Spring Has Sprung & 3 Cup Cobbler

      This is the last week of March and April the snow birds start to head back, I can already feel on the weekend that left turns although are possible are getting more questionable. The weather forecasters are all starting to say that we have seen the coldest of days behind us and should not see this cold till late fall again, which frankly I am not disappointed one bit in. The only problem is the waters will take a while to warm up, however the good side to cooler waters is that is a better for  fishing, and clamming though. But the rail trails will be more functional and manageable with the warmer weather as well as the nature trails. I have to say life for me becomes much better with the warmer weather and I will put up with the crowds to be able to be on the beach after work and feel the sun beat down on this beaten body of mine. The crocuses are blooming in my front yard and I am seeing other buds starting to sprout up on bushes and trees. So the how are you coming along with your summer vacation plans. Are your reservations made? Do you have a list started of places and things you want to do. When I was a kid buy this time I had our entire time all planned out and was in full convincing mode with my parents trying to get them to get on board with my schedule. In the end, they always won out but as they held the money purse. But they were always cool about things and were good to try to get in at least a couple things that were on my list. It is never to early to start planning your vacation to Cape Cod, and it is always good to get everyone involved. Warm weather, cloudless sun filled skies and sandy beaches, what could be better. I stopped trying to figure that one out when I moved here as it is all that we have here on Cape Cod. So if you like it a little quieter and cooler, come on out now and see all that we have to offer in the spring, if you like it warmer and don't mind the crowds then please be sure to make your plans to come and visit us right here on Old Cape Cod.    
      There comes a time in the year when finding a new business that you have not already mentioned starts to get hard as the seasonal places have not opened yet, and those open year round I have covered several times. Even my arts and craft festivals have not really kicked in yet and the outdoor farmers markets have not begun yet. One place though that I have not mentioned for a while is Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich located at 67 Grove St, Sandwich, and on the web at heritagemuseumsandgardens.org and on facebook, twitter and instagram. The opening day is not officially until April 27th but check their events page and you will want to put them on the list of places to see and things to do. This is a wonderful place to visit.
     As many know that Sandwich was once a hub of glass making and the Sandwich Glass Factory 129 Main St, Sandwich, or online at http://sandwichglassmuseum.org/ also on facebook and instagram. The Museum opens up for the summer season April 1st and goes through December 30 from 9:30 am - 5 pm.  Until then Wednesday through Sunday from 9:30 am – 4 pm. We have been and it is a fun place to visit and explore the history of glass making in Sandwich. 
      There is also the Cape Cod Canal Bike Trail, online at www.capecodbikeguide.com/canal.asp, facebook, twitter and more. This trail goes from the Sandwich Marina/Recreational Area. all the way to RailRoad Bridge. Now if you find a way to cross over the Canal at that point you could ride the west side of the Canal all the way back, then use the zip line to cross back over to Sandwich. For those of you who like biking this is the way to check out the Canal and enjoy the fresh air and salt air. This is a wonderful way to get out and enjoy and learn about Cape Cod.  
      Welcome my friends and what a wonderful time of the year here at the light house. The crocuses are in bloom and there are green buds starting to show up in protected places. I know we still have a few cooler nights ahead of us but the warmer weather is coming and I am so ready to have you all back visiting this grand old lady. All the repairs have been completed and the only things left to complete are some of the landscaping and a little outside painting. Of course there is the putting out of the docks down at the harbor and we have the inspections coming up. Then of course we have Stripers to start in Mid-April, and Tautog, while Cod and Halibut are year round. And the waters are still cold enough to enjoy some really good Quahogs, Cherrystones, Soft-shell or Steamers, Razors if you can find them or better yet catch them and if you can find them mussels are really, really good. There is so much that is ready to happen it makes those of us who are so involved in the community to just want to dance a lighthouse jig. This has been a relatively mild winter around here but I will have to say I am not sad to see the cold go away and welcome in the warmer temperatures. I was concerned to hear about that cruise ship that had issues off of Norway, but am happy to report that we have not had any issues this winter and that our waters have been relatively un-eventful. As the weather does change, please remember to keep our beacon in mind and to learn each of the lighthouses along the outer Cape's signal so that if the fog rolls in unexpectedly as it can you can find safe harbor or if the winds change suddenly and the waters get rougher than expected. Also ye old fog horn has been tested and is ready to go as needed. Please remember that the beacons can be seen even on land and in the air and can still be a source of comfort and guidance even if not out on the water. Well folks, I need to get the end of the months reports done and get the orders ready for the new month coming. Hope you all have had a wonderful week and have put us on your list to come visit when on vacation this year, or if you are local be sure to come over and volunteer to help keep the place up or even help in high season. Until then, have a great and wonderful and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      This is the epitome of an easy Cape Cottage Kitchen recipe. It's quick, it has the fewest ingredients list I think I have ever done and it relatively quick to make. The other thing I like about it is very easy to change it up. So look at it, change it up, experiment with it, but most of all love it by yourself or with friends and family. Now on with this show:
      This week's recipe: 3 Cup Cobbler
      1      cup      sugar
      1      cup      milk
      1      cup      self-rising flour
    16      oz        pie filling, fruit of choice
      Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix sugar, mild and flour together.  Greased 9X9 baking pan and spread pie filling evenly over the bottom. Then pour batter over top of filling, it does not have to be perfectly smooth. Bake for 45 to 60 minutes or until the Cobbler is done to a light golden brown. Scoop and serve with cream, whipped cream and or vanilla ice cream. 
   And come join me weekday mornings at www.ccrockhopper.com for some morning fun, proding, poking groans and moans. I feel the pain of many trying to get going, not really wanting to get up and the problems just pull us down but giving that preverbial kick in the seat of the pants to get moving. A reminder of what is and that we need to push on. And I give some really fun, sometimes really weird holidays, observances and daily food events. So come joint me weekday mornings, posting about 6 am every weekday workday. No weekends or holidays. See you there. 

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