More Life on the Cape. 2-19 & Curried Corn, Zucchini, and Bell Pepper Salad

      Oh what a wonderful season we are having, if only I were a hibernating bear or ground hog. The craziness with the temperatures are killing my electric bill and even with my wood burning insert it could be doing better if it was not either feast or famine. Meaning going light on the wood or trying to bounce it up when it get colder, but the bigger problem is that I started burning in mid November and normally I don't start burning till sometime in December. So I am starting to get a little antsy and hoping I make it through March with the wood I have. And before you ask, no I don't have the extra funds to just buy another cord, so I am stuck going month to month with higher electric and gas bills. Yuck, and I know some people would just die in my house with it being way too cool for them. But fortunately we do ok with it and have never been folks to have to have a "hot" house to live in. But life is what it is and we have to learn to adapt, even if that means putting on an extra blanket at night or putting on a heavier outfit during the day. And there is no escaping it as I work out of my home so I do not get the luxury of allowing someone else to pay for my daytime heating bill. At least I have a roof over my head to keep me dry and out of the elements, food for my stomach, and bed to sleep in. Too many, even here on the Cape do not have even that, so for that i am grateful. I now get it why so many head south for the winter of all ages, and after my back surgeries, and the cost of heating bills could almost pay for a winter place in one of them southern states that you rarely need heat, during these months. Ok I am laughing at this, as I do enjoy having 4 seasons and all that they bring. So before anyone goes off on why did you move here in the first place, can stuff that thought in your oil tank and second I came without knowing I would be experiencing back surgery and all that it brings on. Again, life is life and we all must cope with it and take the bad with the good. Even when it means we sacrifice some things to enjoy others. Life is good here on Cape Cod even if you have to look hard for it sometimes. No different than many other places in this state, part of the country, and further on, except we get to do it with sand under our feet. Hope you have a great and wonderful wherever you are but especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.     

      So local business report, let's take the on the Jelly and Jam makers. The Cape seems to have an abundance of not just good but great Jelly & Jam makers. Each has their own followers and groupies, but Im not sure you could go wrong with any of them. So not sure how to do this, but make a list check it twice and then load up with the English Muffins and go for broke. Some have brick and mortar stores others you will find their products in other shops and finally you have the artisan and crafter showers. The key is don't get stuck on one and forget the rest, find a favorite then experiment with the rest. I am going to just put out the name, you will need to google or facebook or instagram them to find out 
      One of my favorites is Chatham Jam & Jelly Shop on Rt 28
      Then there is Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest, find her online and in stores and at the summer shows.
      Next up Bog Lily Kitchen, Jams & Granola, does mostly shows spring through fall. Really good.
      Green Briar Jam Kitchen out of East Sandwich, a physical shop, and online. 
      Treasure by the Sea Jam and Jelly out of East Falmouth. 
      Preserves of Cape Cod, out of Osterville, find them online or in local shops. 
      BriarLane Jams & Jellies in Wellfleet and online. Great little place in summer right off Rt 6
As noted there are so many small kitchens that make it as a side business and do no advertising, dont have a facebook page or even a website. You just need to be at the right farmers market or crafters show, or even some of our local business friendly shops carry some of these smaller kitchen creations, so check the general stores as well. So hope I have given you some ideas and hope you find something sweet and tasty to share with friends and family or take home with your on your next visit. These are some very sweet treats. 
      Hello again, and glad to see you are surviving this crazy weather we have been having. These are the days and times that we who are the guardians of the beacon get our workouts. We need to be sure the lamp room is clear of any debris, there are no critters taking refuge up there. the windows are clean and clear, and the beacon is at full power. Then we take the trip down to the ground level and outside we go and make sure the fog horn is clean and free of any debris, with all the winds we've had over the past several days a lot of sticks and leaves have gotten sucked into the bell of the horn. Also this time of year the little critters like to take refuge in and around the horn as it gets them out to the direct weather. But if that thing goes off with then in it, it could be life threatening. at the worse. Those snow white outs can be as bad as dense fog, so we need both ready to go. What many don't realize that even the lightest of snow blowing hard can cause near zero visibility so the shipping industry counts on that beacon to be at its best in these conditions. Surprising we also serve the community with those on the way home, being able to see the beacon and know that their home is nearby. Of those service people who are out and about knowing there is a beacon of hope through the evening. We are here in hopes you never need us but if you do we are at our best. Well folks I would love to stay and chat more but I need to make a check on several weather reporting stations and get them turned in. We will see you next time hopefully not as hectic. Don't forget to check in with the Mrs as I know she has been baking again and take something with you. Hope y'all have a safe and stay warm, and especially if you're doing it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      This weeks recipe is a vegetable based salad. I always find that more people will eat veggies in a salad than cooked. Most of the time that is because growing up their cooked veggies were mushy, over cooked and tasteless, or worse burnt. So they have developed an adversity to veggies, but put it in a salad, whether cooked or raw and even the veggie haters will give it a try. So give this one a try, the only cooking is for the dressing that goes over it, not the veggies themselves, so they remain crunchy and fresh and with flavor. Now on with the show before I start salivating all over the keyboard. 
      This week's recipe: Curried Corn, Zucchini, and Bell Pepper Salad
   1/4      cup      Vegetable Oil
      2      Tbsp    fresh curry powder
      2      cloves  garlic, flattened
   1/3      cup      mayonnaise
   1/3      cup      sour cream or plain yogurt
      2      Tbsp    honey
      1      Tbsp    fresh lemon juice
1 1/2      tsp       salt
   3/4      tsp       ground pepper
      2      large    red bell pepper
      5      large    zucchini, quartered lengthwise
      2      Tbsp    olive oil
      8      ears     corn, or 2 -10 oz pkg frozen corn, thawed 
   1/2      cup      red onion, chopped
      Combine vegetable oil, curry powder, and garlic in heave small skillet. Stir over medium-low heat until fragrant, about 5 minutes. Cool Completely; discard garlic. Whisk mayonnaise, sour cream, honey, lemon, salt and pepper to blend in small bowl. Stir in curry mixture. (can be prepared a day in advance.)
      You can grill or steam the bell peppers and zucchini, then cut cooked veggies into bite size pieces.  Cut corn kernels from cobs. Add peppers, zucchini, and onion. Pour curry mixture over vegetables till coated. Cover and refrigerate. (can be done up to 6 hours ahead of time.) Bring to room temperature before serving. They say services 8, I would go with 6. 
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