Spring & a Hawk Sighting & Pepper Steak

      Hello and welcome back my friends to a show that, well on the Cape anything is possible even if not probable. Spring has sprung this fine feather day and we are heading in the correct direction with the temperatures. But as we all know April can and has fooled us on many occasions, and given us a coating of that white stuff that we all pray has retreated to the great far north till next December at the earliest. This week the sun has been so wonderful, helping to warm even the darkest corners. And the evenings although, let's face it cold, have been beautiful with the full moon, clear skies and the abilities to do some wonderful star gazing. I do this when I do the last evening dog walk, just him and I and only a few street lights. 
      Over the last week, the wife and I have been noticing a rather large bird flying around the neighborhood, Since we are stuck in the house most of the day as we are both work at home employees, we have not been able to see what kind of bird it really was. Well earlier this week I was on the after work dog walk that takes place in mid afternoon and low and behold I finally got a glimpse of this creature. Perched up in one of the bare trees I spotted one of the largest Hawks I have seen in a long time. He/She was majestic, with a white and brown underside, a huge wing span and that sleek head and body. And although about 25-30 feet up from the ground the size of their talons was extremely large. As my pooch is a 14 pound Pomeranian I keep a good hold of the his leash and one out on that bird of prey. Although he is still a major fluff ball and appears bigger than he really is, I did not want to take the chance that, the Hawks eyes and desires were as big as his/her appetite for my pooch. They stayed in the tree and we passed under and on by with no incidents and I grabbed a couple of distant pictures. Which I had a good digital with me as that would have been a totally cool photo opt.  My point in all this is, the Cape is home to a lot more fantastic birds than we are aware of. From Hawks to Ospreys to Owls, and the list goes on and one. There are many different Bird Groups located here on the Cape, for more information google them and join one of the groups or just check out their sites to see all the different varieties we have at all different times of the year. We are so bless with so many unique and different migrating to year round that coming to the Cape if you are a bird lover is not limited to just one season, but a year round joy. 
      Well I hope you have us on your radar for upcoming summer vacations, bird lover or not, and see all that we have to offer. Until them if you live here, get out there and see what you can find that flies and have fun with it, and to all others come check us out. Until we meet again have a great and wonderful  especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      Small biz report this week: For starters we have Chatham Candy Manor on Main St in Chatham. I specifically mention them as they are taking their orders for Easter. Some of the best darn chocolate on the Cape. My favorites are their Chocolate Truffles, I think they are to die for. 
      If you are not close enough to get to them, check our Robins Toffees, and we have news to announce, they are moving to White Plains Path in South Yarmouth across from The Sea Dog Pub and Restaurant or just before the ReStore it shop. Check their Facebook page or web site to exactly when they are opening. But don't forget her chocolates are sold in many different shops, Again check the website for a location near you. 
      Next I Nobska Farms, hot sauce, jellies, salsas and chocolate infused with heat. Don't go turning your nose up at any of these until you have tried them. A good place where to find them is through their FaceBook page, Cape Cod Beer also carries their products. These are some amazing products, and what makes them better is you would, OK I would have never expected a Pepper product like this coming from a farm on the Cape. Please don't judge unless you have tasted as this stuff is really good. 
      Well can you believe it? We have finally made it to Spring and shall we say it has sprung. Now i only that warmer weather like 50 and above show up and stick around. The only problem is you have that group of old timers who swear that the shellfish always taste better from the colder waters than the warmer. Not sure what to think about that. Personally I'm not sure I have ever found a bivalve or crustacean that didn't like me. Why do you think that being a light keeper is so my passion? I help keep those shell fisherman getting in and out of the channels and in return they bless me with the opportunity to get some very fresh catch, or should I say digs. As a reminder to those of you not used to going out regularly, this time of year can produce some very strange weather conditions, including what we just had the Full Worm Moon that causes extreme high times. I also saw that the Last Full Moon on the first day of Spring was like back in the 1980s, and on top of it a heavy dose of rain for the weekend with still mariners hangover with the high tides. Yes folks we here at the light house station are more than just caretakers of the beacon and the tower. We also do a lot of weather reporting and records keeping, even with all the digital and electronic we still keep manual records. Anyway, with the sun shinning we have been able to get a lot done and as Easter is not that far away we are a head of schedule for getting the grounds, buildings and boating areas ready for opening day. Yes we will help out our friend with the Coast Guard with the boat inspections and putting out the rescue boats. They take care of the harbor patrol and off shore activity, and we act as an additional set of eyes and ears as we sit so high up on the bluffs that sometimes we see and hear things before they get the destress calls in. Once April hits we will start to see the piers and docks starting to go in and that will be the sign for the big push on inspections. Well not much else to report on, things are just moving along without any hitches and still doing the school kids and bus tours, but that is about it. Remember that Easter Sunday we will be doing the Easter egg hunts for all ages all beginning early afternoon after churches let out. And for those interested there will be a couple different sunrise services happening both on the beach below the lighthouse and on the bluff, I know at least one will be an interfaith service. So mark your calendars and hope to see you. Speaking of which it's about that time, I hope those of you not on the Cape are planning to add us to your schedule for your vacation time, and to those here on the Cape please consider becoming a volunteer either here at our station or one of the others up and down the Cape. Now until next time you have a great and wonderful and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      As you all know my goal is to offer relatively easy recipes with few or very common ingredients. After looking in my own cupboards I think this meets most of those requirements. So check the list and even if you don't have most are inexpensive so this should not be the arm and leg dinner. I have always enjoyed getting this out at a restaurant, but why buy out when you can do in and for much cheaper and at your timing and not when it is just convenient to go to a restaurant. So before I start drooling, let's get this going, and I hope you find it as easy as I have and even more enjoyable to eat. 
       This week's recipe: Pepper Steak
      1      lb         round steak, cut into pieces 
      2      Tbsp    fat
   1/4      cup      onion, chopped
   1/8      tsp       garlic minced
      1      cup      hot water
      1      tsp       salt and pepper
      1      cube    beef bouillon 
      2      Tbsp    soy sauce
      1      cup      tomato soup
      1      med     green bell pepper, sliced
      2      Tbsp    cornstarch
   1/4      cup      cold water
      Brown meat slowly in hot fat (approx 15 minutes) (or go healthy and use olive oil). Add onion and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. Dissolve bouillon cube in hot water; add to meat. Cover and simmer until meat is almost tender (20-25 minutes). Add tomato soup and green pepper: cook 10 minutes. Combine remaining ingredients, stir into meat mixture. Bring to Boil: Cook, Stirring constantly for about 5 minutes. Serve over rice or noodles.  
      I hope you are enjoying my blog entries and tidbits to live on the Cape and extras. I also do a morning get up and go letter/blog at ccrockhopper.com. Im not a grand writer, just a normal guy trying to get going in the mornings, pushing through hard times, days I really would rather sleep and trying to keep a good attitude to it all. Its short as we all don't have much time for a long dissertation, and add some weird holidays and food holidays just for some Instant message talk or water cooler did you know kind of stuff. Again hope you can come and join me at CCRockhopper.com. 

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