Friends and Seafood. & BlueBerry Crisp

      Oh what a wonderful time of the year, and memories that can be made. As my Dad is 92 and has been preaching this month a couple times and still more to come in July where he now lives in Michigan, brings me back to our days here on the Cape. I remember many years coming to the Cape and Dad would end up while we were on vacation filling in for pastor friends of his so they could take a vacation. Dad just loves to preach so much and it was not a job to him to take over Sunday morning duties while we were here for the month of August, since he did not have to worry about the churches business. He just got the pie without the hassle of making it. Mom would get fruit while we were here from the farm markets and make pies, and cobblers and other goodies. She was so good in the kitchen, that she could make a gourmet meal out of cornbread and beans if she had to. Speaking of, there were a couple of guys who would go fishing in the spring, get their limits and freeze them. So when we would get there they would pull some out to give to us while we were here. Mom would do baked, stuffed Bluefish that was to die for. Others would give us shark steaks and stripers that Dad would do on the grill. Then there was Cod that Mom would make into seafood chowder. Dad would take me to Swan Pond to fish for Yellow Perch and if we would get enough, take them home and Mom would fry them up for lunch. We had another friend at the church that would invite Dad and I to go Flounder fishing with him out in Chatham Harbor. We would take a light lunch/ mid-morning snack and go over to the outer bank, beach the boat and eat our lunch then finish up and go home. Most the time Guy would not keep much for himself and send most of the catch back with us, after helping us gut and clean all the fish. Mom would fry some, bake some, and use some in seafood chowder. So through it all, Dad got to do what he loved to do, and we got to eat like royalty. That does not even go into all the cherrystone clams, quahogs, mussels and steamers. So you ask, what do I like about the Cape, what memories do I have from coming here as a kid, Dad preaching, our church family, friends and food, and how Mom could put out such wonderful meals in a small kitchen. So, what memories do you have and what memories can you make this year. This summer regardless of how big or how small, how long or how short, do something with your significant other, your family, and or your kids that will make a lasting positive impression for years to come. Thanks for stopping by and please have  yourself a great and wonderful time right here on old Cape Cod.       Small business report this is so hard as I have so much I want to share, and so little time and space. First I, stopped off at the Brewster Farmers Market this past Sunday. Great to see some of my old faithfuls there and a couple new ones. First, I look forward to making a few purchases from the Salt Seafood Co, specializing in fresh Wild-Caught North Atlantic Products, big on local caught scallops and fresh lobsters. Next is Fluffy Butt Farm, If for nothing else but the name you have got to like this place. They specialize in eggs, all kinds of eggs, Chicken, Duck, Quail Turkey, white, bown, blue and green. Yup you read it right. You can search for them on facebook, but sure to look for them here on  Cape Cod. Monopati Farms from Sandwich, with all the goodies they can bring on. There were others as well but this will just wet your whistle. They go from 10-2 weather permitting.       The next is going to be what I am starting to call my running list, or something along those lines. I pick a theme and go down a list of places I am either really familiar with myself or that I have gotten some really good reports on. And if I have enough space if I hear about others will through those in there also. I can not get them all and please do some research on your own to find what's close to you. Locals for the most part love to support their local places because if helps their neighbors and friends stay in business. So for this week, we are going to do the Breakfast/Lunch Shops. Hope you can find one or two of these to your liking and add more to the list of your own. 
      Grumpy's - in East Dennis on 6A (been there, and will do that again and again)
      Hole in One -  two locations, one in Orleans and there other in Eastham (only been to the Orleans but love it)
      Hanger B - Serving Side B coffee a local coffee roaster at the Chatham Airport, Great reviews
      Red Cottage - in South Dennis on Old Bass Road (used to be cash only not sure if they have updated yet)
      Keltic Kitchen - West Yarmouth ( been there love it)
      Daily Paper - **tow** locations, one in downtown Hyannis, and second in West Main, Hyannis, Both great food.
      Wee Packet - Lower County Rd,  Dennis Port
      Ruggies - Harwich 
      Maison Villatte - Falmouth
      The Mills Restaurant - Marston Mills (Good Reviews here)
      Piccadilly Deli & Café - South Yarmouth (excellent food, been there)
      Good Friends Cafe - West Dennis, Warning Cash Only but good review on food. 
      Laura & Tony's Kitchen - Eastham, great Sunday brunch (been there like it lots)
      Optimast's Cafe - Yarmouth Port - nice place good food, (been while since I have been there)  
