight, looks like we may have a few more before we get back into real winter weather again. So be careful, take your time and may the light of a beacon guide you home safely, especially if you are right here on old Cape Cod. 
      This month is a little different type of cocktail than I am used to. I have not used bitters a lot and am just learning about them and how to use them. So when saw this recipe I thought it was a good start and also fit the theme for this year and the other thing it is so simple. So if you have never had or are just getting into bitters this is a good and easy one to start with. Now just for those legal eagles, please be a responsible drinker and a responsible host. It is better to either have one less or give up the coach for someone to sleep on, then never have them again. Ok one last thing, you can find this recipe on many sites so take your pick who to give credit too. Now on with the show and this week's recipe:
      This week's Recipe: a Bitter Bikini Cocktail.
      1 1/2      oz      Campari┬« bitters
         1/2      oz       triple sec
            1      oz       dry vermouth
      Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a rocks glass over ice.
      Please come visit me at ccrockhopper.com each workday morning for some fun, giggles, grins and encouragement, its short, its sweet (ok sometimes) but will always give you something to talk about in the Holidays & Observances list: That's CCRockhopper.com, hope to see you there. 


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