Vacation vs Living Here & Crab Bites

      This time of year we start to get all the visitors from all other the state, country and even world. The wonders of Cape Cod often bit people really hard and the desire to leave here become a passion, (trust me, I was one). But when we are on vacation is not a good time to really consider where you want to live, primarily because life as a vacationer/tourist is so drastically different than living as a year round local. One of the major difference is, you save up to go on vacation, you use extra money to do the things that you would not normally do when at home. You eat out more, and you don't have to worry about work for the most part. However when you live here, you have a mortgage, you can't go out to dinner every night (ok if you're a normal person). The lawn needs mowed, you still have to do the laundry, and the anything and everything that you do normally at you off Cape Cod still needs done here. We forget this, and what happens here during the off season. We forget about the cost differences, and changes in habits. We forget that we don't get to sleep in every day, run to the beach whenever, or just go take a drive to play mini-golf or get ice cream every other day. Ok so you have to wait till after work and school to get to the beach, and you can find an ice cream parlor after dinner during the high season, and you can clam after the tourist are gone, and fishing on the weekends or if you can afford it golf. So as you come and visit us, remember as you start to ponder how cool it would be to live here, get your head out of the clouds and start to think realistically about all that goes into moving, whether here on Cape Cod or any other primarily vacation area. It does have it's advantages but also its down sides. Do I regret moving, not for a minute, are there things I wish were different or I could change, absolutely, but for now I will enjoy each and every moment I have here. So with all that, I hope you still come, just enjoy your time, soak up the sun, enjoy the food, then go to return another day, another week another time to enjoy it more. And whenever you are here may you enjoy this place we call Old Cape Cod to its most. See you soon.  
      So another week of small business to report on. So what to do this week. Miniature Golf courses. I love to golf, it's just that I don't have the time or more-so the money. So the next best alternative is Putt-Putt or miniature Gold. Many of the courses put coupons and advertisements in the guide books that you can find at many of the restaurants and stores and at the Chamber of Commerces. So I am sure I will miss some but check your area as there are tons of them and all are different and fun to play. Now on with the list: 
      Poit's Lighthouse Mini Golf - Wellfleet 
      Arnold's Mini Golf - Eastham (eat Lobster then play golf)
      Gift Barn Mini Golf - Eastham
      Cape Escape - Orleans
      Harbor Lights Mini Golf - Brewster
      Holiday Hill - Dennisport
      Susan's Garden Mini Golf - Dennisport
      Pirates Cove - South Yarmouth
      Skull Island - South Yarmouth
      Wild Animal Lagoon - West Yarmouth
      Putters Paradice - West Yarmouth
      Steve & Sue's Adventure Mini Golf - Hyannis
      Mashpee Mini Gold - Mashpee
      Popponesset Mini Golf - Mashpee
      Cataumet Crossing Light - Cataumet 
      I know I am missing some, especially some of the smaller ones that are smaller ones that don't do much advertising but are still little gems that are fun to play. So keep you eyes open and your putter handy, (no you don't need to own your own) but you do need to bring your fun on with you and let it loose once you start playing. Hope you enjoy every put and hole-in-ones. 
        Well, well, well what a wicked wonderful weekend. I hope you were able to get out and participate in one of the many Memorial Day events that went on. The crowds were just unbelievable and the traffic was there to match it. Even though the water temperatures are still a bit chilly, it did not stop droves of folk from putting on the bathing suit for the first time this year and just enjoying the sun and getting their vitamin D replenished. And all the boaters looking to get their boats in on Friday got pushed back to Saturday, with wind gusts up to 60 mph it was just too treacherous to put in those smaller recreational boats. So they all turned out between Saturday and Sunday, with the leftovers on Monday. But for the most part we had no major issues, only a few that wanted to get a little uppity on the rules, but folks in the long run they are for every ones safety and enjoyment. We want all that go out to come back as they left. So please folks, if you want to play, please do so by the rules. Last but not least, remember we are now open 7 days a week. 9-7 daily, also if you are going to check out the other lighthouses on the Cape, be sure to check their websites for their times and days and dates open, we don't all keep the same times. Now I better get back to cleaning up the place so that everyone has the same super experience when they visit our special old gal. May you respect her always, and may she be there for any and all who need her, on water, land and in the air, but we pray that her presents will be enough to comfort all in their times of need. Until we meet again, Have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.     
      This is one of those special months that we get an extra Wednesday in the month so we get some fun with an Appetizer recipe. As I have drifted towards over the past few years, living here on Cape Cod I have made my focus on seafood appetizers. This year is no different, Now I know there are plenty of other kinds of appetizer, but we will leave those to others living in other parts of the country. I am here and this is what ya get. That's about the bottom line to it, (LOLOL). So hope you enjoy. 
      This week's recipe: Crab Bites:
      1      stick      butter, softened
      1      jar         Cheddar Cheese spread, (recipe calls for Kraft "Old English")
1 1/2      tsp         mayonnaise 
   1/2      tsp         garlic salt
   1/2      tsp         seasoning salt (I prefer Old Bay for this recipe)
      8      oz          lump crab meat
   1/2      cup        shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
      6      split        English Muffins
      Stir together first 5 ingredients until well blended. Gently fold in crab meat. Spread crab mixture on muffin halves. Top with shredded cheese. Place on tray or baking sheet and put in freezer until firm. Once firm, remove from freezer and cut each muffin into 4 triangles. Place in large plastic bag and return to freezer for storage up to 3 months. To service take out as many as needed and place on cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees until bubbling, finish under broiler to brown tops. 
      come join me weekday mornings at for some fun and morning starters. 
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