   I have not eaten**many if any in places like P'town or Wellfleet as they are just a bit far for me to get there for breakfast. Falmouth, Woods Hole, Sandwich I have friends who are over that way so I hear a bit more from there. I prefer to sleep a bit longer than make to P'Town to get up early enough to travel that far just for breakfast, when I have so many places closer for me is not economical or timely for me. So as I noted, do your research and ask where you are staying, they will be happy to offer a few different places. You know I could easily double my list, we have that many good places. LOL    
      So I see this young reporter friend of mine bounding up the driveway just gleaming from ear to ear. I think he had one up on me. He was out of breath, Have you, heard? Have you heard? I didn't want to burst his bubble but I had heard it over the nautical radio earlier, but, Heard what? Sounds like something big. He finally caught his breath, they are back, they're back. What's back, I kept drawing it out of him, it was fishing for chicken teeth and slower than watching a turtle and sloth race. But just could not let it go. He said, the Sharks, the Sharks, they are back. I said oh, probably just one loose one that got ahead of the group or something. No, No, No, he said, 10 of them, sighted over in the Bay. I started to chuckle, and he looked at me, auhh, you already knew, didn't you? I couldn't keep a straight face. Yes, I heard the other night, listening to the boys on the horn talk about it. And I think I spotted another heading up the arm, I wouldn't swear to it but... I've gotten the reports that the seal population is healthy this year and that is their buffet table. Only way we are gonna get the number of shark sightings down is too thin that herd. I know that is not a popular viewpoint by many, but I am just stating the facts, it would also help our fisher men and women as the seals are really cleaning out our fish stock close to shore. But just stating the facts. Anyway that is the big news of the week. several of the 10 spotted are regulars that have been previously tagged and are trackers. So they have been watching them for a while. So we will see how many this year show up for summer vacation in our area. Just a warning or precaution, especially out along the Atlantic side of the Cape, you know the Outer Cape, but a lot of folks don't realize that they can also get into the Bay so also up around Wellfleet and P'town be aware. Don't swim alone, have spotters as you go out and stay turned to local radios for warnings and signings. If you have a marine radio that is good also to listen too and monitor the coast guard channel. Ok enough about our friends, I am sure we will have many more of these reports over the next couple of months. The weather is warming up,as the temperatures rise, the number of folks heading to the beach will be up. So please be mindful of your beaches and please remember to leave it better than when you arrived And please what you bring in, take out with you, this includes you locals too. Sometimes I think you're worse than the tourists. But seriously everyone, please do your part, what is left on the beach today is trouble for our sea life tomorrow. Remember the lighthouse and grounds are open daily and you will want to check out the days and hours for our sister lighthouses and guard stations around the Cape. We have plenty of volunteers that are well educated about the history of our light as well as those that have dotted the Cape and waters over the years. And our observation area has a great view up and down the coast. And if you get lucky and are here on a clear day when you climb the tower stairs, when you get to the top you will have a treat to be able to have a view all the way to P'town to Chatham to the bridges. So I hope you have us on your list to come visit. Now I have taken up enough of this young man's time and yours, It's a beautiful day and I don't want to keep you from enjoying this great place we refer to as wonderful old Cape Cod.      
      So we have finally gotten to summer and just around the corner the blueberry season should be about ready to start pickin’, at least, for us here in Massachusetts. So this is the best time for anything with fruit in it, like pies, cobblers and, and, oh ya Crisps. Now this is not limited to Blueberries, and if you are diabetic I know blueberries are not the greatest fruit to gorge yourself on. But remember everything in moderation and learn to try different things to change up so it still has that great taste but lightens the sugar count. And remember you can adjust the size of what your making, if it's just two of you, cut it in half, so you don't feel tempted to eat the whole thing just so it does not go bad. I know, been there done that, especially with Crisps and Cobblers. So before we go too overboard w ith this, I'm hungry and these are quick and easy, so they are great throw togethers. So let's go make some crips.

      This week's recipe: BlueBerry Crisp

      4      cups      fresh blueberries
   2/3      cup        packed brown sugar
   1/4      cup        all-purpose flour
   1/2      cup        oats (not instant,) you know the horse stuff. LOL
   1/3      cup        butter, melted

      Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Mix ingredients minus the blueberries. Take half and put into greased 8-inch square pan. Add blueberries and sprinkle rest of mixture over the blueberries. Bake until golden brown, about 30 minutes. Serve warm, and if you have, ice cream and whipped cream.

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